When You’re the…Lone Survivor

I’m so very proud to bring a taste of one of my authors in the Edge Imprint with Booktrope. As Managing Director of both, I’m given the gift of working with so many amazing and very talented people. This guy, this evil and very tantalizing writer is not only my co-author on several books, I’m lucky enough to call him my friend. Enjoy his first release with Booktrope.


How do you defend yourself against an eight foot tall, four hundred pound monster that can flip over a car or smash through the walls of your house? What happens when the bullet meant to liquefy its brain just bounces off the too-thick skull? How can you keep your loved ones safe from an unstoppable, hulking beast intent on smashing your body to pulp and cracking open your brain pan to get at the juicy grey matter inside?

These are the questions I asked myself every day as I sat down to write Lone Survivor. My name is Christian Jensen, and I love to slaughter the innocent and invent new and more Lone Survivorderanged ways to destroy their bodies and end their lives. I like to go a little more extreme. I’m dark, dangerous, and disturbed which is something my writing reflects. I’ve written zombie novels before. I’ve lived through their dead eyes and felt the agony of death as it slowly ruined my body, as it decayed my flesh and liquefied my organs. I’ve felt the tug of bloat stretching my skin and watches as bones popped through bloodlessly. I’ve hungered for brains, for revenge, and for justice. And I wanted MORE.

I wanted to put a monster in a book that was as close to unstoppable as possible and still be realistic. Millions of people believe in cryptids, especially Bigfoot, and I knew he’d be an incredible addition to my world. I wanted to test the man who fought so hard to be the Lone Survivor of a heinous apocalypse, to torture him beyond the typical zombie threat. I needed to pit him against a beast that would defy logic and push him to the limits.

But I wanted to do it in the most gut wrenching way possible. So I had Jim and Bigfoot form an alliance, a friendship if you will, and then I took that away from them. Its one thing to fight a gigantic monster turned zombie, it’s another thing when said zombie monster was a buddy. Now that your ally is your most dangerous threat, whatcha gonna do?

I’ll offer up the synopsis for Lone Survivor and follow that with an excerpt. I hope it thrills you enough to pick up a copy, and when you do I sincerely hope you love it. Thank you!

Synopsis: One man. One Bigfoot. One billion zombies.

In the land of the dead, reanimated corpses hunt through the shadows. Man has turned against man in an unforgiving apocalypse where only death can thrive. When there is no one left to trust, nowhere left to turn, you have to fight to make it another day just to become the Lone Survivor.

Jim has been making through the apocalypse on his own. A chance encounter with the mythical creature known as Bigfoot gives him an inadvertent ally, but Jim quickly learns that friendships made after the end of the world don’t last long.

After Bigfoot gets bitten by a zombie during a bloody fight, the man-ape begins to turn. Now there’s more dangerous things out there than the festering corpses of man, and it’s eight feet tall and weighs more than four hundred pounds.

When fate throws Jim yet another curve ball, this time in the form of two damaged female survivors, Jim must decide if he is going to help them survive, or leave them to fend for themselves. Will Jim finally become part of a group, or remain a Lone Survivor?


Sarah saw me first and immediately broke away from the other two. She managed to get her muscles coordinated enough to rush me, swollen arms extended and leaking a clear fluid from the blisters that separated each layer of her rotting flesh. She was missing two fingers on her right hand, but such handicaps don’t affect the dead. As she rushed toward me, her mouth opened and closed hard enough to clack her surprisingly white teeth at me. I could see the black tongue rolling around in preparation of my succulent flesh, and the near orgasmic gleam in her eyes. Apparently, Sarah really thought I was going to be delicious.

I stepped to the side just as she came within striking distance. While she continued on a straight path, I moved safely out of her reach and simultaneously brought the blunt end of the hammer down on the back of her skull. I caught her right on the crown where the skull is the hardest. Experience has taught me that with enough force, I can shatter the bone Edge-Logo-whiteinto a couple dozen pieces and destroy the brain stem with a single shot. I mentioned that I’m a big man, and the angle with which I can strike and the force I can generate is devastating.

Sarah fell to the ground and twitched once. Her body shut down permanently, and her final resting place became the shoulder of a county road. The force of the fall split her stomach open and the morning became filled with the fabulous aroma of decomposing organs. There was a small gush of liquid, and the expulsion of pent-up gases sent everything spraying across the leaves and weeds. Luckily, momentum carried her far enough away to keep my own boots out of the critical zone.

Ted was the next to arrive. I was holding the hammer at waste height and backhanded it directly into his face. The orbital sockets shattered and his face caved in. The blunt part of the weapon struck his spinal column with enough force to sever it. Ted was dead.

Uncle Jim shambled up next. I spun the hammer in my hand and gave him the claw end, connecting it directly with the back of his head. I separated the spine from the skull, and he dropped on top of Ted before his dead brain could even process it.

Poor little Conner stood around four feet tall and wore a set of pajamas with cartoonChristian characters on them. You can’t feel sorry for the little kid zombies because they’re just as deadly as the adults. With most of his stomach torn open, the shirt fluttered against his exposed ribs. He growled once, tripped over Sarah, and fell flat on his face. I took two steps forward and brought the hammer down on the back of his little skull. Four up and four down. Ted, Sarah, Jimmy, and Conner all put to bed nice and neat.

Where can you get this book? Well, for just $2.99 you can be the proud owner of my exciting horror novel on Kindle and Nook.

Kindle: http://www.amazon.com/Lone-Survivor-Christian-Jensen-ebook/dp/B00YBN2SQQ/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1433156910&sr=1-1&keywords=lone+survivor+christian+jensen

Nook: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/lone-survivor-christian-jensen/1122001980?ean=2940151273534

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