The Concept of Freedom

I’m sitting at my kitchen table writing on a bright and sunny July morning, coffee in hand and my golden retriever at my feet. This is a holiday weekend for Americans, celebrating our Independence Day, and like many I have the day off. There will be backyard barbeques, fireworks, wild parties and the consumption of alcohol throughout the land of the free and the brave.

But are we?

Burning churches…

Banning confederate flags…

Defiling those in same sex marriages…The American Flag

Teenagers on a killing spree…

Boy, I don’t want even want to watch or read the news any longer. Why would you want to see the nasty side of society? Why would we want the rest of the world – of which by the way there are many in other countries who laugh at us – to see in vivid detail the derailing of our great land. Then again, why would any reporter want to tell these stories? Because they’re much more impressive and sell better than telling tales of those doing good deeds. What about our firemen who go into a burning house in an effort to save the family dog? What about the poor, who can barely feed their own children, yet offer food to their neighbor? This is what I thought good humans were supposed to be about.

Sadly, I’ve seen enough in the news regarding the United States over the last few months alone that give me pause. I’ve certainly been challenged personally as of late. There are people who want to condemn my character just because I write erotic romance. My character? You don’t even know me and haven’t been brave enough to sit down in a single conversation. You have no idea what I’ve been through in my life. While it may seem laughable at first, the reality is that there are fundamental problems within our beautiful country. Prejudice and bigotry exists in every dark corner, the lack of understanding and education about our various differences creating roadblocks for many who simply want to live their lives in relative peace.

I asked a question on Facebook last night. What’s your favorite inspirational movie? Mine are The American President and Invincible. Why? Invincible is about a 30 year old bartender who tried out at huge mock tryout for the Philadelphia Eagles back in the late seventies. Against the odds, he made the team. Heartfelt, eh? The American President has a message for all of us as humans and especially for Americans, or at least it should in my opinion. The heroine asked the President during one scene, “How can you have the patience for those who say they love America when they clearly can’t stand Americans?”

Excellent line. I think many of us have forgotten why our country is supposed to be so great. We’ve pushed aside our own history books, believing WE DESERVE. Well, no one deserves who doesn’t fight for the basic beliefs of our land – freedom. That means freedom to do or live in any manner that’s allowed by law. The last time I checked, the freedom of speech was still at the very core. This means in all avenues, whether writing books, newspaper articles, giving speeches, seminars etc. We have so many people fighting at the rain, following those who would perpetuate hate for living a gay lifestyle or writing a grizzly thriller novel, that we’ve lost ourselves in the nastiness.

Did your mother teach you to burn down churches just because the rest of the idiot followers had their precious fifteen minutes on national television? Did your father pat you on the back and say, ‘boy, go out into the world and beat people with a different skin color’? Did your family sit around and snicker because the poor people down the street lost their home? I would hope to God, no, but I sadly I’ve seen some pretty horrific stories on various media sites.

Recently, and this is one shining star in our tarnished land, gay marriages were legalized in all fifty states. What a joyous time this should be for same sex couples, who want and deserve the same rights as those in what’s considered a traditional marriage – man and Fireworkswoman. Instead, I’ve seen more hatred and anger splashed on Facebook, the Internet, newspapers, magazines, etc. Really? Go live your life the way you want and shut up. Go hide back in your little houses and pretend to be something special. Guess what, you’re not. You don’t deserve a freedom those who don’t live the way you do, believe in another religion or have a different desire with regards to sexual orientation just because you were born here. Nope. “America isn’t easy”. Another line from the movie. “You have to want it bad.” Hmm…

I’ve spent years blogging and writing about love in various genres, types of relationships etc. For me, love is love with no boundaries. I’ve had my stories called “rape” and “abuse”. Now, I realize people can and should be allowed to read or not read whatever they’d like. From EL James to Stephen King, I think the entire world seems to want more BDSM and horror, don’t you? People flock to thrillers and the Fifty shades of Gray movies. The bloodier and the sexier the better. Freedom to choose…

You all know I write stories about domestic discipline, but do you know the basis for which the practice derived? Christianity. Yes, indeedy folks. Look it up. I did. The practice comes from way back when and the man was the head of household. Spankings were used for controlling the home. Kinda makes me smile since so many hide behind their beliefs and yes I do mean hide. I’m not particularly religious, but my mother taught me from day one that good trumps evil and that we are supposed to practice tolerance and understanding, i.e. love, through our entire life. I’m proud of what my mother taught me. She gave me what I consider to be a decent character. I’m thankful she drilled into me that people are allowed to be who they want to be.

My writing has been challenged as of late, not only from those who hate me because of the words I put on paper, but from deep within. I’ve had trouble writing anything, let alone about what I think I’m pretty good at and enjoy. That stops here. You may not like that I embrace freedom of speech by penning erotic to horror, paranormal to same-sex love, so don’t buy the book. That doesn’t hurt my feelings in the least. You have a right to purchase and devour whatever your heart desires. I won’t condemn you because you only read historical fiction or political satire. I don’t care.

“We have serious issues in this country and we need serious people to solve them.” Rather astute for a fictionalized movie, don’t you think? On this wonderful weekend of sharing the spirit of love with family and friends, I hope you’ll take a moment to reflect why you’re allowed the freedoms you have. I am very proud to be an American. I’m just worried the haters will take us over, leading this great country into the ultimate destruction. Something to think about.

Oh, want a good movie to watch? The American President just might give you pause.


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Cassandre Dayne is the pseudo for the best selling author of romantic suspense and thrillers
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2 Responses to The Concept of Freedom

  1. laurellasky says:

    What a wonderful post. I wish it would appear on a major newspaper. You are truly gifted with words. Have a wonderful weekend. Xoxo


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