Submitting to a Spanking…Tantrums

Tantrums. You think about this with regard to children. They don’t understand rules early on and fight when they don’t get their way. I’m certainly annoyed as hell when I have to endure this kind of behavior in a restaurant or store, but what happens when you experience this with adults? Granted, I haven’t seen many large children (as in adults acting like brats) in a full-blown crying or screaming event, but… I’ve noticed more and more that folks seem to be entitled. They believe they deserve based on the fact they breathe. You’ve probably noticed I’ve written a bit about this over the last few weeks. I’ve Girl being spanked with a wooden hairbrushreached the point I’m sick to freaking death of this kind of behavior. Why in God’s name do you think you deserve just because you’ve written a book, live in a planned community, have various designations at the end of your name or have more money than the next guy?

The answer? Society. Our world seems to have reached a pinnacle of the extreme. From reality shows to the way our television stations report the news, the wilder and crazier the story or activity, the more the fifteen minutes of fame truly applies. It’s disheartening and for me, repulsive. The trickle down effect carries over into our every day lives. Few of us are or will be famous. That is unless we go out of our comfort zone into the abnormal. From kids shooting and killing people based on a Rebel flag to burning churches because of the color of skin, we’ve reached a new bottom feeder kind of low. On top of this disgrace to humanity, we enjoy watching the outcome, hunger to see more, rush to our televisions to comment on the idiots who seem to be making headway. Why? Because these ridiculous stories change the way we live.

The Rebel flag is a part of history, yet several states in America have banned flying this particular flag because of a stupid and wretched kid. Really? I continue to shake my head. However, I can push this out of my life in that I’ve never cared to fly a Rebel flag and I don’t know the people – other than vicariously given the glossy newscasts – who were killed. I cringe and feel sorry for the families of course, but this doesn’t affect my every day life. What does is constant empowered behavior that leads to tantrums in my professional world and in my writing world. I’m at the breaking point of well, delving into a tantrum myself.

In the world of D/s, the lifestyle allows for immediate control and punishment of this kind of behavior. Submissives or those in domestic discipline relationships understand from the get-go that they can’t whine and break rules, lie or steal, cheat or otherwise act like a child. What’s going to happen? One concept is a good old fashioned spanking. The more I experience days and weeks where I see whining babies who are over the age of 30, the more I understand and appreciate the concept of discipline in our lives. We need to be controlled. This bullshit really has to stop or we’re never going to move into any kind of a future where humanity and kindness is the basic element.

Haven’t you witnessed a fight or a disagreement, read a nasty email or instant message on Facebook where you wanted to wrap your hand around their throats and shaking them uncontrollably? Imagine with me for a minute seeing an altercation in a restaurant. Two adults, perhaps a loving couple, are having a fairly serious disagreement and you’re forced to witness every ugly word. Their voices escalate and you’re ready to pitch your drink in their faces. Usually after a few minutes the couple stops fighting, but by then your mood has changed. You’re no longer relaxed. You have the need to storm over and tell them what for.

Let’s change the scenario. What if the man (just for the sake of this blog) rises to his feet, gives the woman a harsh look and heads out of the restaurant. Of course she follows. Submitting over the kitchen tableSince they’re right in the middle of dinner, you realize something might just be going on. Will you be curious to find out what might occur? I can’t lie. I would be. Let’s just say you decide to follow them outside.

The couple walks to the car in silence, her head dipped low. The truck they arrived in is parked far in the back of the parking lot, away from prying eyes. You walk casually closer, keeping just enough distance but finding the right perching spot. Then your eyes open wide. The man opens up the truck door and climbs inside. You crane your neck and notice he’s pulled out a hairbrush from the glove compartment. He pats his lap and the woman eases over. Granted, you slink back a bit when he yanks up her dress then pulls down her panties.

Crack! Slap!

A heady spanking begins. You’re able to overhear their conversation.

“I’ve told you before, when you make a fool of yourself in public there will be consequences,” he states as he rubs her reddened ass.

“I’m sorry. I had a rough day at work,” she whines.

“That doesn’t give you the right to act like a child.”

Whap! Crack!

By this point you’re shivering, perhaps wondering what a hard spanking feels like. If you’re with your guy, would you turn around and look into his eyes, suddenly both knowing what you need and what you’ve been missing in our relationship? I have to admit. I can see the scenario. Can you? Imagine what it would be like if there were consequences within your relationship or even in your professional life. I’ve written stories about companies who practice corporal punishment for bad behavior. If only this could occur…

Spanking within homes and behind closed doors is increasing. The concept of having a Head of Household is a topic of conversation more every day. I’ve talked to so many couples whose relationship now thrives based on the fact they decided that domestic discipline is the method of control for them. They are happier than they’ve ever been. They enjoy times together without the nagging and bitter arguments. Sounds odd to you? Perhaps it is, but I can tell you, if there were consequences for acting like a child, something tangible, I believe there’d be a happier society.

Think about the last time you lashed out, maybe for no other reason at all but that you knew you could get away with acting like a child. Hmmm… What if he or she took you over Submitting classytheir knee and spanked you until you cried. Would you feel better? Would you be able to release some of the pent up anger and demons inside? My guess is a resounding yes, but these are just my thoughts.


Kisses and spanks…



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4 Responses to Submitting to a Spanking…Tantrums

  1. cait7777 says:

    I wish I could have this in my relationship, in my honest opinion I need it. But my boyfriend has no desire to take any control, and I feel it will never happen.


  2. laurellasky says:

    I loved this post. Yes, I’ve been in a restaurant and heard a couple fighting, it’s a mood changer, instead of relaxing and enjoying the outing, you feel stressed and uncomfortable. Some of the nutty reality programs caterer to this tantrums. Jerry Springer, Steve Wilcos could be gladiatorial contests with fists flying, chairs thrown and being egged on by the audience. I must admit I’ve watched both absolutely amazed and dismayed at what people will do for 15 minutes of fame, basically throw temper tantrums in public. Wouldn’t it be great if they were spanked in public for their behavior. Wonderful fantasy, lol
    Big hugs


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