What’s Your Favorite Spanking Implement?

Yeah, I know. I have spanking on my mind. Every time I edit one of my older pieces to re-release at Booktrope or think about the little collection called Spank Me I have with Naughty Nights Press, I must admit, fantasies begin to unfurl, developing into even hotter stories. I was checking out the stats on my blog yesterday and for whatever reason, the top read post BY A HUGE MARGIAN is one titled “Submitting to a Spanking – Discipline in a Truck”. The blog is based about a wife having a tantrum on the way to Target. Of course the husband had enough and what do you think was one of the snazzy little purchases while shopping? The dreaded wooden hairbrush of course. The misbehaving wife had one hard spanking in his truck, in the middle of the parking lot, while bystanders caught the act.

I have to admit that I later turned that into a story and it the re-release will be coming out Girl being spanked with a wooden hairbrushwith Booktrope soon. What I realize every day is that people are simply fascinated with stories about spanking. Why? Is it still so taboo or are our fellow friends and neighbors longing to be pulled over their spouse’s knee? You know my belief. We are a society in desperate need of discipline. Discipline = punishment. Harsh punishment. Prisons certainly don’t seem to be working. Those little white pills that everyone seems to be taking for anxiety? That’s a load of crap. What about psychologists and marriage counselors? Overpaid. Corporate guidance and probationary status? There are excellent backstabbers.

What’s left? A good, old-fashioned hard spanking – nothing held back. That brings me to another subject. What’s the most effective implement? Oh, there are so many. How can you simply stop at one? I’ve put together a little list of my most beloved selection, but I’d love to hear about yours. I’ve talked to many Dom’s and couples in the DD (domestic discipline) lifestyle and I have to tell you, the creativity when a spanking need arises is awesome.

The Hand

This is by far the most personal type of spanking, at least for me. The feel of his hand, the warmth of his skin as he hits my naked ass, whew. The concept of humiliation comes into play here as well. He’s treating you like a naughty child by yanking you over his knee, hiking up your dress, tugging down your panties and holding both of your arms as he smacks your bottom. Wiggle and cry, there is little you can do given the upper body strength he has. At first, JP laughed at the thought. He had no desire and believed the method wouldn’t be effective. Then one day, one moment in time and a well needed round of discipline… All I can tell you is that he became a fan after that.

You can use this method any time and almost anywhere, given the compact needs. The only downside is your poor man’s hand might be sore. Aahh…

The Brush

There are different types of spankings. Some are hard thudding smacks because of density. Some leave stinging slithers of welts. The brush is a nice combination – not too hard and not too soft. Okay, maybe that was a bit over the top, but the hairbrush is compact, easily placed into an overnight bag, purse or glove compartment. The implement won’t raise any eyebrows if you’re taking a trip and fits nicely into a man’s hand. The effect? Wowie is all I can say. If a quick, hard spanking is needed, this baby will get her attention. The thudding sound, the way your ass jumps in the air is priceless. This method can bring tears to your eyes in a heartbeat.

This is perfect when you’re at an event and he is forced to take you to the car, or perhaps the back bedroom away from family, doling out the perfect punishment. Everyone should keep a special hairbrush in the car, just in case.

The Cane

This is a bit advanced for some perhaps, but very useful. There are canes made of special The Birch swtich picturewoods for the sole purpose of providing the perfect incentive to behaving like a lady. Even the whooshing sound gives me tingles. Granted, the spanker has to practice given this can create some pretty serious welts. However, this is excellent for using on the upper thighs and lower back as an additional reminder that he is in charge, head of the household, and you’re required to obey. There’s no force needed in using this tool. The snap of his wrist and a little space is all that’s required.

Imagine being over a lump of pillows, your naked ass in the air. Crack! Whap! Can you feel the burn? This is the kind of spanking that will continue to sting for days, if used properly. There are many wonderful sites on the Internet in which you can order exactly the weight and length you desire. Shivering yet?

The Switch

Were you ever spanked as a child? Did your father scold you for your misgivings then make you walk into the yard in order to stand there while he selected the exact switch he was going to use? Birch is an excellent choice. My guess is your dad took his time, cutting a few, whapping one or two against the ground before making his selection. My bet is you jumped a few inches off the ground every time the tip hit the dirt. He marched you back inside and either told you to remove your clothes and stand in the corner until he was ready or forced you to watch as he stripped away the bark.

Slap! Crack!

Oh dear God, the stinging effect here is off the chain. I’ve talked with many a Dom and husband who used this method on a regular basis. The humiliation alone of the preparation does wonders and is a part of the punishment. While the marks tend to fade quickly, the event will not soon be forgotten.

The Slipper

Now, this one intrigues me and when you look at pictures from decades ago, you see this on a regular basis. I guess being inventive is the key here. Men used to wear slippers all the time while at home. Imagine a morning event. He’s having coffee and reading the paper. You’re fixing breakfast and an argument ensues. When he’s had enough, he pushes back his chair, pats his lap and tells you to take off your robe and nightgown. After grabbing his slipper, he rubs your back, tells you that this kind of behavior isn’t going to work and heBlond whip proceeds to smack your butt dozens of times.

I don’t think this method will cause but so many marks, other than a bright red ass, but then again, I may be wrong. JP never tried this one. I’m not even certain is he owns slippers, but the concept will do nicely in a pinch. Don’t you think?

The Flogger

The majority of households don’t have a flogger in the implement bag. At least I doubt so. Then again, spanking is highly popular and becoming more so. I’ll never forget the day JP pulled out his HUGE duffle bag, lifting out the various implements he’d purchased over the years. He had one mean looking leather flogger. The handle was woven, wrapped in layers. The six leather ‘tails’ were about twelve inches long. He handed me the piece, commanding me to smell the leather, finger the tails. His voice was soft as he explained why and how he was going to use this and why.

I’ll never forget the chills racing down my spine as he tied my hands and proceeded to give me a hard whipping. He’d practiced over time, snapping the implement against wood. The snap of his wrist, the sound, the feel and the entire moment is one I’ll never forget. Practice is the key here. Never use any implement without first trying it out on an inanimate object.

The Belt

My final choice today is my favorite and always will be. The belt has been used for hundreds of years, ever since man needed a way in which to hold up his pants. In my opinion, a well-worn strap is most effective because the leather is supple, curving nicely around rounded buttocks, or the tops of legs. I know, this sounds a bit clinical, but like anyCraig's Belt other tool used, there is a reason for the selection.


Can you hear the sound as the belt whooshes through the air, the snap as it slices across naked skin? The pain is extraordinary and so effective you can’t imagine unless you’ve been spanked this way. The first time JP used a belt he wears almost every day, we were both left in awe for hours. We’ve often talked about this particular event, reminiscing on the way we were left, the closeness the spanking brought us. This might not have the same effect for everyone, but from that moment, that very day, I considered him as my dominant.

There are many other implements designed with punishment in mind with dozens of sites you can purchase from. There are also others you find in your kitchen drawers or buried in your closets and desks. Do I have you thinking about giving or receiving a hard spanking?

Kisses and well deserved spanks…


Don’t forget, Spank Me – Interrogating Control is on pre-sale!


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2 Responses to What’s Your Favorite Spanking Implement?

  1. sixofthebest says:

    My favorite spanking implement is the CANE. Ever since I was a school-boy in England, I wished to CANE naughty ladies on the bare bottom. If they wore garter-belt and stockings which accent her derriere, all the better. That’s how I got my ‘nom de plume’. (six of the best). Yes, delivered with vim and vigor on these naughty females naked rear ends, turns me on sexually, and erotically.


  2. Shalom says:

    His hand or well-worn belt, for sure! This masochist doesn’t deserve punishment, but is His slave to pain 💜


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