The Animal…Gnawing on Broken Fingers

Is there anything tastier than a swallow of human flesh? Gnawing on bones? Come on, a taste of cannibalism is in order in a book titled The Animal. I’m continuing providing a scintillating treat – a taste of the various authors in the upcoming release from The Edge Imprint at Booktrope. The concept of a darkness sweltering and simmering in all of us will forever fascinate me. We are creatures after all – no matter what we think.

There’s no amount of humanity that can stop the rage, or the burning need to kill. Do you think I’m wrong? Indulge in yet another twisted story. Proud to present a piece from my good friend, S.E. Rise.


There is a darkness inside me that should never be unleashed.

They say everyone has an animal inside them. A beast that is at the core of our center. If The Animal FInal Concept Coveryou push a man far enough and take away everything that keeps him civilized, you risk releasing that beast.

The beast is there for a reason. It is part of our base survival instinct. Some people never have to worry about their inner beast because it is such a small, timid, little animal. Some of us have a lot more to be concerned about.


“What do you mean you’re letting me go?” I asked incredulously at the twenty-something-year-old punk.

“I’m sorry, but you have not made the corrective actions I have asked of you. I see no other choice but to terminate your employment with this company,” he countered without looking up from his shuffling of papers.

“I don’t have the money…” I said and this jab was a sharp stick into the wound. The guy had been riding my ass for the past two months. If it wasn’t this, then it was that. We can’t be afraid of change. Change is good for growth within a company.

Fuck your change. You change and fix things that are broken. If it’s not broken, then don’t fix it.

Twice, I had nearly knocked the smug little motherfucker on his ass. This got me a lecture from him about remaining positive, open to criticism, through the diversity of a group.

I had told the prick to just stay away from me, let me do my job and leave me alone. Did he listen? Of course he didn’t. Now he thinks he can fucking fire me?

“Then I see no other…”

“Wait! Goddamn it. Just wait a goddamn minute,” I responded and it was ten times too loud. I had been working for this company for almost twenty years. I was this close to retirement. My wife left me and took the kids, I paid a quarter of my check to alimony and another half of it went to child support. My piece of shit car blew a gasket and my rent was a month overdue. I was working my fucking ass off. There was a time… fuck it. Take a deep breath and try to calm down.

“Are you seriously going to fire me because I can’t buy new clothes?” The beast inside me stirred and began to pace.

“Policy requires you to come to work clean and serviceable. Those clothes are not clean and serviceable. I asked you to get new ones and you did not. You did not do what I asked. I am your direct line supervisor and I’m tired of having to answer to my boss as to why you look like shit…” He said and the corner of his mouth went up because internally he thought it was funny that he said shit.

The beast inside me lunged forward against the door of the cage. Jesus, I fucking hate this guy.

“Are you married? Do you have kids?”

“I don’t see why that is any of your business, but yes, I have a wife and two children,” he said and if I had been paying attention, I would have seen the family photo of his Porky the Pig looking wife and their two little Piglets.

“What would you do if you found yourself in this situation?” I asked and seriously wanted to know. Does this idiot have any idea what the consequences of his actions are going to be?

“That is a false hypothetical. I could never be in your situation. I still have my wife and children, I have clean new clothes, I drive that red beamer that you more than likely have seen, and I went to college.”

I felt the snap and the chain around the beast let loose at the words “I went to college.”

I went to college as well, you fucking idiot, but it sure didn’t help me a whole hell of a lot because I am working for a stupid motherfucker like you. Then it dawned on me. It wasn’t about the clothes I wore or the ones I didn’t or couldn’t buy. It was about me. He was going to fire me no matter what I did. He was toying with me and enjoying it. This was a “No win” situation.

Bloodied ManI didn’t believe in “No win” situations.

“True, you are absolutely right. You more than likely will never be or even find yourself in my situation,” I said and that’s when the animal inside me began to howl. The door to the cage swung open and it took its first step of freedom. I glanced at the little clock beside the Porky Pig family photo.

You want to play games, idiot? You want to sit there smug in your own self-righteousness? You want to quote shit from your little books?

That’s when the beast stepped forward and growled his idea to me. I listened and I liked it.

“You’re going to give me all the money in your wallet or I am going to break one of your fingers.” I enjoyed the look of shock that replaced the look of contempt. Shock I could deal with.

“Excuse me? You’re going to collect your things and leave the building. You’re fired,” he said and I saw the fear and shock slip into the background as the smug contempt returned. He really enjoyed that. Good.

His hands were flat against the desk in front of him. He thought I was bluffing, but the beast leapt forward with unnatural speed and grace. I grabbed his right arm at the wrist, latched onto his middle finger and bent it backwards until it snapped, cracked and finally lay flat against the back side of his hand. The action was so smooth and quick he wasn’t able to react. The horror of what I had just done rocketed through me and I liked it. I liked it a lot. His mouth opened to scream out in pain and I punched him in the throat. This stopped the noise of his scream dead in its tracks. He gagged and choked as he grabbed at his throat with his free hand. I could hear the air exchange so I wasn’t worried about if I had crushed his windpipe or not. I grabbed onto his ring finger and his eyes went wide.

“Give me your wallet or I am going to break another one of your fingers and if you scream, I am going to hit you again.”

Apparently, he didn’t understand and reached for the phone.

I snapped his ring finger back, felt the satisfying crack and pressed it against the back side of his hand. I hammered a fist against his chin and felt the satisfying crunch of his front teeth shattering. Now that felt amazing. The animal inside me howled again and my anger soared to unexpected heights.

“You are the reason my family left me!”

I hit him again in the face. His head rocked back and on the rebound I hit him again. His cheek split open and the red of exposed meat made me hungry.

This time, on the rebound, I let loose of his wrist, grabbed hold of his not so pretty shirt and pulled him up onto the desk. He flopped down like a fish and a spray of blood shot out across the desk with the exhalation.

If he wasn’t going to give me his wallet the easy way, then I would have to get it the hard way. I held his head against the desk with my left hand and reached into his back pocket to fish out his wallet.

Unfucking believable. The motherfucker had five crisp one hundred dollar bills hiding in there.

I hadn’t seen five crisp one hundred dollar bills together at one time in over a year. Before my wife left me. And, do you know why my wife left me? Because this idiot cut my hours and docked my pay for three months and the goddamn accident wasn’t even my fault.

“It wasn’t my fault, was it? And, you fucking knew it wasn’t my fault,” I said into his ear.

His eyes fluttered at the sound of my voice and I smelled the unmistakable stench of piss.

“Guess what, piss pants, I don’t believe your clothes are very clean and serviceable now. Do you? I’m going to have to dock your pay and cut your hours.” The beast inside me lovedmystical fire this; loved seeing me destroy my enemy. Rage began to replace anger and I wanted to hurt him more. I wanted to hurt and maim this mother-fucker. My jaw clenched and I felt the saliva gush. Before I could stop myself, I leaned over and sunk my teeth into the cartilage and flesh of his ear. The blood tasted salty but delicious.

With a twist and thrust of my head, I felt a large portion of the man’s ear tear away. Why hasn’t someone heard us by now? I would like to think that I spit the chunk of ear out onto the floor, but with all honesty, I can’t remember. 


The rage turned into something different then—something controlled. Something sadistic and evil. I felt incredible. Clarity and enlightenment coursed through me.

He was merely middle management and therefore was not assigned a secretary. The sun had set and our smart, hard working employees had punched their time cards out, then sailed away to their Islands of Paradise called home.

Good for them.

Speaking of that…

I fished the dumbass’s cell phone from his pocket and slid my thumb across the screen. Damn, this is a nice phone. Apparently, he wasn’t too worried about it getting stolen. No passcode.

The screen flashed up and I regretted saying anything about the passcode. Fingerprint identification required. Easy enough. The sight of his deformed broken fingers thrilled me.

We couldn’t stay in the office all night, so I thought of a wonderful place we could go.

I scrolled through his top five contacts and found his wife.

I glanced over to the Porky Pig photo. Okay, maybe she didn’t actually look like Porky the Pig. She was kind of hot. This gave me an idea.

I pulled up the message screen and set my plans into play.

“Going to be a little late tonight. Put the kids to bed, lock their doors and prepare yourself for me. I am serious.”



Her response was quicker than I could have imagined. My wife would never have responded that quickly. You got yourself a big dick there, buddy? I gave him a quick glance. Unable to respond, she was nice enough to answer the question for him.

“Do you want me to wear the big black strap on again?” The message asked and I nearly laughed myself into tears. The idiot’s cheek was swelling his eye shut, the blood drooled from his broken mouth and his two broken fingers would make anybody a bit nauseous. I was past the point of no return. I either followed this through or I was fucked.

“Not tonight. I am feeling cock strong and lusty. I want to play a game tonight. I want you blindfolded, face down with your ass and cunt in the air waiting for me. I am hard just thinking about it,” I sent in reply.

The beast in me liked the idea and I felt myself growing hard.

Fuck it. Why not.

I pulled out my hard cock and snapped off a dick picture for her and pressed Send.

“OMG!!! You’re serious? OMFG!! Your dick looks so fucking big.” She sent back and I couldn’t help but smile.

Am I wrong? Of course not. Don’t read with the lights off…

Kisses and the slice of a knife…


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