Holiday Maintenance Spankings

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted. There’s a lot going on in my life, including pretty heady stress. The job is killing me. It’s daunting to say the least. New positions being created, new staff, retraining staff, extra hours… Well, you know what this can lead to – bouts of frustration, anger and tears. Yep. That’s me right about Submitting another over his kneenow.

I haven’t been sleeping. I’ve been a bit over the top with my staff. I’ve cried several times. This doesn’t bode well for running a corporation. What do I need? A hard spanking. I have to laugh in thinking about this because just a few years ago I wouldn’t have even thought about the concept. Why would an adult need to be spanked for being in a foul mood? What I’ve learned is that there are many ways to release tension, but most of them aren’t good for body or soul, let alone the people around you. Normally calm people can explode for seemingly no reason.

So imagine the scenario. You come home after a long and exhausting day. You’re snarky, snippy and nothing your partner has done is right the moment you come in through the door on a Friday evening. You toss your bags, grumbling about everything under the sun, and immediately pour a tall alcoholic beverage. In the next several minutes, you pick an argument about the dirty kitchen, the fact you have to go to a holiday event and pretty much everything else. This tends to lead to a full-blown and very nasty yelling match between you and your spouse. Maybe you have dinner or maybe you just drink the night away, falling into a non-restful slumber only to awaken in the same mood. Don’t you see yourself in this? I can certainly envision the remainder of the weekend. Doesn’t sound like a lot of fun to me.

For those involved in a domestic discipline or D/s relationship, this kind of behavior would never be allowed. The concept of stopping or curtailing such ridiculous emotional outbursts isn’t about punishment for the most part. It’s about love and the necessity of respect. Women do tend to be a bit more emotional and prone to falling into sadness or even depression, especially at the holidays. We’re all taxed, attempting to take on the world. We’re super women at work, at home and with family and friends. We worry about the perfect gifts, the holiday decorations and dinners we must prepare for family. We frustrate over the way our children or pets seem to be even more high-spirited, vying for our full attention. There are extra hours, long nights, additional duties and every single moment leads to utter disorganization. What women need is a solid and heartfelt release. Of course men do as well. What I can tell you is that men who are HOH (Head of Household) find release in spanking their spouse or significant other. I never realized this until my conversations with John Patrick. He told me on more than one occasion that turning me over his knee or when he out his belt, he felt a sense of peace enveloping his very soul.

I know you might find this hard to believe, but he was adamant that spanking me was cathartic for him. He knew when I needed strict discipline and for him, the realization of my need to submit, his need to control and the closeness we felt was highly emotional for both of us. Let’s imagine the Friday night scenario again.

You come home, drop your things, reach for a drink and start in on the arguments. Your loving spouse allows you the few minutes to spew as he remains quietly in the dim lighting, sipping on a drink. Then he emerges from the shadows, giving a look of confidence and determination while he takes the drink out of your hand and gives you a hug. You shudder knowing what is going to occur next but melt into his arms. As he rubs your back, telling you that bad behavior won’t be tolerated, you close your eyes, tears slipping past your lashes. In a soothing voice, he explains how much he loves you and that everything will be all right. Minutes later you take his direction, going to the bedroom to remove your clothes and stand in the corner. You begin contemplating the week, the level Submitting Pulling her pantiesof worry and fear you have about making everything work just the way you want. You enter into a calm space, realizing you aren’t super woman. When he finally comes into the bedroom, placing pillows in the middle of the bed, anxiety and anticipation becomes a slice of fear, but you’re ready for the discipline you so need.

He instructs you to lie across the pillow with your arms over your head. In what seems like hours, but is truly only seconds, he places his hand on your back, stroking lightly. You can hear the sound of him removing his belt, the way the stiff leather pops past the various loops in his pants. You’re terrified but longing to get your punishment over with.


The first strike draws your body up from the bed, an anguished cry pushing past your lips.

Whoosh! Slap!

The second and third are placed directly on your sit spot and tears spring to your eyes.

Crack! Whack! Slap! Pop!

He directs the spanking evenly across your bottom and the tops of your thighs. You cringe as your fingers dig into the comforter, trying to be a good girl. After a solid ten strikes, he stops and caresses your skin. “Good girl.” His deep voice resonates in your ears. You wiggle, your hand moving to try and stop any additional discipline. But it continues.

Whack! Pop!

Ten more are issued and suddenly you lie still. Your buttocks are on fire but there’s a sense of relief and you float into a quiet blanket of peace.

Crack! Slap!

Ten more and every part of your body is tingling. The pain is extreme and you begin to sob. Relief flows and tension eases. You no longer struggle, merely lying quietly as the tears flow.

Whoosh! Slap!

The sound of the belt swinging through the air is the only thing you can concentrate on. You pant as the tears rush from your eyes, the soft material now soaked with wetness. Every part of your body is tingling. The touch of his hand, kneading the small of your back is comforting. You know he loves you, wants the best for you. Another ten strikes of the belt and you’re wet all over, goose bumps popping along every inch of your naked skin. Then he tells you only ten more. You squeeze your eyes shut and remain in position – just as he requires.

When the last second of the belt, the last strike is finished, you know he’s now sitting on after the spankthe bed and you sob openly, crying until you gasp. Then he gathers you into his arms, holding and caressing while you calm down. He kisses the tears away as he strokes your hair, his thumb rubbing back and forth across your mouth. As he helps you off the bed, guiding you back into the corner for “think time”, you feel nothing but love and complete peace.

Can you imagine how much better the weekend is going to be?

Spankings. They are something I honestly believe should be a part of a couple’s routine. I know for me, the rather intense woman, I thrive and learn to let go when I’ve received a hard spanking. What do you think? Is this something that might just help ease the holiday blues? This might not be for everyone, but you might want to ponder the aspect, perhaps asking your husband or partner for a change in your relationship. Hmmm…

I hope you’ve enjoyed.

Kisses and spanks…


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2 Responses to Holiday Maintenance Spankings

  1. laurellasky says:

    I know what you mean and am sorry you are going through so much stress. Would a service Dom help? I have a discipline Dom. So far it’s long distance but hope to see him in Vegas in April at a convention. We have talked on the phone and done numerous email. He plans to give me a hard spanking. I am good friends with his wife. I just hope I’m well enough to go as I have kidney failure. I am so looking forward to going. I hope you feel better and hope you got a good raise with all you have to do. Love and big hugs!


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