A Service Dom for Needed Discipline

The thought is intriguing and one posed by my very good friend, Laurel Laskey. This lovely lady has seen me through some good and really wretched times – and all virtually. She’s an avid supporter, a talented author and always there to give me support. After my blog yesterday on spanking, she wrote asking if I’d ever considered a service Dom. For me, that’s someone you don’t develop a true relationship with, other than a certain amount of trust. You in a sense use each other via texting, phone calls and When only a spanking wil dosometimes various meetings to live a bit of the D/s lifestyle.

I’ve written about this before given many singles and couples go and “play” at clubs and different groups. I honestly don’t think I could do this. I’ve had plenty of offers, don’t get me wrong, but as I mentioned in an earlier blog, I’m into the mental aspect of submitting as much as the physical. I just can’t do that with a basic acquaintance. Still, I’m certain it works well for others. I laughed though because a sexy idea came to me in the middle of the night a couple weeks ago. There are some women (and men too) who thrive on discipline. I’ve written about this many times. The basic release of tension, perhaps allowing yourself to cry, is cathartic. What if you did indeed hire someone?

Of course as you can imagine, writing a story with this concept has to have a few twists and turns. For the majority of my readers, they want a HEA (Happy Ever After). Hiring someone to take care of discipline needs doesn’t necessarily lead to a romantic and passionate relationship. Or can it? There are various Doms/Dommes splashed all over the Internet in which they offer punishments for a price. They come to you, wherever you are and provide this service. Their methods of providing discipline is professional, unbiased and there are certainly no attachments made. As long as you have the money and the time, you can get your bottom blistered to your heart’s desire.

Sounds kinky? Weird? There are plenty of people who engage. The business seems to be growing in leaps and bounds. There are a whole lot of us who need the release only a hard spanking can give. So my little piece, with a twist of course, is well under way. I thought you’d like a small taste of 1-800-SPANKX. Let me know what you think.

“Interesting. You’re blushing just like you do every time our illustrious boss is anywhere near you. I think you might just have a bit of a crush on the man in charge.” Briana reared back in a fit of giggles.

Cassie tossed a pen in her direction. “Very funny. He’s an arrogant ass with an attitude and… Shit! I mean he’s a busy guy and not my type.”

“Honey, you can say anything you want around me. Get up. We’re going to lunch.”

“No can do.” There was no way she was going to any event with Dillon involved. None. Zero.

Briana placed her hands on her hips. “Fine. Be that way, but you owe me. We’re going out Friday night. I won’t take no for an answer.”

“If I still have a job after Friday, you’re on.”

“Party pooper.”

Cassie waited until Briana left her office then eased nonchalantly out of her chair and closed the door. Exhaling, she closed her eyes briefly and counted to five. She could use a little privacy. A cold shiver trickled down her spine. She hadn’t allowed herself to think about John in at least a couple of weeks. There was no need to. He was the past. He would never be allowed back in life. He was… Wonderful. Sexy. Perfect. “No, he’s an asshole.” He’d opened up her world, dragging the shy girl from her shell and introducing her to kinky aspects involving submission and spanking. Then he’d found himself a younger version, one with bigger tits.

She growled and walked to the window. Even the beautiful view couldn’t drag her out of her doldrums. She was a lost puppy without John and his staunch requirements, rules he’s imposed after only a week of dating. Infractions resulted in spankings and corner time. Palming the glass, she thought about how much she’d blossomed under his tutelage. Now Submitting classyshe had no one and no rules to follow. Good riddance.

If only she believed. She longed for a strong man in her life and strict obedience. What she needed was a hard spanking. “What am I saying? You are a strong woman. You don’t need a man to fulfill you.” The mantra said far too many times, she desperately wanted to accept her new life. Maybe a night out on the town would help. First things first. She had work to do.

Grabbing a bottle of water from the small refrigerator, she sat back down, determined to finish a rough draft today.

Ten minutes later and she slapped her hand on top of her desk. She’d typed a single sentence and it was crap. What in the world was she going to do? Shopping. Purchasing a few panties or a teddy from Victoria’s Secret used to work. She hadn’t used her credit card since her move. Today was the perfect time for a treat.

She shot a look at the door and clicked on Internet Explorer, typing in Google. Her fingers hovered over the keys. Hitting the ‘V’, she hesitated as an idea hit her. A single bead of sweat trickled down the side of her face. Why was she so nervous? She glanced over her shoulder then typed in ‘spanking’. Instantly her screen filled with numerous titles, blogs and forums, porn videos and various sites listed for disciplinary needs.

Two more drops of perspiration slid down from her forehead. She wiped them furiously and bit her lower lip. “Shit. Shit. Shit.” Looking at porn sites on company time and on her employer’s computer equipment was a sure fire way of getting herself fired. Well, she wasn’t actually looking at porn, just at Google. There was no harm in scrolling.

Cassie hummed as she looked at first page then a second. By the time she was on page 8 she’d grown antsy. There was nothing appealing. What did she think she’d find anyway? About to give up, she decided on looking at one final page. “What the…” 1-888-SPANKSX. The single sentence underneath the listing was intriguing. One stop shopping for a disciplinarian in your area. She’d heard of such things, but had never explored the option. She hadn’t needed to. Until now.

“Bad girl,” she whispered. This was ridiculous. Besides the fact she certainly would never consider hiring a stranger to spank her, let alone could afford such a service, Montana certainly couldn’t be prime BDSM territory. Still, the concept was far too tasty. “Just a look.” A simple click took her to an elaborate website, vivid in color.

She laughed out loud and clicked out then selected the link again. After another darted look toward the door, she read the single paragraph that promised to find the ‘right disciplinarian in your area for a reasonable price’. There was nothing but a single drop down box. “Find one in your state. Right.” She wrinkled her nose, took a gulp of water and slid her mouse on the pad.


As she scrolled down the list she grew excited. Her pussy tingled with longing as she thought about the last time John had spanked her. The passionate night had been a single day before she’d discovered him in his office, and he hadn’t been alone. The girl was between his legs, sucking his cock while he was on a conference call. The scene was one she’d never forget. The temper tantrum she’d thrown would be a story his entire staff would tell for years to come.


“What?” She jerked up to the edge of her seat and couldn’t resist. There it was. There were several listed in Montana, including the Missoula. This had to be fate. There was no additional information, only a number to call and a Members Only box. She scribbled down the series of digits in red ink. This was borderline insane behavior. She was out of her mind. Go for it. What do you have to lose? It’s a phone call. The little jabbing voice seemed to ring in her ears.

She tugged her cell phone out of her purse and fingered the screen. There was no harm in finding out information. This wouldn’t mean a commitment. They didn’t have to know who she was. Or how desperate you are. “Ugh.” Against her better judgment, she dialed Taking down her pantiesthe number.

“Thank you for calling Spanksx. This is Marty. How may I assist you today?”

The feminine voice was pleasant enough, very businesslike. “Um, I’m not sure why I’m calling.”

“Are you inquiring about a punishment expert?” Marty asked. There was no condemnation in her voice, merely a professional tone.

“I’m not certain.”

“Well, why don’t you tell me which state you live in then we’ll go from there.”

“Montana,” Cassie blurted out, regretting her stupid spontaneity.

“Excellent. And the city?”

“Missoula.” The word was little more than a whisper.

“Fabulous place. I used to live there. Let’s see what we have.”

Cassie shrunk in her chair. Nausea crept into her stomach, bile rising into her throat. She was going to throw up.

“We have six that are close enough. Would you prefer a man or a woman?”


Marty exhaled. “Would you prefer a male or female disciplinarian?”

Cassie hesitated.

We will see where this goes…

Kisses and spanks…


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  1. laurellasky says:

    Good girl! Go for it! Hugs?


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