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When Your Blood Curdles

Ginger scampered over the rocks, her bare feet sliced by the sharp edges. Blood and tears hampered her vision as she pressed forward, determined to get away. To fight. Her heart thumped, labored from exhaustion and terror. A single stream … Continue reading

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Trust, Respect, Honor & Love = D/s

BDSM is merely a platform for abuse? Really? This is another bunch of hogwash, based on ignorance of a lifestyle. You always assume the worst when you don’t know the situation. Right? Turns my stomach still today. I’m very much … Continue reading

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The Great Fifty Shades Debate – Is BDSM and D/s Abuse?

Let me ask you a few questions. Do you believe the D/s lifestyle or BDSM glorifies the abuse of women? Do you believe it debases women’s equality? Do you believe that the concept of a man controlling a woman means … Continue reading

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Evoking Powerful Emotion – Dark and Dangerous

On creating a very powerful set of emotions as a writer you strive to create a scene in which you drive the reader to a point of raw feelings. You also hope that the words you’re splashing across a page … Continue reading

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Because I Can…My Sexy Guest Christian Jensen

You have no idea how lucky I feel being able to write with another author who is not only prolific but quite frankly as twisted as I am. Our collaborations are in my opinion some of the best I have … Continue reading

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Monsters Do Exist

They do, no matter what you think. Our most horrific nightmares just might be real. IN fact, they are. Tell me, what do you fear? I love to write about killers. There isn’t any doubt. While my softer side pens … Continue reading

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Do You Know How to Tame Paradise?

It’s that time again – indulging in your fantasies. I don’t know any better way than imagining a sensuous tropical island full of cabana boys ready to do your bidding. You know the place – pearlescent white sand beaches, golden … Continue reading

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Indulging in Your Fantasies…Truth or Dare Anyone?

It’s Thursday and that means a little walk down memory lane to entire your fantasies. Today is all about playing a game. Do you remember the game of Truth or Dare you might have played as a teenager? Oh I … Continue reading

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