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Are D/s Relationships More Honest?

As I sit here after what is considered a major snowstorm in Virginia, I was able to spend a little time talking to some folks on Facebook. A very interesting comment was made to me today from someone who’d recently … Continue reading

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The Great Fifty Shades Debate – Is BDSM and D/s Abuse?

Let me ask you a few questions. Do you believe the D/s lifestyle or BDSM glorifies the abuse of women? Do you believe it debases women’s equality? Do you believe that the concept of a man controlling a woman means … Continue reading

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On Becoming a Submissive Part II – Acceptance

I was looking at my WordPress stats this past weekend and noticed a blog that continues to be one of the most read. The title? On Becoming a Submissive. For those of you who know my writing, you realize that … Continue reading

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