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A Submissive’s Pledge

Honor. Obey. These are two tiny words that mean so very much. When you throw in trust, patience, and submission, another picture might be formed in your mind’s eye. For couples who enter into marriage, there’s a pledge toward one … Continue reading

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Opening Up to Others about a D/s Relationship

Do you feel free about telling everyone what you enjoy, what you crave in your life? Do you feel confident enough letting everyone know who you really are? If you’re involved in a D/s relationship, have you told your family … Continue reading

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Expressions of Love

As you’ve noticed, I’m spending a lot of time reflecting lately. I think we all do as we come to the close of a year. The holidays also give us the opportunity to spend time with family and friends, creating … Continue reading

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Suffering in Silence

Question: How does silence affect a D/s Relationship? Answer? Significantly Silence is not always golden. As many of you have read, I’ve been going through some tough times lately and they continue. I’m fairly empty inside and even the joy … Continue reading

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The Honor of Wearing a Collar

You’ve heard me talk a lot in my blogs about respect and understanding with regards to the D/s lifestyle – Domination and submission. I was looking last night for some new pictures to purchase for a video trailer I’m putting … Continue reading

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Continuing into the D/s Lifestyle – Letting Go

I had an incredible lunch today with an amazing man. He’s extraordinarily intelligent, witty, sexy as hell and one of the most passionate men I’ve ever met. We’re friends, getting closer, and he has honored me with allowing me into … Continue reading

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