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Exploring Our Darker Needs

We all have a dark side. I’ve been reminded of this during the last few weeks. We desire sex and passion. We long to be thrilled by movies that give us nightmares. We long for… You fill in the blank. … Continue reading

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The Shadow of Evil

You must know how I enjoy a good horror story. I love the twists and turns, the supernatural elements of good versus evil. I was the little girl who graduated at 16 from high school and my English thesis paper … Continue reading

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Hiding Behind a Mask of Sin

Do you think engaging in various acts of BDSM, longing to be whipped, or having a desire for someone other than your spouse is a sin? Do you crave one or all? Be honest. I know, you’d hide everything about … Continue reading

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Is the Need for BDSM or a D/s Relationship Innate or a Choice?

This is a very good question in my mind and a conversation I had with John Patrick the other day. He has pushed back against his “dark” needs twice now over the last few months and I had to stop … Continue reading

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Afraid of the Darkness

Well, my life is taking a not so happy turn again and I’m absolutely empty at this point. John Patrick and I are on another ugly level. There are several reasons I don’t want to get into, but I’m not … Continue reading

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Submitting to a Spanking…Sharing the Darkness

I know the title is a bit ‘dark’ eh?  Well, I do see a darker side to kink as well as spankings. I’ve said before that there is no difference in the fact that D/s couples have various aspects of … Continue reading

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When Darkness Calls

By now it’s no secret that I am going to have 30 titles released from Rebel Ink Press the end of October. They are pieces not selling as well, BUT that doesn’t mean they can’t be revamped with some new … Continue reading

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