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A New Beginning

It’s an appropriate title today. I’m sitting here with a fabulous NEW laptop. My gorgeous Mac is actually almost identical to the one purchased seven years ago. Seven. I have to marvel at the concept. Computers these days are almost … Continue reading

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Happy Spanking Anniversary and a Goodbye

Catchy little title. Eh? Well, this is a cathartic post. What you’re about to read, if you do, might surprise many of you, but it’s a celebration as well as an ending. Four years ago I had an email from … Continue reading

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Bad to the Bone…

I couldn’t resist the title. There’s something sexy about being oh so bad. Right? A few years ago I wrote a little story that infuses all those kinky desires simmering deep in our souls. There are plenty of book clubs … Continue reading

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Introducing Several Edge and Entice Imprint Authors from Booktrope

I’ve been asked recently – what is Booktrope? Booktrope is a publishing company that is an innovator in the field. The team concept, consisting of Editors, Proofreaders, Cover Designers and Book Managers is without question the best scenario I’ve ever … Continue reading

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When Your World is Shattered

As many of you know, I have over one hundred and seventy books in release writing in several genres and using several pseudonyms. I’m also switching many of my books from Rebel Ink Press or my self pubbed ones over … Continue reading

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Tonight is one for true celebration. I’m going to post a blog from Booktrope. I’m a lucky girl tonight, taking the helm of two distinct and wonderful imprints. I have to say I’m still in shock. You’re going to learn … Continue reading

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We All Like a Little Phone Sex From Time to Time

Oops! I posted the wrong little Hot Shots book. Well, see what a wicked mind does to ya? This one is the one that’s all free – download a lot of them. Little known tidbit about me. I used to … Continue reading

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Do You Like a Little BDSM & Blackmail With Your Reindeer?

AHHH – finally a little time off to enjoy. Having a cocktail as I put this together. Still going to take a little time so I won’t be writing a blog, but I’m sharing my HOT little holiday pieces. I … Continue reading

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Santa, Sex & Sin… Mmm…

We’re still talking Christmas so here is another in my delicious Dirty Little Lunch collection. I wrote these pieces to read at lunchtime to keep you hot and bothered throughout the day. At only $.99, I think they pack a … Continue reading

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Treats Come in All Size Packages…

Now don’t they? I mentioned on Facebook yesterday that I have a wonderful anniversary this weekend – one that will forever remain dear to my heart. On a sunny Sunday before Labor Day, as I was sitting in my bathing … Continue reading

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