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“Goodbye Agony”…The Ultimate Letting Go in a D/s Relationship

Many of you know how much I love music. In fact, I can’t go a day without listening at work, in the car and when I write to some pretty heady metal music. I have various artists who push my … Continue reading

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Trust, Respect, Honor & Love = D/s

BDSM is merely a platform for abuse? Really? This is another bunch of hogwash, based on ignorance of a lifestyle. You always assume the worst when you don’t know the situation. Right? Turns my stomach still today. I’m very much … Continue reading

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The Great Fifty Shades Debate – Is BDSM and D/s Abuse?

Let me ask you a few questions. Do you believe the D/s lifestyle or BDSM glorifies the abuse of women? Do you believe it debases women’s equality? Do you believe that the concept of a man controlling a woman means … Continue reading

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Suffering in Silence

Question: How does silence affect a D/s Relationship? Answer? Significantly Silence is not always golden. As many of you have read, I’ve been going through some tough times lately and they continue. I’m fairly empty inside and even the joy … Continue reading

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What’s D/s Got To Do With It?

You know the line from that famous song Tina Turner sang – What’s Love Got to Do With It? Well, I’m taking a different look today. This has been without a double one of the most difficult weeks I’ve had … Continue reading

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Respect + Communication = Trust

The words couldn’t be any more true. You know I’ve recently been challenged with so many obstacles in my life both personally and professionally. We all go through trials and tribulations during various periods in our lives. Some weeks/months/years are … Continue reading

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Respect – Yet He Does Own You

Yes he does. He is your Master. He is the man who controls you, owns you. He is all powerful in his quiet and unassuming ways. He is the one you hunger for and need, obey and long to be … Continue reading

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