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Passion, Romance & Domination

When you think of a D/s relationship, what are the thoughts that flow into your mind? Do you imagine flowers and candlelight, soft music and wine? Or do you imagine shackles and floggers? Can passion and a D/s relationship go … Continue reading

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Social Media…A Prime Breeding Ground for Affairs?

Oh… a difficult and controversial topic, isn’t it? It’s come up more and more lately in discussions too. I think social media does have an effect. We’ve all been tempted and have had certain sexy “discussions” with someone else. Sometimes … Continue reading

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Sex, Sex and Well More SEX

I was talking with my good friend on Facebook, Suzzana C. Ryan, herself a talented author and probably my BFF, and we were talking about sex. Yeah, romance writers actually do talk about such things, but we may do it … Continue reading

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Do Guys Like Sexy Lingerie?

Oh come on ladies! You know the answer to that question, right? I’ve actually seen it posted lately from some women who are asking the question and then they even go further to question why anyone would pay as much … Continue reading

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The Life of a Writer…

Well, I thought I would give you guys an idea of the life of a writer. It’s not exactly what I thought it would be. Granted, I’m NOT complaining. I love writing my highly erotic stories and books and am … Continue reading

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Voyeurism, Public Display & the Excitement of Getting Caught

And…when you blurt something out that you weren’t prepared to do. I think we all love the concept of danger and the wonderful feeling of sheer joy that sends shivers racing down your spine when you are delving into a … Continue reading

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