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When Your Blood Curdles

Ginger scampered over the rocks, her bare feet sliced by the sharp edges. Blood and tears hampered her vision as she pressed forward, determined to get away. To fight. Her heart thumped, labored from exhaustion and terror. A single stream … Continue reading

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Darkness, Beauty, Sin, Rage, Sex…

What do all of these have in common? For me, the realization you can mix raw emotions, dark hungers, intense sensations together is perhaps the most intriguing aspect of sexuality. Rage can bring a heightened level of passion, one spilling … Continue reading

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The Hunt

I seem to be in a rather dark and edgy place lately. There are various reasons why and for those of you who know me and have read the blogs, I think you have a general idea. When I’m stressed … Continue reading

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Darkness Lurks…Will You Survive?

Remember I have many sides. One of them is that I enjoy killing people – in my books of course. My heroes are flawed, the cities in which the crimes ensue one in which you live, and the monsters? They … Continue reading

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When Vampires are Hunted by Monsters

For any of you who have followed my writing, you know I love creatures who maim and kill, remind us that we are just a tiny step away from the dark line. You know the one I mean – one … Continue reading

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Evil Lurking in the Shadows Part VIII

Yes, that evil side of me lurks in my personal shadows. In doing this rather horrifically graphic piece with Christian Jensen – my fabulous writing partner and one who stretched my inner being – I admit I enjoy taking my … Continue reading

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Evil Lurking in the Shadows Part VI

I love writing with Christian Jensen – and he seems to think I don’t have a dark side around my erotic. Oh how wrong he is. I have two distinct sides, one very sensual and passionate, and the other ready … Continue reading

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