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D/s…Get Ready for a Wild Ride

I found a lovely picture today I posted on my Facebook page about holding on, D/s is a wild ride. That’s very true. I’m reminded of that daily. As I begin 2015 in earnest, I can’t help but look back … Continue reading

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So What’s With All This Spanking??

Crack! Mmm… The feel of leather as it strikes your naked skin. The anticipation beforehand, knowing you’re going to receive a hard spanking for some infraction. The way in which he looks at you before he pats his lap or … Continue reading

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Discipline and Domination…Emotions and Drama

Answer me this question. Have you ever purposely cried to get out of a ticket? Perhaps that sexy cop you just knew you could cry or worse, throw a little sexiness his way in order to save your bacon? Well… … Continue reading

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Submitting to a Spanking…Humiliated Affair…Part One

I can’t tell you how much I enjoy talking with John Patrick. Have you guessed that as of yet? We always have the most interesting conversations. There is something very calming about him, the way he talks to me, as … Continue reading

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Sin…Sensual & Delicious.

Ready to be truly wicked today?  I just thought I’d give you that thought this morning. I write a lot of sizzle and of course there has been this debate lately about what is porn versus serious writing. I’m honestly sick … Continue reading

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