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Camelot in Publishing…the End of an Era?

Or just the beginning? Remember Camelot and the men on powerful steeds wielding swords that protected the world? Remember damsels in distress and the concept of good versus evil? A fairy tale in the making and with all good fairy … Continue reading

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How Far Would You Dare Go?

As writers we often do a hell of a lot of research for our stories. Whether we’re investigating blood splatters for a crime piece or ancient curses surrounding ghosts and vampires, we’re trying to make the information on the pages … Continue reading

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Has My Writing Changed?

Well, the obvious and quick answer is yes. Of course it’s changed since I really began to get back into writing now about two and a half years ago. I’ve written my entire life, but something broke inside of me … Continue reading

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What’s in a Name?

Okay so I honestly have learned through the two years in this insane business of writing to simply not worry about the reviews of readers to the point of getting exasperated but I have to tell you one recently quite … Continue reading

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