The Edge

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I have a brand new radio show I’m lucky enough to host. Take a peek…

Join Cassandre Dayne every other Sunday at 2pm EST as she hosts a scintillating show highlighting the dark and dangerous works of authors, musicians and artists – the-edge-finalwho take their work to the edge of reason, terror, beauty and eroticism. Find out what makes their inner beast tick.


The World of Ink Network


August 25th  Christian Jensen


September 8th – Alexandra Christian


September 22nd – Bitten Press

October 6th – Margie Church

October 20th – Elizabeth Black

October 30th-  Naughty Nights Press

November 17th – Tessa Wanton

And many more to come…

Please join us as I’ll be asking all the pointed questions about what makes their twists minds tick.

Coming September 8th…

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Christian Banner

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