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You all know I love to write about spanking etc. Well I’m also going to pen a piece about domestic discipline soon so in honor I have a poem that gives you my thoughts of the very idea. See what you think.

His Eyes

His words excited me

Passion and desire laced in every phrase

I tingled because he reminded meanother hold 2

Of intimacy lost from haunted days

And I stopped breathing


His voice ignited me

Sensuality and longing sweeping through my soul

I trembled because he blinded me

With his concentrated level of control

And I lost my inhibitions


His kiss enticed me

Dark cravings scintillating my inner being

I shivered because he defied me

From his all consuming way of freeing

And I allowed him inside


afterHis touch electrified me

A wild fire burning every cell furrowed so deep

I was humbled because he showered me

With a drug induced state, insatiable heat

And my primal needs grew savage


His power enveloped me

The gentle yet commanding way in which he whispered

I was awed by his sense of the woman inside, the vulnerability in me

Simple requests, complete respect in every word he issued

And I had never felt such joy


His eyes unbridled me

The window to the man inside, full of intensity

I was in shock by our intense connection, his complete understanding of me

Together we’ll break the chains of shadowed complexity

And then in ownership he’ll set me free…



You remain willful…

His statement reverberated in the back of her mind as she stood gripping the edge of the counter

The understanding of his words remaining the only constant

And yet she wanted to change

Needed to change

And become the completion of his soul


You try my patience…

His reminder made her shake her head, disappointment all consuming as she grabbed her glass of wine

The meaning of his sentiment challenging the woman from before

Belonging to himBut she wanted to be owned

Needed to be owned

And fulfill the ripped hole in her soul


You forget your place…

His chastisement forced a slight moan from her lips as she gulped her drink and knew he was right

The acceptance of her continued faults a necessary evil

Yet she wanted to be controlled

Needed to be controlled

And solidify their strong commitment


You need to be disciplined…

His sharp statement sent tremors down her spine as her heart raced but there was nothing she wanted more

The desire for punishment a freeing need

And she wanted to be whipped

Needed to be whipped

And completely succumb to his needs


You forget to call me Sir…

His harsh tone allowed a moment of tension between them and she wrinkled her nose, looking for forgiveness

The strong belief of their sacred bond a telling reminder

And she wanted to call him Sir

Needed to call him Sir

And she made a final promise to herself


You forever still my heart…

His powerful voice sent a warm glow of love enshrouding her body as she turned and faced the man

The intensity of his love filled eyes a final statement that she belonged

And then she called him Sir

Would always call him Sir

And would forever belong to him




The sound sluicing through the air sent shivers pulsing down my spine

Yet I craved the anticipation


The edge of the tip slicing against naked skin created tremors dancing across my legs

And I hungered for more


The bubbled grunt that erupted from his lips reminded me that he was in charge

The power of his discipline was stunning


The silence as he pulled back the well-worn leather forced my eyes to clench shut

But I remained silent


The crack of his wrist, the connection made jolted my body up from the soft confines

And he caressed my bruised ass


The feeling of intense anguish rushed throughout my body and my mind roared in peace

The power of his discipline was breathtaking


The understanding of his direction, my punishment reminded me I belonged to him

And I wanted nothing less


The electric pulsing through the air sent scattered pants bursting from my mouth

Then I surrendered to my Master


The timbre of his voice, dark and dangerous became an all controlling quest

The power of his discipline was scintillating


The sensations of joy and ecstasy scattered white-hot heat into my pussy

As I opened my legs


The severity of several hard spanks impelled a bedraggled scream from my pursed lips

Yet I obeyed his command of stillness


The increasing heated pain sent shimmers of dazzling light dancing across my field of vision

And I rose onto all fours as commanded

The power of his discipline was intoxicating


The rumble of the whip as it was dropped onto the floor created quivers deep in my cunt

As I awaited the feel of his cock


The force as his throbbing shaft impaled my ass jerked my back into a deep arch

And I gave him my body and soul


The single word whispered of complete utter ownership created the sound of silence

Then I dropped my head in submission

The power of his discipline was perfect

What do you think?  Could you imagine something like this in your life?

Kisses   xxx





Thought I’d participate as there is no Six Sentence this week and I love juicy little passages – mine is simply a treat from Fire of Submission – my recent f/f pieces with a twist. Getting some interesting feedback on this one. See what you think. This is the true moment of Luciana taking control over Jasmine.

Jasmine tipped her head back as she massaged and caressed both, kneading Luciana’s voluptuous breasts in her fingers. She had always loved the feel of a woman, the softness, the supple feeling of her skin. How she craved the whisper of a woman’s hot breath skating across her skin as they moved together, touching and tasting. There was nothing like the sweet embrace of a woman and her delicate kiss, exploring the nuances of each other. Taking a long look at the stunning woman, her dark beauty captivated her, sending shivers dancing down her spine. Everything about the woman was gorgeous from her large chocolate brown eyes and luxurious midnight hair, flowing down her back to her waist. Her long legs and arms suited her small waist and tight tummy. She was model gorgeous and exactly the kind of incredible beauty she fantasized about. While Jasmine never considered herself bisexual, it would be easy to fall in lust with this women if not love. And the thought both terrified and invigorated her.

Luciana’s breath raspy, she purred as she leaned forward and cupped her chin, bringing her face to Jasmine’s and brushing their lips together. “You look at me as if you wish to devour every inch of my body.”


Jasmine Walker loved her husband but the distance between them was increasing. Jake was sexy, successful and a complete bore. Their once incredible sex life was now nonexistent. A consummate professional, Jasmine was highly respected and enjoyed her friends, the ones who knew nothing about her secret kinky fantasies.

Longing to live the life of a submissive and a well-spanked woman, she also craved the soft hands of a women’s touch in her bed. It was something she believed she could share with Jake, but he wanted no part of her erotic dreams which left Jasmine to turn to the object of her affection, Luciana Darcet.

What do you think? Purr babies

Kisses   xxx


WICKED WOMEN WEDNESDAY A LITTLE LATE – My saucy and special wicked sister is here with a very sexy piece

Inspiration for a Vampire


Good morning. I’m a day late with the Wicked Wednesday since the head was traveling.


I can’t do it without her so here it is!

Today I wanted to speak about one of my favorite topics. Vampires! Woohoo… What’s so great about them? Damn, what isn’t? As I said in a recent interview, to bite and suck to sustains ones existence is a lot of fun. If you could turn me into anything, I’d love to be a bloodsucker. Trolling through the night or day because I’d be strong enough to withstand the light. Seeking my next victim to drain of all their juices, and unlike Twilight, I don’t sparkle. *grimaces* I’d fly were I needed to go and people, not on a plane.


So, when doing my latest short story, which is an m/f, *shudder*, I had to think about what I wanted my main character to look like. Of course, he had to be a rocker, no question, and no, I didn’t want to use my favorite movie vamps, Louis and Lestat.

I wanted someone dark, someone that didn’t fit the typical mode of vampire. So I reached back into BL’s old stories or Sharita’s if you’d prefer, and picked our first non Duran Duran muse, Peter Steele.

For those of you who don’t know, Peter Steele was the lead singer of the band Type O’ Negative. Songs like, Bloody Kisses, Christian Woman, Love You to Death, many death and vampyric references from him in a lot of his tunes but he, who was a 6”4 man might not have been anyone’s pick for a Vampire movie.  So because I like to write things contrary to the norm, he was a perfect fit for my small tale that one day I’d like to make longer. I Dream of Dalian is the morph of our first tale, Dream of Vampadonis which was Sharita’s first non Duran tale and the man above was our muse. A story about a woman devoid of love but has the music from her favorite musician to get her through. He pulls her into a dream and the question is, will she want to come out?

It’s a short tale that’s appearing in the Naughty Nights Press Wicked Wanton Halloween anthology and I’m really happy I’m paying homage to one of the greats in metal with it. I’m sure if he were alive, he wouldn’t have minded.

Thanks for listening and look for the anthology to come out just in time for Halloween!

BIO: BLMorticia considers herself the snarky and wicked side of author Sharita Lira so expect her to tap into the taboo and unleash her fantasies on the world through her words. When not writing, she does biweekly posts at fellow author Blak Rayne’s blog, as well as bimonthly posts at Erotic Diaries with sweet sister Rawiya and a feature with fellow Rebel Cassandre Dayne called the Wicked Women Wednesdays.

For more information, please visit, or and to ask any questions, email

Future Works include, The Prince and the Penis in the Rebel Ink Once Upon a Twisted Tale anthology, Something Fresh Served Hot part of the Something New on the Menu series from Naughty Nights Press.

Available by October  30

Antho Blurb: A Halloween party turns into a very unusual night; a ghost whose sexual needs prevent her from passing over to the other side; a chance encounter at a mistaken location leads to many desires being fulfilled; and unusual alien and human sexual experience, in the name of research; and so much more in this kinky themed Halloween Anthology.

Open up your mind, free your inhibitions and get ready for A Wicked & Wanton All Hallows Eve!

Eight naughty Halloween-themed erotic short stories to tantalize and tease the senses while giving readers a little taste of the experimental worlds of sensually exciting tricks or treats.

I Dream of Dalian Blurb

Narni has been looking forward to seeing her favorite singer from Blood Died Red live and after a hard day’s work, she dreams about him while listening to his songs through her headphones. Immediately, she is transferred into a sweet nightmare. Will she want to leave?

Excerpt PG

Glancing at the clock, she noticed it only read ten passed seven and doors didn’t open at the Midnite bar until eleven. She wasn’t ready to leave the house yet away. Narni needed an actual nap to be at her freshest for the show.

She dragged herself up from the covered mattress and pulled the sheets off by the corners. After wiping it down she threw them in the hamper and replaced them with red three hundred counts. Narni loved soft bed dressings because it made her feel rich and even though the men coming to fill those sheets were few and far between, she still appreciated having well made bed coverings. Once she finished, she strolled to the bathroom to take a quick shower. While soaping up, thoughts of him, Dalian swirled in her brain again. Narni caressed her own breasts, tugging on her nipples making them harden, pretending it was his fingers instead of hers. She sighed, throwing her head back while moving on down to the hot, wet spot between her thighs. “Damn…” She wondered if any amount of masturbation would be enough.


She dipped her fingertips inside her folds once more. The sounds of her labored breathing and the water hitting the tile filled the air. Steam and heat rose around her, Narni writhed under her own ministrations. The voice of Dalian played in her head. “Shit…” She pinched herself even harder as the shakes overtook her body again. Leaning against the wall for support, Narni came with such force, moisture shot from her pussy, making her cry out in ecstasy. She slid down in the tub with her eyes closed tightly, attempting to regain control. “Damn, how on earth.” How would she keep her composure if she’d met him?

I won’t.

Sighing, she reached forward, turned the lever off, and stepped out the tub. Two orgasms in a row had to mean she was ready for sleep. With that, she dried herself completely, rubbing lotion all over her body before she retreated to bed. “This time, I’m sleeping!” Narni set her iPod alarm to wake her at 9:30. Again, she positioned the earphones on her head and drifted off into a sound sleep.

Very Hot! – thank you very much

Kisses   xxx


Another saucy installment of Wicked Women Wednesday!  BL Morticia and I continue to try and bring you bits about our secret desires and fantasies in some unusual ways. Let’s take a taste of Swingin’

Let’s go Swinging!

Sex Clubs in the US 

Greetings fans!

Welcome to Wicked Wednesday where we write articles about the spicier things in life and my topic today would be no exception.

How would you feel if someone wanted to have sex with your significant other in a public place while you watch and or participate? OOH sounds really saucy hmm? Do you believe there are places like that right here in the good ol’ USA?

Well there are!

In some of the biggest cities in America, people like to show off their kinky sides by attending sex clubs with their spouses. They dress up in sexier garb, put on a little more makeup than usual and go to hotspots not only to enjoy one another but other patrons as well.

Just what do these places look like?

I looked up an article on one place in Florida called Club Hedonism. The place is unmarked with a black door on the same street as a laundrymat, a dollar store and a church in Pompano Beach. Wow, talk about risky and inside the site speaks of its décor. To read more, click here.

And what about the clientele? Everyday people who work just like you and I, looking for a little bit of adventure in their sex lives. Of course, they go there in disguises, not wanting to be spotted by neighbors or coworkers so you’d never know if any of the people you associate with are participants unless you asked. They might be just as into sex as you, if not more. The article states that 4 million Americans are involved in some kind of partner swapping or swinging arrangement. Unreal!

A lot of these places, like Club Hedo are members only.  In this establishment, a year membership is $100 with an additional fee on each visit. What a business! Obviously, I need to investigate further and open one myself! *snicker*

Places like this exist in many major towns in the country, a lot of them keeping low profiles, with their only advertising being word of mouth and of course, with the outbreak of HIV/AIDS they promote safe sex. However, there are some you can find that do a bit of advertising on sites such as Adult Friend Finder. Let’s just say, if you’re really interested, you’ll definitely take the time to look.

So, how about you? If you’re married, would you like to visit a place like Club Hedo to indulge in your wildest dreams? Get to know people on different levels then have sex with them in some swanky club or a swingers cruise?

There are many setups and if you and your partner are searching for a good time as well as something to add some spark to the sex life, go for it. As long as you discuss it and are both comfortable with it, why hold back?

Next time, I’ll go a little deeper and look at a sex cruise and try finding one of
these in my back yard.

Till next time. Ciao!

Purr lady and thank you so much!  

Kisses   xxx


BL is currently a published writer with Rebel Ink and Naughty Nights Press. Her first two novellas, My Lieutenant and Something Fresh Served Hot will be due out in November. She writes bi weekly for Erotic Diaries with Rawiya and a column twice a month on Blak Rayne Books.

Sharita L aka Michael M/Rawiya/BLMorticia

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Thought I would bring you a sexy poem in honor of a horror piece I’m putting on Dare to Take the Plunge – imagine your creature of the night.  


He is dangerous, my creature of the night

Yet his quiet demeanor never fears, never falsifies

What he truly is

And while I should tread lightly, knowing what harm he could inflict

Instead I succumb

I want

I hunger

Is there more?

He is evil, or so the daylight seekers claim

Yet I see past the cold dazzling eyes that require all of me

What could forever be

And those moments we are together I should run away, afraid of becoming

Instead I remain

I partake

I crave

Can there be?

He is spectacular, my lover as he has become the feast of my body

Yet he pushes me away, terrified of his savagery, his rage

What lurks deep within

And while I should take his stoic advice as my humanity could suddenly end

Instead I counter

I whisper

I beg

Will he take me?

He is relentless in his need to feed as if his soul exists no longer

Yet he never allows me into his realm, always cautious of my furrowed thoughts

What I wish to be able to share his pain

And when his silence breaks into a mournful wail, bidding me goodbye

Instead I cling

I scream

I refuse

Shall I continue to learn?

He is insatiable, my unholy man with his haunting desires

Yet there is a horrific storm that builds within his walls of steel, fighting his will

What I want is now forever more

And that feeling as he takes my hand should remind me that I am very much alive

Instead I argue

I acquiesce

I plead

Can I tempt him with forever?

He is forgiving and somehow that surprises him my fractured knight

Yet misting its subtle haze is a sadness as the moment of truth enlightens and taunts

What I understand is that I must die

And while I will lose a part of the woman I have known and should feel remorse

Instead I accept

I present

I love

Then does the darkness begin?

Forever is simply a moment for some

A beginning of the end of life

Forever is relentless in its need

And yet we freely venture into the hallowed grounds of hell

For our forever is as one

Hope you enjoyed and find that hunky vamp of your own…

It’s Wicked Women Wednesday again! Time for another naughty thought about Menage. My cohort in crime and all things naughty is back – BL Morticia. I hope you enjoy a sinful taste.

Good morning Wicked Wednesday readers

Welcome to the Wicked Wednesday post where I’m handing it this week to my not so wicked but still sexy, Rawiya. I’m really busy working on my next series and since she’s doing a menage, I’m letting her have the floor…

Hot Menage A Trois With Soundtrack

Hi all. So glad that BL allowed me to do wicked women this week. It’s true, I’m working on a hot menage story, actually two and just subbed one a few days ago as well.

What is the attraction about being the woman with two hot men? Yes, double the pleasure, double the fun, more lips, more cock…YUMM…


Okay, got a little hot and bothered. In one of my stories, the men in my menage a trois are a hot musical duo. The two men have been friends for years and now one of them, Eli, would like to take their relationship to the next level. His partner Rafael loves his friend but is afraid having sex with him will ruin their friendship, the band, and their careers. 

The two are in need of a singer to carry their retro eighties sound to a new level and when they attend one of the local clubs in NY, they meet the beautiful Dina. Gorgeous curvy vixen with the sweet voice. Although Eli is jealous, he decides the most important thing is pleasing Rafael as well as stepping their game up a notch. By hiring the lovely lady, they now have a different voice to match up with their popular sound which they hope will carry them far.

When doing this story which is close to completion, I’ve been listening to a lot of dance tracks with the retro eighties sound, some Duran Duran and Depeche Mode as well as old school NIN. The sex between the three from what I can tell, will be quite sensual and very titillating. Some voyeurism, toys, and various positions await. *wink* 

She’s desiring the love and the chance to be a star within the band and Eli learns to accept her for what she is and appreciate her talents. Rafael is really the one in the middle here so he’ll be the beneficiary of a very steamy musical romance. 

Here’s a snippet…

Eli felt the tears well up inside of him. He tried to keep a straight face but the truth was, he was failing at his own plan. Dina had been more than up to the challenge, accepting everything he’d threw at her and coming back with her own. Not to mention, Rafael read him like an open book. He was trying to be mean and thought by giving a little after practice, becoming more of a friend, then she’d let down her defense but, it hadn’t worked in this first week, and he knew it would continue. He was only making a fool of himself. It was time to fess up.

“Okay Rafi, fine. I’ve been trying to put the pressure on her hoping she’d break but it isn’t workin’ as you can see.”

“Nope, it’s not. What are you so afraid of, baby?”

“Rafael, don’t be stupid okay?” He wiped the tears from his eyes. “You, of course. We finally have what I’ve wanted for ages and now, here comes a woman to fuck with it. I don’t want her to come in between us, Rafi. I care about you.”

“But I’ve told you she won’t!”

“You say that now but what about if you sleep with her, hmm? What will you like better?”

Rafael sighed, “I love you, Eli. We have a bond and a connection that’s been in the making for a couple of decades, right? How would someone I’ve just met take your place?”

“Rafi, physically, I mean. We just started having sex.”

“I love having sex with you,” he snapped. “More than any woman I’ve ever had.”

Eli stopped a moment, looking into Rafael’s brown orbs. “What?”

“I love making love to you, Eli. Like I said, we have history. That means more to me than anything I could have with Dina, whether it was a one-time or a few. It won’t change anything about how I feel for you, Eli.”

“You mean that?” Eli moved closer to Rafael.

“Yes, I do. Just…just stop what you’re doin’ right now, and let whatever happens between me and Dina, happen. Stop being a jealous bitch, Eli. It’s not becoming.”

Eli thought for a second, wondering why he’d second guessed his lover and their feelings for one another. He was so sure that because they’d just began sleeping together, Rafael could be easily swayed but, they also had the long term emotional bond of being friends that went along with their affection for one another.

Rafael was right. How could she compete with that?

Eli hugged Rafael around his shoulders, bringing him closer. He engulfed Rafael’s lips, pressing his tongue inside of his mouth, tasting Rafael’s Marlboro’s he had earlier. “Rafi, I’m sorry…”

“It’s okay, just…just calm down, okay? I’m not goin’ anywhere. No worries. I still care about you and love you. None of that will change.”

Eli pressed his forehead against Rafael’s while placing a soft peck on his lips. He had no choice but to believe what Rafael was saying. He’d never lied to him before and Eli hoped he wasn’t starting now. 

The Literary Triad –!

Michael Mandrake




Thanks so much lady!  It’s sexy and exciting as usual and I love having you on!  What do you think guys?

Kisses   xxx


It’s the 4th of July Weekend so I thought I’d give my naughty girls a sexy little taste of hot men. What do we love in our men girls?

You all know I love men of color – and every flavor so that when you dart kisses and licks all the way down from their neck to… you gather that perfect musky taste

And how about those guys in service that save our lives and remind us that heros really do exist?

What about the hunks from the days when men ruled and women were protected?

Then there are the ones that are simply nothing more than delicious eye candy…

Carved and hunky and ready for the ladies to taste… One thing I know we all enjoy is seeing men pleasure themselves. I think there’s nothing hotter than two sexy men making love.

Hope you enjoyed ladies and when you think of fireworks, remember that all men are sexy as hell.

Kisses  xxx  


How about a very hot little poem inspired by giving you a taste of Spankdown. For any of you that know me, you know I have a little thing for spanking and submission – so take a taste…


I wait in silence in the shadowed light

While customers come and go, unaware

Of the hunger that burns within

To the point I can no longer breathe

I sense his presence drawing near

My instincts keen, my understanding strong

With a single look…

I will want

I watch in reverence as he enters the room

While he scans the crowded space, searching

For the woman that gives him freedom

Enough so that his features bear sensuous cravings

I drink in his feral scent

My wet heat clenching, my pulse racing

With a single look…

I will yearn

I feel my resolve crumbling as he draws closer

While the waiter serves the wine, suspecting

That the woman he sees is mesmerized

By the prowess of the stunning man

I lick my lips in anticipation

My desires raging, my legs quivering

With a single look…

I will need

I shiver as he gazes into my eyes

While a single finger traces down my neck, savoring

The feel of my skin as it trembles

Because of the whispered scintillating touch

I close my eyes in acquiescence

My realization complete, my acceptance secured

With a single look…

I will succumb

I follow as he leads into the darkness

While his hand never leaves my back, controlling

The lover he claimed so long ago

By the power that gave me life and love

I nod my head as he closes the door

My senses tingling, my voice quavering

With a single look…

I will become

I undress as he leans silently against the wall

While his eyes rake down my body, relishing

In the naked woman that stands before him unafraid

Because of the complete level of trust

I lower my eyes as he pushes me to the floor

My discipline required, my forgiveness complete

With a single look…

I now belong

I thought for this HOT and sizzling Friday I’d give you a naughty poem as a tasty treat and see what you think. I love writing poetry and haven’t had as much time to do so lately. Here’s just a little taste. 


Frustration, Pain, Sadness

She had felt all those things

From the broken dreams

And shattered thoughts

Of a life that would never be

The taker

Disillusionment, Anger, Rage

She had known all those moments

From the scattered whispers

And ugly ramblings

Of a heartless soul that would forever be

The nightmare

Enlightenment, Flashes, Longing

She had wondered during the fights

From her childhood wants

And memorized mantras

Of a perfect knight that would always be

The savior

Realization, Knowing, Respecting

She had hungered for something sparkling

From the moment she understood

And anticipated longing

Of a man that held his head high

The lover

Scintillation, Wanting, Need

She had prayed for something real

From the instant she understood

And decided forever

Of a love that altered time

The fairytale

Forgiveness, Patience, Love

She had realized that he was the one

From the touch of his hand

And wondrous belonging

Of a forever that would always be

The ending

Hope you enjoyed! Have a wonderful weekend.

Kisses  xxx


My naughty guest is keeping an extended Wicked Women’s Wednesday going a little longer…  

Welcome my good friend and co-naughty woman – BLMorticia with a hot little WIP!  

Greetings folks and welcome to the Wicked Women Post for today.

I’m going to take a break from giving you info on my upcoming novella, “My Lieutenant” and instead present to you a story that all three of us are contributing to called the Wretched.

Now, as you know, I’m the wicked one, the rocker gal who loves metal so The Wretched Series is actually more mine than the others even though they are contributing.

In the tale, I “borrow” a hot twosome from Michael’s short, “A Different Kind of Family Portrait.” David and Jason are part of a trois and Jason decides he’d like to date the Wretched’s bassist, Corey.

Jason is a big fan of the band and would like to get to know, Corey on a more personal level. During part 5 which has actually already been published, David and Jason have fun with Corey and his boyfriend, drummer Brian however, in this one, Jason takes his desired lover to a club to left of some steam and get him all horny for the night to come. 

Here’s a little snippet from the ongoing, Rockband saga.


Once I went outside, I saw Jayson’s red Camaro and hopped in. As soon as I closed the door his lips were atop mine making me dizzy.

“Mmmh shit Jayson, hi you doin’!” I said trying to regain consciousness.

“Hello gorgeous, damn you look amazing this evening but then again, you have always been the hottest man in the Wretched,” he said with a wicked grin.

Amused, I kissed him again while gently stroking his crotch through his denims. I wanted to feel his arousal but truthfully, tonight, I wanted more than just a feel. “Heh, thank you, sexy. Where are you taking me?”

“This spot on the other side of town. You will love it, not many people know about it. And fortunately, you are dressed for it too!”

Excited, I said with my hand still between his legs, “Cool, I’m game, let’s ride.”

“Alright, let’s.”

Again, he stole a peck from my lips before taking my palm outlining it with his tongue.

‘Fuck, he is so, whew…’

Once he let go and pulled out the space, I leaned back reminding myself that he was technically taken.

‘Why am I not part of his crew?’

In less than a half hour we arrived at this place called, Jezebelle’s. Jayson pulled in the parking lot around the corner before turning off the ignition. Our eyes met as he took his key out.

“So my man, you ready to go in and have a good time?”

“What kind of place is this,” I said with a wry smile. I had been to Pittsburgh before and had never heard of this spot. Not only that, I was concerned about being noticed by someone that knew about the band.

“It’s a gay club, but different from any that you have ever experienced. Oh and by the way, you don’t have to worry about people noticin’ you. I told them you were bi and love to play…” Jayson leaned in quickly kissing me.

‘He did what?’

“Jayson, I did not need anyone to know that, dude. Nicolai is gonna have a fit.”

Jayson put his hand on my shoulder, curling his finger around the ends of my hair. “Baby, don’t worry. All the people here are my friends. They know better. They are used to a lot of in the closet famous people hangin’ around.”

I chuckled and decided to let it go, I wanted to be with him regardless. “Okay, well let’s go in.”

Again, he enveloped my lips causing a disturbance within my jeans. “God Jayson, I cannot wait to be alone with you tonight…”

“Me either, right now though let’s go enjoy ourselves with our clothes on.”

Jayson got out the car coming around opening the door for me.

“Such a gentleman,” I laughed as he pulled me into him. Although he was the smallest of his trois, he was still strong as an ox.

We walked in the back way through a long dark corridor. We approached a big, scary dude with a shaved head.

“What’s up Jay, ohhh I see you brought ‘im,” the guy chuckled as he stamped Jayson’s hand and mine.

“Yeah, James, this is Corey, Corey, James.” I held out my hand and James grasped it firmly.

“You’re pretty hot, Jayson always knows how to pick ‘em,” James eyed me as he nodded.

‘Wow, you would never know he was gay from the sound of his voice or his look.’

We walked into the door. The minute we got in, I could hear guys calling Jayson’s name. Some were even coming up introducing themselves to me. When we got to the bar, Jayson had the bartender get me a Miller Lite. After I opened it, Jayson and I marched to the site of a mosh pit.

The guys in the circle were huge, barreling into one another repeatedly. However, when they did so, they picked each other up; never seen anything like it.

Not to mention, there were men on the edges that were either talking or making out.

‘I’ll be damned, a metal gay bar.’

Michael Mandrake




Thanks for joining me lady! 

Kisses   xxx


I thought I would bring you a taste of what BLMorticia had on her site from my next release – Game Over!  My first little m/m piece – enjoy!  June 27th from Rebel Ink Press…

Dark secrets and lies…could two lovers survive?

What would you do if you have a choice to make – your lover or your career? Thank God it doesn’t happen for most of us and while I completely understand certain concerns in professions where lives are in danger, it’s a shame in our lifetime we still have to deal with the concept of hiding the love of our life. Sadly, it still happens especially in same sex relationships. BLMorticia and I are taking June and exploring same sex relationships in writing and in life and here is a taste of my upcoming release – my first same sex. I’m very proud of this one and hope you’ll enjoy a very naughty slice. I also hope that you’ll think about what some of your friends might be enduring and remember that love should be blind to race, color, creed and sex…



Tony Dartanion relished his life but he kept his private life hidden from the majority of the world. A decorated detective in the grittiest precinct in the Philadelphia police department, he was hungry to make Captain and willing to do almost anything. Unfortunately the old boy’s school had a don’t ask, don’t tell policy that enraged him and yet he kept his sexual appetites concealed. The boys in blue believed that he was a card-carrying man that desired all things in a skirt and stilettos. The truth was that he was in love with a man and one that he barely acknowledged outside of their bedroom. Caelen Tomlin was tired of being a dirty little secret.

In the beginning they had savored a highly erotic relationship and now, they were barely more than friends. Realizing he was going to lose the golden haired model if he didn’t change his ways, he planned a naughty event to entice Caelen and remind him of exactly why they were together. Sealed With a Kiss was a scandalous secluded club that catered to all things kinky and Tony was determined to fulfill every fantasy his lover craved and change his ridiculous ways. Unforgiving, Caelen refused to accept and Tony was forced to make an excruciating choice.


“Why exactly are we here again?” Caelen Tomlin asked, grabbing the door handle.

“It’s called going out,” Tony Dartantion chuckled, yet he knew exactly why Caelen was apprehensive. He had been nothing more than a brooding and very boring life partner for months.

“That’s what I’m talking about. We never go out.”

“I told you, that’s changing.” One way or the other their stilted relationship had to.

“We’ll see,” Caelen huffed and crawled out of the car.

Tony climbed out of his corvette and inhaled deeply, smelling the sweet scent of Italian food and the stale stench of the inner city. While he loved living in Philly, the bowels of his hometown were gritty and dirty. For some reason Caelen continued to stay with Tony while he stuck his head further into the sand, denying who he really was. But now Tony knew the truth. He was going to lose his lover if he didn’t rid himself of the ugly demons. “I want to start going out like we used to.”

Caelen sniffed and shook his head. “Okay. If you’re sure you can handle anyone seeing us together. I’m your dirty little secret. The one you keep tucked away. You know, that delicious little game you like to play in the dark recesses of our home.”

Ouch! The dagger hurt but was more than justified. Game? That was more than true. They’d been playing more than one game since the day they got together. Opening and closing his fists, Tony fought a retort because Caelen was indeed nothing more than a boy toy Tony kept hidden away. Tony sucked in his breath and eyed his lover of eighteen months who was dressed to kill. Blazing a trail down the length of the sun kissed blond, Tony savored the way the leather pants fit Caelen’s form, accentuating his small waist, chiseled hipbones and the delicious bulge throbbing between his legs. He had to admit the candy-coated treat was nothing short of spectacular. Licking his lips, Tony brushed his hand through his long midnight hair and sighed. What Caelen didn’t now was that tonight was going to be dazzling. At least that’s what Tony was praying for anyway. “Look…I want to apologize.”

“Apologize for what?”

“For being a dumb son of a bitch who’s taken you for granted. That’s for what.”

Caelen gritted his teeth but said nothing 

Hey, I heard we have some faggots in the department.” His chortled laugh flowed down the crowded hall. The overweight detective preened, sniffing as he eyed the beat cops, his look full of disdain. Grabbing his hat, he nodded toward the second man and slammed the locked door.

     ‘Faggots? Not in this precinct!’ The second detective barked, as they strolled down the hall. If we do, they better keep their shit to themselves.

     ‘Yeah, but we could have fun with them!”

     The second man burst out laughing. “You mean just like we did with those boys last year? I tell you what, that was fun.”

     “Don’t think they’ll ever look at fucking in the ass the same way again!”

Tony cringed. He’d been a fly on the wall that day and yet the words burned into the distant recesses of his mind. Being a top ranked police detective had its perks and its issues. It was an old boy’s school and times weren’t changing rapidly enough for anyone that lived an alternative lifestyles. Everyone thought Tony was a burly man that hungered for pussy. Married when he joined the force, he spent many days cruising bars with guys, drinking beer and whistling at pretty girls. He’d been lying to himself then and Tony realized he was doing it all over again as he stood staring at the crisp  note Caelen had left him two weeks prior. Tony was one sorry sack of shit. “You okay with this?”

“Going out?” Caelen sliced him a cautious look and gazed around at the dark buildings.

“Yeah. I know I haven’t been into it much lately.”

“Look Tony, I understand what you’ve been going through. In my career, I don’t have to deal with the kind of caustic problems surrounding Being gay that you do. I get why you’re hiding.”

No, he really couldn’t get it. Tony never talked about the gay bashing he heard every day. Caelen didn’t need to hear that bullshit, especially when he was more than comfortable with his sexuality. “Yeah, but I haven’t been fair to you,” Tony grimaced, knowing he’d been a shit. Granted, Caelen realized being a detective in a murder-riddled precinct in the middle of Philadelphia was tough enough as it was. Throw in the fact that Tony was gay and he’d learned through more than one series of hard knocks that you didn’t actively promote that little fact and it was no wonder he’d been pushed into denial. If Tony had any hopes of making Captain, something he’d applied for more than once, then he had to be careful regarding every aspect of his behavior. The powers that be scrutinized everything. While he admonished his actions in hiding the fact he craved men and knew Caelen deserved more than just a secret play thing Tony kept behind closed doors, truth was Tony had simply fallen into a trap of his own making.

Caelen smiled. “It’s okay. I’ve been busy with work anyway.”

Tony walked around the car and brushed his finger across the shimmer of Caelen’s cheek, drinking in his exotic fragrance. “I want everything about our relationship the way it used to be.”

  “I don’t know if it can be, Tony.” Caelen pulled away.

Tony swallowed hard and stole a glance at the sprawling brick building, remembering the first few months together when he was exploring his newfound sexuality. There was nothing they hadn’t tried, no kinky experiences they hadn’t explored. But one outright threat to his career and he’d refused to flaunt their relationship. Why had Tony hidden that from Caelen, he’d never know, but he’d wrapped a shell around him and refused to come out. “I’m going to try.”

“If you’re sure.”

Tony was more than sure. Tonight his ridiculous behavior was going to change. He was a damn good carpenter and would start his own construction firm if he had to. He knew exactly what Caelen yearned to taste. Fighting back a grin, Tony eyed his lover and realized he was hungrier than he’d ever been. It was time to throw all his inhibitions to the wind. He was going play hard tonight and remind Caelen why they’d been attracted to each other in the first place. “Mmmm…”

“The way you’re looking at me tonight screams that you’re very thirsty indeed,” Caelen cooed as he turned to face Tony, throwing his long hair back with a dramatic flair.

“Can’t pass anything by you, now can I?” Tony laughed, shaking his head.

“You’re insatiable.”

“And in control.”

Caelen gave him a mischievous gaze and shook his head. “Old argument. I’m in charge.” Pointing his finger, he swayed his hips back and forth. “Not only do you know it, you crave for me to take you over my knees to spank that Italian Stallion ass of yours. Whew, getting a little steamy out here.”

“I suggest you not tease me tonight or you will pay.” Yet Caelen was right. The decision about who was the top in the relationship had been an old argument since they’d gotten together. Sparring was the last spark in their wicked tryst.

“Are you man enough to take me?”

“You’re on fire tonight and don’t push me cause I’m gonna push back.” Tony hadn’t even been looking for a steady guy in his bed. Hell, he’d been just coming to terms with the fact that he embraced being gay and then Caelen Tomlin walked into his life.  The stunning cover model, dancer and aspiring actor was nothing short of perfection. Tony fought the possibilities then, knowing what he was going to have to face around the guys. So th two men toyed around getting together for three solid months, playing a sizzling cat and mouse game long enough for Tony to check Caelen out thoroughly. Perks of the career. Caelen was clean, he came from a good family and smokin hot. Standing six foot three with perfectly toned muscles, long shaggy blond hair and the most dazzling emerald green eyes Tony had ever seen on a man, Tony salivated thinking back to their first meeting.

And their first hard fuck. Inhaling deeply, Tony could almost smell the scent of the Italian restaurant from their first date. By the time they finished a bottle of wine, they were so damn hot for each other Tony dragged Caelen into the alley.

You want me?” Tony hissed, licking his lips.

    “The question is, can you handle me?” Caelen preened, sliding his hands down his chest, teasing. Inviting.

     “I suggest you come here.”

     “Or what?”

     Tony eyed him casually, contemplating. Taking a long stride, he jerked the sexy blond to his chest, crushing his mouth as he cupped his chiseled ass. Forcing his tongue to the back of his throat, Tony tasted the sweet essence of spiced rum as his cock swelled. Then Tony pushed him hard against the brick wall and broke the wicked moment of passion, staring at Caelen wild eyed. “I’m going to fuck you.”

     Caelen panted and glided both hands down Tony’s chest to stroke his cock. “Why don’t I fuck you first?”

     “You’ll get your chance later.” Taking a step back, Tony unfastened his skin-tight jeans and nodded to him. “Better get ready or I won’t be gentle.”

     “Who says I like it gentle?”

     Tony growled. “Show me.”

     Grinning wickedly, Caelen began a little dance of lust, strutting back and forth as the shimmering moon cast a luminous haze down across the darkened space. Tugging his belt free, he swayed back and forth as he slowly unzipped his pants, grazing one hand under his body hugging violet silk shirt.

     Tony had never been as hungry for any human in his life. “Hurry, I’m famished.” He pulled out his cock and stroked in fevered motions as he continued to watch the shameless dance.

     Caelen opened his button fly, revealing the lack of underwear.

      Sucking in his breath, Tony narrowed his eyes as Caelen pulled out his cock. The long thick muscle was a thing of beauty and one Tony wanted to taste, but at the moment, it was Caelen’s lily-white perfect ass he wanted to take…hard. “Bend over and brace the wall.”


     Tony raised his eyebrow as he laughed. “You’ll learn.” Stalking him for several sinful seconds, Tony used the power of his upper body strength to push Caelen against the wall, forcing his legs as far apart as the dense material around his knees would allow. Glancing up and down the alley, Tony knew he was risking more than just getting caught. He was endangering his career but his hunger, his need was too great.

    “ Shit…you are…” Caelen palmed the wall and threw his head back, lifting his naked ass into the chilly air.

      Tony rubbed his ass cheeks, enjoying the way his hard curves fit into his hand. Running his finger up and down Caelen’s crack, he wet the fingers of his other hand and slid them to Celen’s dark hole. “Gonna take you hard and fast, brother. Sure you can handle what I can dish out?”

     “Try me.”

     Wasting no time, Tony sliced a single finger inside Caelen’s ass, pushing past the tight ring of muscles as Caelen groaned.

    “Shit!” He clawed the brick and dropped his head, arching his back.

     “God, so damn tight. Can’t wait to taste that sweet little rose bud of yours,” Tony grunted as he reached around and cupped Caelen’s fully erect cock. Every part of him tingling and he quivered as he inserted a second finger inside, pulsing in and out. As Caelen’s ass muscles gripped around Tony’s invasion, Tony closed his eyes and relished the scintillating moment of being with a man. He picked up his pace, the force pushing Caelen into the wall again.

     “God, fuck me. I…can’t…stand it.”

     His heart thumping wildly, Tony grunted like the caged animal he was and lifted his cock, placing the tip at Caelen’s tight entrance. “Oh yeah, you’re one delicious fuck. I’m going to enjoy this.” Pressing it inside, Tony threw his head back and roared as he impaled Caelen in one hard drive, nearly slamming his head into the dense bricks.

     “Fuck!” Caelen screamed, his body shaking violently.

Hope you enjoyed!

Kisses   xxx



And for my luscious followers tonight – a spicy poem for you…  

This one is sure you give you thoughts about your desires to be spanked. It’s a part of my upcoming sizzling short story…Spankdown. Give you thoughts?  


I beckon

You come

Your eyes full of trepidation

Yet a slight smile curls across your face

I nod

You whimper

Your legs trembling as you come closer

Yet you obey without a question

I sigh

You hurry

Your mind understanding of what’s to come

Yet your soul needs peace as only I can give

I growl

You scamper

Your body closing the distance, ready for your punishment

Yet your lips open and close as if to beg

I pat

You nod

Your hands shaking as you climb across my lap

Yet you succumb and relax, the anticipation of what you crave

I inhale

You pant

Your legs opening wide, begging to be whipped

Yet the little girl remains shy and nervous

I smack

You jump

Your body trembling with each hard strike

Yet you meet every whip, wanting more

I moan

You sigh

Your soul at peace from the hungered discipline

Yet you will ask for more, knowing only I can give you what you need

And again…I beckon

Kisses   xxx


Spanking – Doesn’t That Sound Delicious?  

Have you ever thought about being spanked? And I don’t necessarily mean the love taps that you get when he walks by or even the playful over his knees while you are making love. I’m talking about him spanking you because you’ve been very naughty? Could you have him discipline you? Could you trust your partner to make the rules and know when you deserve to be spanked for your actions?

Are you shivering right now and confused how women (or men as well) could live a life where corporal punishment is sometimes an every day occurrence? There are many couples that practice what is called head of household where generally the man takes the lead role and what he says goes. He makes the rules that you agree to and if you behave badly or intentionally try and piss him off, you will be spanked.

How does this work? For many couples they practice maintenance spanking where once or twice a week he will decide that it’s time to remind you that you need to be thoughtful of the rules and will turn you over his knee. Then there are times that you deserve punishment and the spanking will be very severe. You are usually naked and sometimes over his knee and sometimes on all fours on the bed waiting for him to enter, waiting for him to dole out what he determines will be the appropriate amount of licks.

What kinds of implements are used? Everything from his hand to a belt, a whip, a flogger, hairbrushes and paddles. Most couples purchase the instruments together and yet he decides what you will receive. For most women, not only is it highly erotic and fuels that passion between the couple, but she generally finds the release an incredible freeing experience, allowing all her dreaded thoughts and worries to disappear. And yes, the spankings are meant to hurt and reminders are given and normally he takes his time whipping. Some men also use methods of reminders such as the use of corner time. It’s up to each individual couple, but I can tell you that the practice is growing.

While many consider this a part of BDSM – the majority of couples simply believe that the head of household way works for them. Hmmm…give you any thoughts?

Here’s a poem about her understanding that she belongs to him and that he is in control. I hope it gives you pause…


I wait in silence in the shadowed light

While customers come and go, unaware

Of the hunger that burns within

To the point I can no longer breathe

I sense his presence drawing near

My instincts keen, my understanding strong

With a single look…

I will want

I watch in reverence as he enters the room

While he scans the crowded space, searching

For the woman that gives him freedom

Enough so that his features bear sensuous cravings

I drink in his feral scent

My wet heat clenching, my pulse racing

With a single look…

I will yearn

I feel my resolve crumbling as he draws closer

While the waiter serves the wine, suspecting

That the woman he sees is mesmerized

By the prowess of the stunning man

I lick my lips in anticipation

My desires raging, my legs quivering

With a single look…

I will need

I shiver as he gazes into my eyes

While a single finger traces down my neck, savoring

The feel of my skin as it trembles

Because of the whispered scintillating touch

I close my eyes in acquiescence

My realization complete, my acceptance secured

With a single look…

I will succumb

I follow as he leads into the darkness

While his hand never leaves my back, controlling

The lover he claimed so long ago

By the power that gave me life and love

I nod my head as he closes the door

My senses tingling, my voice quavering

With a single look…

I will become

I undress as he leans silently against the wall

While his eyes rake down my body, relishing

In the naked woman that stands before him unafraid

Because of the complete level of trust

I lower my eyes as he pushes me to the floor

My discipline required, my forgiveness complete

With a single look…

I now belong

Kisses  xxx


It’s Wicked Wednesday and my partner in sensuous crime has another tasty piece for you. Thanks so much BLMorticia! 

Greetings ladies and gents! Welcome to another edition of the Wicked Women Wednesday post.

To continue with this months theme of bondage/bdsm, I wrote part of a scene that may turn into a bigger story later on. My partner, Cassandre Dayne, wrote a blog post about what it means to be a slave and how the trust issue is very important between Dom and sub, or in the case of her post, slave.

How would you be able to handle this? Being required to wear a collar at all times or when he told you that it’s required before you had sex.

Alot of people may think it’s not a big deal or they see it as some stupid game, but actually, it’s a lot more and in the BDSM community, if the rules aren’t followed, there are serious consequences.

Please click on Cassandre’s name to read the post. I think you’ll find it very enlightening and worth the read.

In the meantime, here is a snippet of the story that I wrote yesterday that begs for more. We shall see how it goes. It was spurred on by one of my favorite songs, Safe by Duran Duran where the words and Cassandra’s post, made my story come to life.

* * * * *

He asked me to be there at 11pm after the wife was sleeping soundly in bed. She was 8 months pregnant so she couldn’t play like he wanted her to. Besides, she couldn’t handle what I could; being his slave, wearing my collar like the good girl I was.

Not to mention, she wasn’t into his game. That’s why she couldn’t get jealous or rather, she wasn’t allowed to get envious. They were his rules and since he was the master, she had no right to complain.

* * * * *

“You are mine, Charity. Always will be.” He dragged his calloused fingers against my face, on my last trip to his mansion in the south of France. He’d flown me in from London where I’d been filming my latest movie.

If the world knew that Charity Lynx, academy nominated actress was happy being collared, there would be a huge scandal. Such was the reason we had to be discreet. There was so much to lose for both of us, with him being one of the best entertainers in the last twenty years.

“Charity,” he sighed, tugging on the silver chain. “I want you to come back right after the movie is done, understand?” He tangled my hair in between his index and thumb, pulling my head towards him.

Roughly, he kissed me, covering my lips with his. “Oh yes, baby! I can’t want to be inside you again, love. A little backdoor action for your nether region, hmm?”

“Yes Sir…” I gulped hard. I knew it wouldn’t be pleasurable at first. My behind still wasn’t used to that large vessel going in between my thighs.

“Charity…” he hissed. “Are you listening to me?”

I lost focus only a moment. He always wanted me to think of him but only when alone. I nodded, “I’m sorry Sir. I was only recalling how much I wanted to please you.”

He smiled wickedly, licking his lips. The moment he ran his thumb over my lace body suit, pinching my nipples, I flinched. The folds between my legs became moist.

“Oohh…” I moaned as he rubbed them till they hardened under his touch.

He cocked an eyebrow. “Did I tell you to talk?” He pinched them hard. I grit my teeth so I wouldn’t disobey again.

“No Sir, I’m sorry, it just…”

“I know, it felt so good to you and you’re still learning to keep your mouth shut aren’t you?” He twisted the nub like a dial on the radio. Although slightly painful, it still felt amazing. I flexed my fingers while my wrists were still in the cuffs behind my back. I licked my lips, looking into his dark brown eyes. He was my Master, my lover, he made me feel safe.

“Yessss…sir…” Again I clenched my mouth. I didn’t want to talk out of turn. That would mean a night without sex which would be torture.

“Good girl.” Once more, he pulled on my chain, bringing me in for a rough embrace. The moment he yanked me in, I engulfed his lips with mine.

As much as I loved the soft and cuddly love, it was no substitute for the type he gave me. I loved to be under submission, a slave for the man called “Damon” by his peers, but to me, he was Master or Sir at all times.


Yummy – I think that’s the ticket to get me hot!  Next month we tackle Public Display!  Are you hot yet?

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My scintillating guest today is Avril Ashton! She has one exciting release coming up. Let’s let her tell you about just how tasty it is!!


I’ve never been the type to mince words. I say it like I mean it. Always. Back in the days when I was still single, painting the town glittering red, I used that to my advantage. Slick tongue, a lover told me I have one of those. I ask for what I want, loudly, and more than once in case you missed the first shout.

Demanding a lover pleasure me in the middle of a crowded restaurant can be tricky. Lucky for said lover, I’m acquainted with all the tricks in the book. Now, for future reference, a toe with a sock on, and a toe with a sock off? Totally different sensations. I consider myself a trice-sexual—I try anything three times, gotta be sure about these things.

Asking for it. Making your needs known. I’ve always found that idea to be most appealing. Why wouldn’t you say, I want to be fucked? Or, slide down on your knees and lick me? Or walk up to the guy who’s been eye-fucking you all night and demand he put his cock where his gaze keeps straying? Am I the only one who does this? Nothing irks me more than someone who isn’t authentic, who lies back and allows their lover to do all the work.

Seriously? Consider this…A crowded club, head banging music, the smell of sweat and sex all around. From the corner of your eye, you see the stranger at the bar, his eyes are glued to you, has been since he stepped into the place. Focused on you, the heat of his gaze feel like lasers on your skin. His perusal has your kitty purring, juices running, heart beat racing. What’s the next move? Who makes it and where does it say it’s the other person?

BLURB* Justice Alexandre kills for a living. A lover of the shadows, he makes no excuses for what he does. Besides, people bore him. He has no use for them…until a hot summer night in a Toronto nightclub. A woman with misery in her eyes whispers three words in his ear, shattering his world like shards of crystal at his feet.

She wants to lose herself—or maybe find herself, Myka Prentiss can’t readily decide. What she does know is the dark stranger hugging the shadows at the back of the club calls to her in ways she can’t explain. Putting fear aside, accepting the heady pull, she makes her move and asks for one nameless night. Nothing between them but hot sweat and tangled sheets.

He accepts.

When they’re done, she walks away, wanting more. Back to an unfulfilled life, she’s comforted only by her memories…until her dark stranger shows up at her door with an announcement.

He’s been hired to kill her.

Excerpt* Once outside, Myka stood against the exterior wall of the club and waited. The whisper of cool air on the nape of her neck felt like a lover’s caress. She crossed her arms over her chest, then changed her mind and let them hang loose at her sides.

He wasn’t coming.

What was she thinking? She shouldn’t have approached him, but she’d wanted to prove her life was still her own. Pretend what she’d overheard wasn’t true, and her father hadn’t sold her to the highest bidder for a senate seat. But he had and here she was, grasping at anything to dull the pain.

The doors opened and Mr. Dark stepped outside. Breath left her body, her spine tingled. His gaze clashed with hers as he approached like a lion stalking its prey. Dark clothes cloaked his bulky frame—leather jacket, shirt, jeans and boots. His features looked like they’d been chiseled from the finest, darkest chocolate. Sharp, dark and smooth. He had high cheekbones, slanted eyes, and just a hint of stubble on his square jaw, framing full lips made to kiss and taste. A voice in the back of her head yelled run, but she ignored it. She sensed he’d like the chase.

He stood in front of her, chest to chest, and placed a hand on the wall behind her. Then he leaned in, licked her earlobe and caught it between his teeth.

Her breath hitched, knees wobbled. A whimper left her throat as her pussy flooded.

“You beckoned?” A Caribbean accent gave his deep voice an exotic flavor.

Nipples hardening, Myka stayed with the bold approach. “I want you. Under me, on top of me, but definitely inside me.”


Avril Ashton

Thanks so much for being here Avril! Isn’t that something tasty on a Monday Morning!  

Kisses   xxx 


Join me and my delicious friend, BL Morticia

ZEUS – a little taste of BDSM – it’s hot guys so be prepared with a bottle of water available. Hope you enjoy!

Owned by Zeus: Happiness in Slavery

Part 1 Glutton for Punishment

By: Blmorticia

It had been quite rewarding being an erotica writer. Of course, I had received great reviews on most of my work and been published by several companies, which led to some financial benefits.

However, along with the success came drawbacks. I did not have much of a personal life because the men I had dated could not deal with the fact I wrote dirty stories. You would think this would be a turn on for them but instead, it had been exactly the opposite. Not to mention the fact that, I wasn’t the type that liked to go out partying all the time anymore, it was hard to meet people.

Not to mention, I was very precise when it came to potential partners. They had to be intelligent, employed, and good looking. I didn’t think that was asking too much. Oh and did I mention, sweet, neither a serial killer nor rapist as well as having an understanding of my profession?

Nonetheless, all of my wants had left me alone with the only dick in my life being that bag of hard plastics that I kept in my closet. The women in my stories had more sex than me and since I usually got turned on by reading my own tales, let’s just say that I had a lot of spare batteries around.

After visiting my friend’s house for some girl talk and drinking, I returned home to start on my next story. Even though my new deadline wasn’t due for a couple more months, I wanted to get a head start.

As I sat there, I mulled over my publisher’s latest request. She wanted me to try my hand at something new, a genre I had never touched: S/M or domination.

Although I had enjoyed reading those types of stories, I hadn’t been in any kind of relationships that involved being a Dom or sub. In addition, I didn’t think I would be a good submissive.

However, because I was a nice individual, I wasn’t sure I could be a dominatrix either. Although I stated this to Jan, the editor at Too Hot publishing house, she wasn’t taking any excuses from me.

“Regina, your readers are asking you to try something new. They love your Rubenesque Afro-American characters and would like to see you branch into a different world,” she said in our phone conference earlier that day.

How was I going to pull this off? Ordinarily, I wrote these stories from personal experience, most of them coming from my wild teens and early twenties. Now that I was over thirty, ahem, I wasn’t sure if I could create this kind of tale.

Distracted, I turned on my computer to check my email. “Right now, I will leave this idea alone. Maybe better ideas will come my way tomorrow.” I took a sip of my Coke and clicked on my mailbox.

Through all the spam and junk mail, a message titled, Find your new love here popped out at me. It was from my friend Leah who loved those adult dating sites. She always tried to get me to join.

I opened it and read her blurb. “Gina, found the hottest guy on this site, please check it out.” After the line was a picture of her with a nice looking man on her arm.

“Hmmph, interesting! Doesn’t look like she could have created it through Photoshop.” I pushed the link button and a site called Adult’s Playground popped up.

Once the over eighteen disclaimers came up, I clicked okay and watched a menu with personal ads. As I scrolled down skimming the page, an ad for an s/m leather bar caught my eye. When I pressed the banner, a flash of light and loud music came from my laptop. Obviously, the person that did the site was a genius because just the appearance of it made me want to find out more.

The name of the place was The Land of Zeus. I was quite familiar with the location since it was near a lot of the bars I used to frequent as a younger woman.

“Oh my God, that’s right around where London nightclub used to be.” I muttered.

The London used to be the spot Leah and I would go to catch up with all the bands coming into town.

As I read about the place, I figured I could go there to find people who might want to share their experiences with me in an informal setting. I hoped they would talk openly since I needed all I could get. I didn’t have the right information to do this kind of tale. I wanted to be accurate.

Since they were only open Thursday through Saturday, I made up my mind that I’d visit on Friday evening. Of course, I wouldn’t go alone. I would have to bribe Leah some way into accompanying me.

* * * *

Once the night arrived, I was a little nervous. What if no one wants to speak with me?

Anxious, I fiddled with my black corset that hugged my curves in all the right spots. To look the part, I had gone to The Rawk Shop in Uptown to get an outfit. Along with the lacey accessory, I picked up some tight leather pants, which slimmed me down, appearing to be a twelve. In addition, I bought some black, four-inch, stiletto boots. Even though I knew they would be uncomfortable, I felt that these were a necessity.

While I admired my look, I sprayed some perfume on my neckline adorned with a red heart choker necklace that dipped into my bosom. As I put on my leather jacket, my cell phone rang.

“Hey Leah…what? You’re not coming out tonight? Leah I told you this was important to me.”

The anger built up in my voice as my best friend told me something important had come up and she wouldn’t be able to make it.

After I hung up, I looked through the glass again. “Well Gina, looks like you will be a lone ranger tonight.” I took a deep breath while grabbing my car keys. Within seconds, I walked out the door.

* * * * *

Thankfully, it only took me a half an hour to get there since traffic was going in the other direction. I pulled up to the valet who was dressed in an all leather jumpsuit. When he took my keys, he got in and sped off around the corner.

I marched to the door with the flyer in my hand. The website said to bring it and admission would be free before ten. The line was moderately short, all the patrons were dressed almost the same: leather and or denim. Once I got to the front, the door guys eyes lingered on me a little more than I would’ve liked. Seemingly, he could tell I was a bit antsy.

“First time gorgeous?” he smiled while taking the paper out of my hand.

“Um, yeah it is.” I handed him my identification.

He studied it then handed it back to me. “Good, we love fresh meat; especially some of the darker variety. We don’t get a lot of that here. Master Zeus will love you.” He growled.

When he smiled, I couldn’t help but be blinded by his shiny gold teeth in the front of his mouth. Quickly, I nodded and walked in looking at the décor.

As I expected, the place was dim but while walking through, I recalled the times me and Leah came here to see the bands rock out into the wee hours. Seemingly, I could still smell the sweat from the crowds as well as the scents of cannabis giving us a contact buzz.

The lights from the bar and the disc jockey booth made up for the small amount of illumination. They had removed all the big lights I supposed, to give the place the look of a dank dungeon.

Slowly, I strolled to bar where a pale skinned woman with a sixties style do and a tight cat suit approached me. She licked her lips, dragging one finger across the back of my hand. Her perfume infiltrated my nostrils.

“Hey pretty girl, what ya’ havin’?” She placed her freehand on her hip, waiting for my response.

Taken aback by her flirtation, I grinned slightly. “Uh I’m ok thanks. I don’t drink much.” That was a lie because I needed one at that moment to calm my nerves.

Annoyed, she looked me up and down. “You’re new here babe.” She took my hands into hers. They were soft and warm. Her gestures made me relax a little.  “I’m just trying to make you feel comfortable. Bear said you came in alone. Zeus likes to show all his new guests a good time.” She smiled and winked.

My mind replayed her words.

Who is Zeus?

I guess he was the owner. It is called the Land of Zeus. Since I longed for a vodka and Coke, I decided to accept her offer but first, I wanted to know her name.

“I’m sorry. I’m just a little shocked about someone coming up to me. I’m Regina and you are?” I returned the small bit of affection by grasping her hands in a friendly manner. My brown gaze met her greens. I needed to let her know my mistake so we could make small talk later.

“I’m Vanessa. I dance and serve drinks here. Now what are you having?” Again she took my palms into hers. I allowed it nodding approvingly.

“Nice to meet you, Vanessa. I’ll have Raspberry Stoli and Coke if you don’t mind.” I slid my hands away, lifting my purse off my shoulder, looking for money.

“Naw babycakes, this one’s on the house from me and Bear.” Vanessa patted my knee before leaning over, talking to the female bartender.

Although I was a bit worried about taking a drink from a complete stranger, I figured since it was another woman I shouldn’t be too concerned. Besides, I wanted to begin my research and the best way to do it would be to be chummy with Miss Vanessa. I observed her, admiring the tight body that fit into the suit. The pale skin offsetting the black leather that covered her completely. Her long black her flowing past her shoulders. The boots adorning her feet were about 3 inches. Vanessa was quite attractive. If I were into women I would’ve went for her immediately.

Vanessa took a few steps to the right, grabbing the glass. She walked back over, placing my drink on the bar prior to sitting next to me. She moistened her lips again. “Here ya’ go my Regina. So, what brings you to the beautiful land of Zeus?”

Cautiously, I sipped my drink. I smiled wryly when I noticed it was made extra strong. “I’m here to do some research about the world of bondage and submission. I’m an erotica writer who needs more information into the subculture.”

“Oh that is so fun,” she mused, crossing her legs. She tapped my thigh. “You have come to the right place.”

I pulled out my small notepad and pen as I started asking a couple of basic questions. Out the corner of my eye, I saw the female bartender, clad in a red leather dress with her hair in an intricate bun come into my peripheral. “How’s that Stoli and Coke pretty woman?” She licked her lips while patting my hand.

Right then, I started to wonder if there was something in that glass since I they asked about it twice. “Um, it’s good, nice and strong.” I still smiled, trying to hide the nervousness.

“I’m Niya, a dominatrix here. I couldn’t help but overhear that you were a writer exploring the world of fetish. You’ve come to the right spot to learn, hunny. We’re the only public BDSM place in town.”

Quickly, I gulped down the rest from my glass. As they looked at me like a piece of meat, I crossed my legs, making small talk between both. I suppose the fact I was a mocha-skinned woman was part of the draw. Just as I asked another question, I saw out the corner of my eye, a very tall man walk up to the bar.

“Well hello Master, you don’t usually come out so soon before a show. What brings you here now?” Niya asked with a wicked smile.

I turned around to look at Master who wore a full head hood. The rest of the body wasn’t covered and why would it. The six pack abs with some of the most delectable pectorals I’d ever seen needed displaying. My mouth watered as I peeped at his leather pants that revealed an impressive hard on. In addition, he wore a pair of combat boots that were knee length, which was quite sexy to me. The scent of his cologne intoxicated me. I couldn’t take my eyes off him.

A deep, sultry voice came from the masked man’s mouth. “Bear told me we had a lovely lady in our midst. I came out here to meet her.”

Thankfully, my skin tone hid the rosiness in my cheeks. His speech made the pleasure nub pulsate in my undies. Of course, he was talking about me. I stared into his piercing, blue eyes. “Uh hi…” I stammered since I wasn’t sure of his name.

“Young lady, it’s a pleasure. I’m the owner of this outfit, Zeus and your name is…” He bowed his head slightly.

I extended my hand. “I’m Regina, nice to meet you.” The hood intimidated me a little but I was still intrigued, wishing I could see the face that was attached to the body.

“Nice to meet you as well Regina, you’re quite attractive. Why don’t you come up with me on stage? I know you’ll enjoy it.” He kissed my hand through the hole in the mask.

As my eyes met his once again, Vanessa tapped my knee. “You should baby. Master Zeus loves new participants.”

I listened to her urging and thought about what would happen. What was the worst case scenario? I’d like it? It would be the best way to tell a story. To actually experience it but then again…

“Well, I…I dunno…” I was in conflict. Still, Zeus took my hand guiding me up to the platform. As I walked, I heard the chuckles of Naydi and Vanessa as he pulled me like a ragdoll. Although I was interested, I couldn’t help be concerned about what he was going to do.

The music changed as soon as he picked me up to place me onstage. Suddenly, my heart began to thump in my chest. What was he up to? I watched him move towards his rack of devices. The lump formed in my throat. Even though I was nervous, I felt the moisture down below.

Vanessa came up behind me taking my purse off my shoulder. “I’ll watch this for you Regina.” She breathed in my ear before licking it lightly. I felt the flutter between my legs.

Zeus turned me around, bringing me to a fence that had restraints for the hands and legs on it. As much as I wanted to run, something told me to play along since I had the story to do.

Slowly, he clipped my ankles and wrists inside the cuffs, tugging on them to make sure they were secure. “Now Regina, let’s establish a safe word ok? How about red since that describes how hot you are for me, huh?”

I chuckled to myself, batting my eyes in his direction. I stared into those ocean blues once again.

“If you say red, I’ll stop however, if you stay silent, I’ll know its okay to continue. Understand?” He licked his lips while dragging his fingers along my bosom. My flesh went hot under his touch. The nub between my legs taut and achy. Approvingly, I nodded as his eyes met mine again. Right then, I didn’t care what he was about to do. Surprisingly, I felt relaxed.

Once he moved away from me, Vanessa gave him a flogger with roses attached. The crowd that gathered around the stage began to whisper while a couple of others yelled, “Wuss!”

I shook my head, moving against the binds to make myself as comfortable as possible.

Zeus laughed, grabbing the microphone of its stand. “Now, now, ladies and gents. She’s a complete novice. Never done it before. I need to go easy on her…for now.” As he chuckled, the crowd roared.

Vanessa came up, running her fingertips against my chin. Our gaze met again, I grinned at her while my nipples began to harden. “Ahh Regina. You’ll enjoy this so much your folds will be wet in no time.”

Too late

It was true, I was already turned on. I grind my hips together, feeling the drops of moisture between my thighs. When she stepped to the side, Zeus lifted the instrument, running it along my corset, circling my breasts before dropping the tassels into my crotch.

“Mmmh…” I muttered as he moved the vessel upwards, caressing my rigid flesh through the lacy material. The feelings that were bubbling inside of me prompted me to writhe slightly within the restraints.

“Now beautiful, time to test your tolerance for pain,” Again the audience cheered when he spoke.

Although I felt the nervousness, the anticipation of Zeus hitting my flesh over rode my anxiety.

Within seconds, he raised the whip up over his shoulder.


The sound of it hitting the snaps on my corset startled me. However, the feel of the flowered accessory smacking my tits was a turn on. Afterwards, he ran it downward, shaking the strings against my moist pussy. The leather became one with my skin due to the mixture of sweat and my juices.

As I bit my lip, I stared into those blue eyes again. Surprisingly, I wanted Master to smack me harder with this pleasurable tool of torture. Not to mention, I ached for the vessel between his thighs to be inside me but for now, I’d settle for another blow.



“Mmmhhh…” The feel of those roses on my skin stung. My nipples could cut glass.

Zeus looked at me, watching for the safe word. I was silent. I needed more.


A little harder was this one sending me into a new dimension. As my clit throbbed to be touched by anyone at that point, I struggled against the binds. The pain of them added to my frustration but fueled my desire. “Fuck, yes, more…please.” I whispered.

Zeus lips turned upwards into a smile. “Ah my maiden, you want more huh? Allow me to try something a little stronger. Remember your safe word.”

Vanessa marched over holding a regular flogger this time. I licked my lips waiting for him to snap it against my flesh. Once again, he traced my bodice and curves with it, teasing me, but making me hunger for him. Right then, I said something that shocked him.

“C’mon Master Zeus, I’m ready for that now!” I yelled.

Zeus beautiful blues met mine as he positioned it. I gritted my teeth expecting pain.


“Ohh…” That one did hurt a bit, not enough for me to use the safe word though. Again, I tensed, sitting tight for the next blow.


“Ugh…” The stinging was a little more intense that time around and yet, I still desired him to do it again. My flesh felt hot again, this time for a different reason.


“Mmmhhh…” He went a little softer on me for that one. At that moment, I wanted him to turn me over. I knew my backside being smacked would send me over the edge. I had always enjoyed a light spanking of the ass while fucking, albeit not with a flogger.

When Vanessa came over with candles and a lighter, it excited me. I loved candle wax. That was something I’d practiced while masturbating. However, I wanted his torture whip on my ass.

As the music faded, I called out to him. “Master, before you do that. Turn me over and flog my backside, if you please.” The game was on at that point, I had raised the bar a notch knowing that he would want to play. My body was speaking for me. I couldn’t believe the confidence I had in myself.

Again, his mouth moved in the form of a grin. Honestly, I still yearned to see the face up under that mask. The body was so beautiful. There had to be a lovely face attached to it.

More people started to form around the stage as he took me out the restraints. Niya brought me another Stoli and Coke, whih I drank in one gulp. I took off my jacket tossing it out the way.

“Brave girl,” she purred, taking my glass. Our eyes met again. We exchanged smiles.

While I prepared myself, Master Zeus stroked his crotch. “Lovely slave, what shall we do with those leather pants?”

Without thinking, I pulled them down to my knees exposing my thong-clad ass. Immediately, Vanessa and Naydi came over placing the cuffs back on me before slapping my thighs.

“Oohhh…” I moaned. The arousal from their gestures heightened.

Zeus was pleased by my willingness to please him. He licked his lips again as he came closer, pinching my hips while the girls were kneading it. His breath hot on my ear. “Ah Regina, you’ve made me a happy man. I must have you after this lady love. I’ve never had a new slave be so giving of his or herself.” He rubbed my butt cheek before grasping it between his thumb and index finger.

I grinned at him but a part of me was anxious. Although I hadn’t gone anywhere with a man on the first night in such a long time, I was more than interested to let him take me where he wanted. For whatever reason, I had no qualms with being his sub for that night. I curved my body to feel his harness against buttocks. I heard him moan when I gyrated a little.

“Yesssss…” He gave my hips another slap.

I ached for so much more. Right now, all this did was upset me.

Once the ladies moved away, the DJ played one of my personal favorites; “Happiness in Slavery” by Nine Inch Nails. I swayed my hips from side to side waiting for Master to lay the blow on my hips.


“Ooh…yes…” The feel of the straps against my ass excited me even though it hurt. I wasn’t overly concerned. There was plenty of padding there.

Master trailed the tassels between the crevice of my backside, tangling it with the string of my underwear. Again, I moved my hips standing by for his next move.


Once more, I grit my teeth together, wincing in pain while enjoying the torture. At that moment, I knew I was a happy submissive. I was indeed a glutton for Master Zeus punishment.

Copyright 2011 All Rights Reserved Blmorticia

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Does anything leave you breathless? Do you crave the touch of your lover so much so that you want nothing else but to succumb to his will, his lips and the savage beast that lives within? What would you do for your man? Enjoy a taste….


Your breath sparks against my skin, sending a trickle of shivers dancing down my spine as your eyes gaze down the length of me and I feel nothing but need

Your fingers brush over my face, gathering the salty beads of tears as your tongue tastes the heat of my skin and I want everything that you can offer

Your legs push mine apart, forcing me further into the soft covers as your lips suckle my nipple and I can feel nothing but the passion racing through your body

My breath pulses against your face, forcing you to growl savagely, the slice of hunger raging within the man that forces me to succumb

My fingers feather down the carve of your chest, settling on the tip of your swollen cock as you lick your lips, the anticipation fueling the famished beast

My legs wrap around your thighs, drawing you into the heat of my body and you cup my chin, lifting it as you kiss my lips

Your heart thumps in ragged sputters against your chest as you pant, your actions becoming savage as you force my legs further apart

Your eyes blaze a long sensuous trail down the length of my body as you nod, reminding me that I belong to you

Your hands force me wide open, telling me in no uncertain terms that I will take all of you, take the master that I long to be with for the rest of my life

My heart pulses until I am left unable to focus, sparkles of vibrant light marring my vision as I arch my back, ready to accept

My eyes clench closed tightly as I wrap my fingers around your shaft, drawing you closer to my wet heat, begging for more

My hands glide you just inside, my actions reminding you that I am very much yours and that you leave me in a state that is utterly breathless

As you slip inside you lower your head and whisper…be mine forever

Hope you have a lovely weekend and dream of all things sensual…

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Now…wasn’t that a hot one yesterday?? Let’s have a little taste – and no pun intended – of her latest release…The Life and Times of Delila

The school still bustled with activity when I arrived and, as expected, heads turned to follow me. I flashed coy smiles here and there until I found Alaric reclining against a beam at the far end of the foyer, looking bored. “What did you do today, Eric?” I asked quietly.

“Nothing important, I swear. This way.” We walked in companionable silence. Neither Alaric nor I were ones to fill in beautiful silences with meaningless words. I appreciate silence when I can get it.

Mrs Smith, a robust woman with fiery red curls and gold-rimmed glasses, stood and offered a hand to me when I entered the classroom with Alaric.

“Mrs Smith,” I said evenly with a brilliant smile. The woman faltered for a moment.

“Hello, Ms McAllister,” she replied slowly. The confusion raging in her eyes told me she had never seen someone like me; how was I old enough to have a son in high school? We sat in the uncomfortable chairs allotted to high school students; these particular ones were the kind that flowed as a single unit to make especially round people feel bad.

“Is there some problem with Eric?” I kept my voice light and airy, and polite. That was important. The people in this region appreciated courtesy. I still carry a faint Roman accent that often sounds more British than anything else.

Mrs Smith recovered from her confusion quickly. When she spoke again, it was with authority. “Yes, there is. Eric has made some threats against a student in my class. I don’t tolerate that in my classroom.”

“Oh, I see,” I said softly. “Is it that Michael boy?” She nodded. “I thought so. Eric and Michael have been in a disagreement for quite some time now.”

She nodded again. “I’m aware of that but I do not tolerate threats in my classroom. We need to resolve this issue.”

“Of course we do.” I projected innocence through my voice and batted my eyelashes. It was very hard to gain access to Mrs Smith’s thoughts, but they were coming through with some fuzz. She was still wondering how I was old enough for this boy to be my child, why there was no Mr McAllister, and where my accent originated. She was also thinking, in the very far reaches of her mind, about the situation between Alaric and Michael. “I understand Michael approached Eric without provocation one day and it has escalated since?”

“Yes, that’s what we believe it to have happened as well.”

“Well, my sincerest apologies, but when I adopted Eric, he was a rather shy and fearful boy. I’ve raised him to defend himself.” An a-ha moment erupted from the forefront of the woman’s mind. “I trust Michael and his parents have been spoken with as well.” The phrase was not a question; I already knew the answer.

“Oh, we have a meeting in the works, of course.” She was flabbergasted and thinking how she needed to arrange that meeting, but it worried her that Michael’s parents were so influential in the school.

“That’s good. I’d hate to see a child discriminated against just because he’s new.” A pointed look had poor old Mrs Smith sweating. She sensed the danger so I withdrew some and smiled at her charmingly.

“Of course not,” she said quickly. “We pride ourselves on being an accepting and accommodating campus.” She turned to Alaric. “I trust you’ve had a discussion with the principal?” He nodded sagely.

“I’ll have words with Eric about this matter. Thank you for bringing it to my attention.” I stood, a decisive movement indicating my desire to leave. Mrs Smith shook my hand once more and when I turned to Alaric, my smile faded. We walked to my sporty convertible in silence. (What? I have money. Might as well make my life comfortable.)

“Thank you,” he said softly.

I snorted. “God, I hate dealing with those types of people. So uppity.”

Alaric laughed. “I can tell. You can’t hide your contempt from me.”

“Well, you know me too well.” I winked at him. “Shall we feast tonight?” He inclined his head, and when we got home he left me to get ready. As always before entering the mortal world, I cleared my head with a series of deep breaths and was ready to go within the hour.

You see, I can read emotions and thoughts from almost anything with a heartbeat. Before my change, I was the village oracle. People came to me with questions of fertility, war, finance, and marriage. I steered them based on my keen instincts. When my transition occurred, I found I could hear people talking as if they were yelling in my ears; I saw waves of colors surrounding them. Auras, they would later be called.

Reds indicated anxiety or anger, and passion, blues calm serenity, greens love or jealousy, and yellow was optimism or fear. I learned over the years what tweaks to watch for; a green the shade of lettuce was love, while one the shade of murky lake water signified jealousy.

This special ability allowed me to find suitable victims for our needs. We couldn’t pick off people who might have loved ones to ask questions, so I probed into the minds of the lost and desolate and found the most miserable to sample from. It was harder in the days when we were feared as the demons of the night. All the legends are based in fact, but people nowadays have rational minds and are forever dissecting things in their search for truth. We’ve been relegated to the shelves of myths and old wives tales, much to the detriment of the human race.

Their loss, my gain.

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A fellow Rebel Ink Press writer – she’s going to be with us for a couple of days telling us a little bit about her and her latest release. I’ve had a sneak peak at the saucy little treat today – and it’s hot! Enjoy…

Sometimes, I get asked where inspirations for this character or that come from. Allow me to show you.

The photo to the right was the inspiration, along with a certain bad boy soldier spotted at a meeting, for a character named Shadow. He’s confident, sexy, alluring…Mmmm…Let me demonstrate. Here’s a dialogue between he and his interest, a waitress named Sam:

“I can’t just stop in for a beer?” His dimpled smile teased my sights.

“Honey, your kind never just stops in for something.”

“You’re right, of course.” He took another long drink, and I watched his Adam’s apple flex, taking the liquid down. “I came back to see you.”

A drop of sweat beaded on the bottle and ran down the side to meet Shadow’s hand. It melded with his skin and followed his long finger to the edge of the bottle before hitting the smooth wood of the bar with a soft splatter. “I’m not sure where the misconception is,” I said, “but I don’t hang around with biker gangs.”

He nodded slowly, watching me. In the fluorescent light of the bar his eyes were an unnatural shade of orange instead of the warm brown they should have been. “I’m not with the biker gang right now, am I?”

“You’re always with the gang, no matter how far apart you are.” I met his gaze. He was handsome, sure, and practically oozed sexuality and charisma, but no way in hell fire I would go with him.

“How come you never say my name?”

“I don’t know your name.”

“You’ve heard it, Sam.” A devilish smile played in my vision.

“Shadow? That’s a nickname. A moniker. Not a name.” I absentmindedly wiped down the counter. Where the hell were Stetson and Elena?

“Well, that’s what I’m called. Get used to it,” he said as he stood. He pulled my arm until we were nose to nose and our breaths mingled. He smelled like lite beer. “You will be screaming it one night.”

And the inspiration for Delila? Look no further. She is the narrator, a vampire, and not afraid to use all of her assets to her advantage, including her ability to read auras. Delila is the type of woman who is always in control, and if she isn’t…well, you can damn well guarantee she will be pretty soon.

Here’s an excerpt from one of my favorite scenes in The Life And Times of Delila. Hope you enjoy:

About fifteen nervous wolf-men occupied the room at the end of the hall; Mr Bulky must have warned them I’d made it through. Or perhaps the lack of a blood-curdling scream told them I’d survived. Either way, they waited for me, so I swung a red heel around and then slid down the wall to lean against the doorway, studying my fingernails. “All that work and I didn’t even chip a nail.”

“Delila,” said a tall and lanky man directly in front of me.

The man I assumed to be Malachie sat at a round table at the center of the room. Eli and Frank were to his right, with Frank looking murderous and Eli emanating those calm blue waves. I met their gazes and smiled brilliantly. “To what do I owe the pleasure of this surprise visit?” Malachie asked

“A pleasure it must be,” I commented as lust flowed at me from every corner. “In my basement, locked away and secured, I have four werewolves who thought they might catch me unawares in the throes of a deathly sleep inside my coffin.” I said the last word with a fair bit of distaste. “Unfortunately, I don’t sleep in a coffin. Or during the day, obviously.”

If you like Delila, and want to read the rest of her story, you can find her here:

And Abby? Oh, yes. Her blurb:

Abigail Jones is a former prostitute who buys her freedom from a Mexican cartel boss and forges a new life. Secure in the knowledge that she’s escaped her past, Abigail’s world falls apart when her brother’s head is delivered to her in a brown paper box. And when the cartel boss sends an assassin to take her life, Abigail can’t deny the danger she faces.

Encumbered with her brother’s infant son and gripped by fear, Abby shares her story and the evidence her brother accumulated about the cartel to the police and finds herself abruptly thrust into Witness Protection.   Beginning a new life as Quinn, the recently divorced mother of little Paul and middle school guidance counselor, Abby is moved to a quiet neighborhood with quaint houses and white picket fences.

While Abby struggles to recreate herself and tries to focus on conforming to the rules of the program, not to mention life with a small child, the cartel continues their search for her.  And although life seems to slowly return to some form of normalcy, little does Abby know that her past is slowly closing in on her.

If you want to contact me, you can find me on Twitter (@infidelqueen), on Facebook (, or email me @

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Oh my – sounds very yummy to me. What do you guys think? I know I have her latest book on my to be read list. Isn’t there something about a dark and dangerous man? You tell me…

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On a lazy Sunday morning, do you enjoy lying in under the soft covers, cuddling with your man or do you prefer to jump out of bed and start the chores? I think quite honestly that there is nothing better especially when there is a wisp of snow outside and the chill settles into the bedroom to snuggle with your lover sharing coffee and quiet moments. Why am I thinking about a snowy Sunday on a sunny Monday? Well, the lovely state of Virginia had just a taste of a late snow. While the birds were chirping and the trees glistened with fresh leaves and flowers, the snow fell in soft little pellets.

And what did it make me think of? Kicking up the heat in the bedroom. Can you imagine a warm cup of coffee as you lie with your legs entwined reading the paper, light jazz playing on the I-Pod and every once in a while you brush your lips across his. Everything else is turned off including cell phones, email, computers and you are simply relaxing. The barest lighting flows in through the windows, reminding you both that spring is just around the corner.

It’s the wonderful scent of your man, woodsy with that touch of exotic spice that suddenly makes you all hot and bothered. Let’s imagine our lovers as she giggles and flips the paper off the bed. What do you think she has in store for the rest of the morning?

“Roll over,” she breathed, giving him that special look reserved for only him. Feeling very hungry, she refused to take no for an answer and pushed his hips. “I said, roll over.”

“And you think you are in charge?” Yet he turned over.

Giggling she lowered the sheets, exposing his carved ass as she slowly removed her crimson baby doll. Holding it out so he can see, she dropped it beside the pillow, teasing him relentlessly. “Tasty.”

“See something you want?” Struggling to see her, he gripped the sheets. “You naughty minx.”

“Yes, I do and you love me that way.” Reaching to the nightstand, she yanked the bottle of massage oil off and opened it as she gazed down at his sinewy back, licking her lips. Drizzling the golden liquid into her hand, she breathed across, warming the delicious creation just slightly. “Ready lover?”

“For everything.”

As she began rubbing his back, she pressed a series of kisses down his neck, nibbling on his ear. Grinding her wet heat into his ass, she savored his soft groans.

He grabbed her thighs and moaned. “This feels wonderful baby, but I think I want something else.”

Pushing his hands away, she giggled, tossing her hair across his shimmering skin. Continuing her quest, she caressed down, rubbing his ass cheeks as she slid down his legs. Kneading first one muscular thigh and then the next, she felt her pussy tingle as her hunger thrashed through her body. Rubbing down his right calf and back up the left, she sensed he was very relaxed. “Feel good?”

“Mmmm…but I know something that would feel better.” In one swift move he rolled her over, grabbing her by the hips.

“Oh my!” As he held her aloft, she panted, wanting nothing more than for his cock to be inside of her.

Toying with her, he brushed his erect cock back and forth across her clit. “You are one very bad girl and are going to get it?”

“Oh yes?” Palming his chest, she blew him a kiss.

“Oh yeah.” In one move, he impaled her with his cock, driving into the mouth of her womb as she screamed…

You can use your imagination to take it from there. Will they enjoy a naughty shower, making love as the water cascades down their bodies or will they watch a lovely movie, basking in the afterglow of their sex. Then again…breakfast hasn’t yet been served. A little strawberries and whipped cream? Yummy. Now isn’t this a wicked and wonderful way to start a Sunday?

Kisses   xxx


How hot do you want it? Is your passion not enough and are you ready to kick up the heat? Have you considered doing something a bit wicked and wild such as toys and treats? When you think about planning your next sexy event for the love of you life, don’t forget to whisper to him or her all the things you desire. The reminder just might be exactly what you need to spice things up.



Scattered across the heat of her neck, teasing

Pulsing against the shimmer like a dangling hunger

Sending shivers dancing deep inside

Her hand fluttered to touch his carved chest


Yet he pushed it away

And she gazed into his twinkling eyes


Brushed over the crest of her chin, tempting

Slicing against her breast like a shameless question

Forcing whimpers erupting past her swollen lips

Her fingers feathered down past his waist to the chiseled v


Yet he pressed her legs apart

And she glanced into his luminous eyes


Fluttered down to taste her pebbled nipple, tantalizing

Flicking against her soft skin like a velvet glove

Causing her body to shake violently as she reached to touch him

Her legs moved around his hips, struggling to force him closer


Yet he guided them back against her chest

And she stared into his famished eyes


Darted past her tight stomach, nibbling her sweet honey, taunting

Dipping just inside her quivering folds like a thirsty beast

Dragging her body up from the soft pelt of fur

Her mouth opened and closed attempting to beg for more


Now he drove his tongue and fingers all the way inside

And she closed her tear filled eyes


Inched slowly up her shaking body to brush lips against lips, torturing

Moving his throbbing hunger just against the edge of her wet heat

Creating that first moment of rapture as her entire soul succumbed

Her heart beating against his, desperate for their dance of passion


Now he thrust his throbbing shaft deep within her cherished body

And she opened her love filled eyes

Hope you enjoyed

Kisses   xxx


Can and will you try something new?

Tonight I reflect on a touch of BDSM. I write about a lot of it and am reminded about control and trust and love. When I think of a partner that will share that life with me, I wonder where I began to hunger to taste it. Is it just because of my writing or because of an inner dark secret? We may never know, but enjoy


I will never forget him

His touch

His kiss

His taste

And that feeling when I knew

I will never resent him

His will

His wants

His needs

And that moment when I realized

I will never combat him

His hunger

His control

His command

And that knowing when I succumbed

I will always protect him

His passion

His words

His desires

And that understanding that I belong

I will always love him

His thoughts

His cravings

His love

And that willing that we are as one

Kisses   xxx



Time for a piece about love. Hopefully we have all been touched by it and want more. Even if you relationships has issues, remember that no man or woman is perfect. You have to enjoy and work at your relationship, but never forget to have fun. I think that we all get caught up in our every day lives and forget to live and enjoy. Take a moment to buy something or make a card for the love of your life. You might find that they don’t remember that spark…


We have never…touched or kissed yet I feel the slice of your hot breath dancing against the quiver of my skin

I long to feel your hands ease gently across my shoulders feathering your fingertips in a lazy sizzling touch as you press a single kiss across the flush of my cheek

Your gaze is captivating yet anxious…you remain uncertain until the moment you walk inside and take me into your arms



So much trepidation, anticipation, longing from the weeks of needs



There is so much to say and yet words are not needed.

We have never…sat silently on a windswept hillside taking in the view of the languishing swans peddling across the shimmer of the lake

How I long to have the feel of your strong arms around me, holding me close somehow knowing that moment will fulfill the burning passion within

Your shiver is almost silent yet cautious…as if you are afraid I’ll scamper away from your desperate hold



So tremendous the need that grows inside my body longing to have the man that fills my nights with unrequited dreams



There is so much I want and yet I wait for the single hungry word as your body responds to mine

We have never…made love, our two bodies entwining together as the rapture of our ecstasy is captured and given freely, two souls, two hearts now as one

How I finally sense a longing fulfilled as if the wait is finally over and the man that would be mine will forever be in my grasp

Your strength and love is overwhelming yet breathtaking…your eyes never leaving mine, your hands never letting go



So amazing your words of what will be, what must be that a single tear cascades down my cheek until you sweep it away



There is so much that we will have and yet I will never forget the first moment you whispered…I love you

Kisses  xxx


As we move into Friday – I thought I would give you a just penned poem about the power of control. Without saying a word he can have her succumb to his desires, his wishes and his demands. Are you strong enough in your relationship to consider something a touch kinky and very very wicked? Tell me…


I wait in silence in the shadowed light

While customers come and go, unaware

Of the hunger that burns within

To the point I can no longer breathe

I sense his presence drawing near

My instincts keen, my understanding strong

With a single look…

I will want

I watch in reverence as he enters the room

While he scans the crowded space, searching

For the woman that gives him freedom

Enough so that his features bear sensuous cravings

I drink in his feral scent

My wet heat clenching, my pulse racing

With a single look…

I will yearn

I feel my resolve crumbling as he draws closer

While the waiter serves the wine, suspecting

That the woman he sees is mesmerized

By the prowess of the stunning man

I lick my lips in anticipation

My desires raging, my legs quivering

With a single look…

I will need

I shiver as he gazes into my eyes

While a single finger traces down my neck, savoring

The feel of my skin as it trembles

Because of the whispered scintillating touch

I close my eyes in acquiescence

My realization complete, my acceptance secured

With a single look…

I will succumb

I follow as he leads into the darkness

While his hand never leaves my back, controlling

The lover he claimed so long ago

By the power that gave me life and love

I nod my head as he closes the door

My senses tingling, my voice quavering

With a single look…

I will become

I undress as he leans silently against the wall

While his eyes rake down my body, relishing

In the naked woman that stands before him unafraid

Because of the complete level of trust

I lower my eyes as he pushes me to the floor

My discipline required, my forgiveness complete

With a single look…

I now belong

Kisses   xxx


Tonight a thought about pleasure. Have you and your partner tried something a bit different? Imagine a lovely evening in front of the fire. The smell of the wood mixes with the warm scent of vanilla and the exotic spice of his cologne. Both naked, he gazes down the length of you, his eyes glistening in the sultry light. As he hands you a glass of champagne, he accidentally tips it, sending a shimmer of beads trickling down to the swell of your breasts.

Darting his tongue out, he gathers the droplets, savoring the flavor of your heated skin along with the crisp bubbly. You tip your head back and moan, as your whisper becomes hoarse, the hunger building. Shivering, you issue two words…

“Pleasure me.”


Pleasure me

Beyond my control

As I whimper in your hands

Begging for release

Pleasure me

Taking my will

As I shiver from your needs

Praying for understanding

Pleasure me

Forcing my hand

As I fight every step of the way

Wishing for more

Pleasure me

Desiring my body

As I moan and writhe with your touch

Promising you everything

Pleasure me

Craving my soul

As I rage against what I need

Thriving on your single command

Pleasure me

Accepting my faults

As I wish for acceptance

Understand my faults

Pleasure me

Taking my body

As I succumb to your skill

Allowing your final control

Purr – I hope you enjoyed the taste tonight and just imagine what is going to happen next.

Kisses xxx


Another naughty taste for tonight with a touch of a BDSM thrown in. Tell me, have you ever wanted and craved a man that could take you to the extreme? Could you trust enough to enjoy alternate lifestyle? Imagine as you read the possibilities.


He walked in

I shivered from His presence alone

A mere look

A silent glance

And my heart raced with need

He inched forward

I bit my lip knowing what was to come

A slight sigh

A touch of His hand

And my body hungered from desire

He took my arm

I felt the slice of fear trickling inside

A brush of His lips

A whisper of what would be

And my blood sizzled with hunger

He kissed my lips

I realized what He was, what we were

A pinch of my nipple

A finger slipped inside

And my soul melded with His

He removed my gown

I waited with breathless anticipation

A slap across my ass

A rope in His hand

And my will became His alone

He tied me down

I winced from the rapture of pain

A whip that was wielded

A promise of trust

And my belief became real

He slid inside

I moaned from the blissful ecstasy

A moment of pleasure

A becoming of myself

And my trust was complete

He came deep within

I succumbed to the man, my Master

A new beginning

A final release

And my body became His



Like a fresh dollop of sweet yet sultry honey butter

Rich and sinful

I crave as only the man can give


From the gentle touch of his hand

Warm and inviting

Shivers trickle down my spine

6 Responses to The Naughty Minx Zone

  1. Lexxx says:

    Hmmm…. I think I’ll go have that shower now…


  2. Trace Avery says:

    Naughty and sexy with a taste… the way I like you.. Kisses!


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