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Sinful By Design

Bad girls deserve to be in handcuffs… 

Speed dating? No way! Yet Romance Reviewer, Shannon Spencer had agreed on a dare and tried the latest rage. Sadly, she was left with a horrific taste in her mouth. After several frustrating blind dates, she turned to the Internet for comfort. When her best friend suggested she merely talk with a long time friend, Shannon balked – that is until the two began to talk. Well-respected attorney, Blake Worthington was older, SinbyDesign-smallcharming and had a way with words. Their discussions quickly turned up the heat. While Shannon was burned out from an ex-fiancé who had left her at the alter, she wanted the adventure to continue. Blake held the key to her most shameless erotic desires, revealed during countless nights on the computer. She trusted him and desired to take their passionate moments to another level.

Finally indulging in a meeting over dinner, they agreed to succumb to one uninhibited weekend. Not only did Blake have a design, sinful by nature, in mind to drive her into a roar of ecstasy, he had surprises of his own to give her including a torrid event with two very hot-blooded police officers. The men happened to be his good friends and ones helping him solve a serious problem, one he could never admit to. The weekend was spectacular and both were left wanting more. Unfortunately real life interceded, forcing Blake into shadowy conversations after their night of passion with the lawmen. Incensed, Shannon ended their sizzling affair, until Blake was finally forced to reveal a damning secret and one that had devastated him for years. Could she learn to accept the fallacies of the man she’d fallen in love with?


There was a wretched secret strangling his life, one that was killing him. For Luke Brennan, every dream was filled with a growing agony regarding the past, one he’d run from. The truths were brutal and now he refused to lie any longer. He was a monster. Sharing what had to be the most incredible D/s lifestyle with a woman he adored as well as treasured as his collared submissive, every day should have been filled with pure joy. Instead, the torture that burned deep within was overpowering, driving him into depths of hell. Then again, he deserved no less.

For Jezebel Waters, the journey they’d shared as they continued into such an On-becoming-her-sir-cover-500-x-800emotional and uninhibited relationship was exhilarating. She’d found the woman buried beneath a lifetime of lies. Submitting to a powerful but loving Dom was the most incredible decision of her life. Sadly, she knew Luke was holding back something… No matter their level of trust or their deep conversations, he refused to trust her enough. And so the damning secret was tearing them apart.

On a fateful trip, one meant to begin yet another phase delving deeper into their emotional connection, tragedy struck, forcing Luke to face the very demon he’d pushed aside. He struggled with certain decisions, ones that could affect her life, until he was nearly lost to the madness. Somehow their deep devotion and an unbridled love brought them closer together as secrets were revealed. But was it too late?


DISCIPLINE – the Third in the Domestic Discipline Trilogy

Respect and Redemption. The two words haunted Shannon Parker, guilt all encompassing. But she wasn’t the only one experiencing shame. David, her husband and Head of Household held a lion’s share. Their marriage in ruins, they’d tried every traditional method in order to avoid divorce, yet the anger and bitterness remained. Nothing worked – until a friend suggested Domestic Discipline. The intense change was Discipline_Cover-smallamazing as well as fraught with self-doubt, an unveiling of inner fears. As old behaviors returned, both nearly succumbed to the arms of another. On the road to recovery, they realized they had one last chance as regaining their love.

The Endless Journey, an educational get away catering to couples embroiled in a DD relationship, seemed the perfect choice. Unconventional, the all encompassing classes and one-on-one training ripped away their masks, forcing both David and Shannon to face their inner fears. The sessions were powerful, draining and both were left raw from a level of honesty they’d never shared before. This was the beginning to the rest of their lives — until a moment of weakness shattered any concept of the future. Hurt and confused, David and Shannon were faced with the toughest period of their lives. Secrets from the past finally revealed, could they learn to trust again, or would their passion be lost forever?


What sins of the flesh do you hunger for and exactly what would you offer in order for a taste?

For entrepreneur Taynen Salinger, Sin City meant more than simply paying homage to the sizzling desert town. The highly respected and equally selective firm, catering to men who lived vicariously every day, had made him a millionaire. A tough taskmaster, anonymity was the name of the game in a town where mistakes could prove to be deadly. Providing everything from well-coiffed escorts for premier events to the kinkiest of fantasies, only the amount of monies spent held any inhibition. His employees were hand picked and specially trained in the areas of art and music, politics and finance, fine dining and wine – as well as the black arts of BDSM.

For the men of distinction, protecting a town ridden with questionable politics, crime-SinCitySecrets_Cover-smallridden streets and difficult financial times, Sin City was more than just a respite. Only Taynan’s carefully selected men seemed to soothe the savage beasts dwelling inside his clients. For some of his customers, understanding the ramifications of certain decisions made had proven to be costly, yet the men came back for more. However, in a town where everything is on the menu for a loaded price, what happens within the hallowed city limits must stay locked inside Pandora’s Box. Or else…

Zeke Hammond was a man’s man and in the world of firefighting, he was revered. His record was perfect, having never lost a victim, and many said he was on the fast track to becoming Captain. Unfortunately his own personal demons kept him from the possibility of being happy. Keeping secrets was a damning concept. Having found his last lover in the arms of another man, he was in no mood to try dating again. But he was ready for pure sin. After a chance meeting at a local pub with a rugged hunk, who was more than just stimulating his mind, Zeke was given a personal invitation. Sin City seemed to be the perfect solution for all his needs.

For Russian born, Aleksandyr Vatone, working for Taynen Salinger was perfect, allowing him to pursue his other “interests” during his off time. After meeting Zeke, handsome and yet so very tortured, he set out to provide a perfect sizzling fantasy. Little did he know the rugged man would be able to get under his skin so easily. As they embarked on a caustic tryst, he began to reveal his most private secrets. Unfortunately a mystery blackmailer from Aleksandyr’s past threatened to reveal the man behind in the mask. As a cloak and dagger game hit too close to home, an explosive event occurred, forcing Zeke to make a series of difficult choices. One in particular placed both their lives on a dangerous precipice and the fires of hell threatened to consume Zeke’s very soul. Only Aleksandryr could possibly save him but was he already lost to the burn?


So proud to have been nominated by The Love Romance Cafe in the following categories. 2012 - NomineeI’ll always remember these as special

BEST AUTHOR OF 2011 and 2012


BEST BDSM BOOK – I was nominated for two – On Becoming His and Blackout – Invitation

BEST COVER (Carl J. Franklin Artist) Sizzling Winter Nights – New York

BEST ANTHOLOGY – with my Naughty Nights Press Family – Doing the Naughty List Twice.

Thank you so much…

Also nominated by Sizzling PR with Blue Fire – Domination – as the Best Vampire Book of 2012


I was lucky enough to have several pieces that have been re-edited and out under a different title – a new sexy collection. That latest is a fun one and it’s all about a sexy man who I used to work with in a commercial building.


In the shadow of darkness there remains a curse, one aimed at destroying those considered immortal. 

Scarlet Dumane didn’t believe in the ways of voodoo and magic or in creatures of the night. When she was called to the Bayou to settle her grandmother’s estate, she was scarlet-darkness-60-percentfaced with the possibility that were-tigers existed. A series of brutal murders indicated a monster lurked in the forest, preying on innocent men and women. Terror had ripped the town apart. Immediately she began receiving calls from the townsfolk that didn’t like her kind. When a mysterious stranger and former handyman of her grandmother’s appeared at her door, she was curious to find out more. Larken Myers was sexy, rough-hewn and instantly their combined chemistry indicated something more between them than just attraction.

Finding an ancient book telling a tall fairytale of were-tigers who would rule the world, a required mating and a mysterious red moon, Scarlet scoffed at the information. Until the threats became real. There was an ancient curse enveloping the town and few humans would survive. She quickly became aware that Larken was more than he seemed. A calling was consuming his every night – a hunger unlike anything he’d ever experienced, forcing his beast to the surface. The murders weren’t what they appeared to be. Larken enlisted the help of his two best friends to protect the woman he adored as well as the secret life he shared with others deep in the woods. As the crimson hued full moon approached, the town was determined to hunt her down. Could the three tigers protect her or would their entire existence be wiped out?


What an honor to have Bad Things Hunger selected from the Paranormal Romance Guild Paranormal button for nomineeas third in the book of the year contest in the Erotic Paranormal Romance Category and second in the series category. Isn’t that a wonderful way to start off a new year?



Thought you might like to see a couple HOT off the presses


TALKING TWO LIPS  Like a River   Blackout – Invitation   Dazzle  Unwrap Me



Imagine a world full of boundless passion, where the intimate touch of a man or woman and the desperate cravings pent up inside, leave you breathless with anticipation. Passion and desire come in many forms, and some of the most powerful moments shared between consenting adults can include aspects of the BDSM lifestyle. When you love someone with all your heart and soul, will the passion you feel give you enough to submit total control? The journey into the lifestyle is uninhibited, complete with trust and understanding, and few of us ever experience these heightened levels of joy.

Join six talented writers as they bring you varying aspects of the BDSM lifestyle in sizzling pieces of flash fiction. These snippets are designed to draw you into the heat of passion filled nights, unbridled looks at highly erotic sessions. Included are Kiki Howell’s tales of the paranormal, where vampires and witches fight for the very souls of humanity and each other. Cassandre Dayne’s scorching stories of passion stretch the boundaries of our secret fantasies. Benjamin T. Russell’s captivates with intense glimpses into a Dom understanding a submissive’s deepest needs. In addition, Savannah Chase has a sensual, soul wrenching and yet gripping way of sharing the powerful intimacy experienced between women.  Abby Hayes gives you highly charged and quick-witted tales of kink between multiple partners that will keep you guessing to the end. Finally, DH Black, will leave you shuddering with her gritty and sometimes brutal aspects of showing the darker side of BDSM.

Each tale entertains while leaving the reader trembling for another installment. Indulge. Fantasize. Delve into the darker side of passion…






This book contains ultra-violent themes of sexual, physical, and emotional abuse. Reader discretion is advised. THIS BOOK IS INTENDED FOR MATURE AUDIENCES OVER THE AGE OF 18. Extreme abuse themes included. This book is not intended as a representation of the BDSM lifestyle, merely a story regarding two damaged individuals.

Within our everyday lives we encounter Monstrosities. Beasts that can rip, tear, crush and maim. They torture and kill as they destroy innocence and leave their own special kind of hell. Usually these fiends are kept at bay within the structures and confines of normal, polite society but how long can we hide behind that façade when all humanity is stripped away and we’re left with nothing but the stark mirror of reality?

Danielle Rivers had it all. Expensive cars, an overflowing wardrobe, luxurious jewelry, and the kind of privileged life only true wealth could provide. She deserved it after all. Daddy was old money, one of the most powerful and prominent men in East Brunswick, New Jersey. Haughty and opinionated, Danielle didn’t hesitate to make certain those beneath her understood their station in life – especially the greasy Toxic-Leash-covermechanics who worked in all of her father’s dealerships. They were playthings, nothing more than little people meant to serve her every whim. What no one knew was that beneath the mask of perfection and meticulously manicured grace was a very broken little girl. As her façade begins to crumble under the weight of everyday life Danielle finds it increasingly difficult to hide from the monster that had tortured not only her body and mind, but her very soul. What Danielle didn’t know was that her tenuous hold was about to be broken.

Leslie Fernandez was a loner. Some considered him to be a dangerous man, others a powerful friend. He refused to take a backseat to anyone, least of all that haughty bitch Danielle. He hated the way she would swoop in and leave destruction and pain in her wake, pushing everyone to the breaking point. In his eyes, Danielle was nothing more than a spoiled bitch, a calculating viper who got her kicks by ruining good people. So why was he so inexplicably drawn to her?

When thrust into the epicenter of a horrible tragedy, one created by the very woman he so vehemently detests and yet is so enigmatically drawn to, he allows his own fiendish, black eyed demon to take the reins.

The torturous nightmares of their respective pasts drew these two damaged souls together like ships adrift in a sea of violence and abuse. The wounds contained within their diseased minds scream to be healed, but is there such a cure for the sickness within ones soul? There is only one possible option, but will either of them have the courage to break free from their own TOXIC LEASH?



In the shadowed world of darkness there are few saviors. In the moments of pure hatred there is only evil. In the wake of death there is no rebirth.

Our most precious dreams burn within the endless pits of hellfire, fodder for the demons and demented souls that prowl within the shadows where too few saviors roam. No grace is given to the sinner when hatred is pure and evil is allowed to bloom. In the wake of death there can be no rebirth. Tell me, what do you covet the most?

Attending the hottest writer’s conventions in the United States was a coup and one Alexa Strong was more than ready for – as well as indulging in an unbridled tryst with a fellow writer. Zane was not only the perfected boy, but a dazzling up and coming writer as well. Lost in the thoughts of what Zane might do to her, Alexa mouthed off to the wrong man while waiting to check in to the hotel. This chance encounter would shape the convention, indeed the rest of her life, in ways she never thought Although she immediately detests the successful and pompous Thomas Moore she is thrust into sinful adventure, one that drags her into the darker side of sex.

Attending this convention was sure to spark further interest and propel his burgeoning career to a new level. Zane Reynolds planned on not only making the most of the opportunities afford him as an author, but also the opportunity to dominate and devour the sinful Alexa Strong. This powerful and dogmatic woman needed to feel the sting of his hand, to be controlled, and to be forced to submit. His darkest desires would be fulfilled by this woman. When a chance encounter with bestselling Author Thomas Moore at the hotel bar promises to launch Zane’s career, he is forced into a world beyond sex, beyond control, and beyond comprehension.  Then something happened…

It all starts with four simple words: I like to watch

The inference is simple and the chance to prove his control to the powerful author simply too good to pass up. Zane begins his maddening decent into a place of such pure evil that he may never recover. Can Alexa pull Zane away from the very thing he covets most, or will the painful gift she hides from the world be the end of her?



Recent Releases – Rebel Ink Press


Callie Bennett was a rough and tumble gal and she loved the fact she could drink a man under the table and still maintain her composure. Determined to be the next rodeo star on the circuit, she lived and breathed roping and riding, something the other all male cowboys seemed to resent her for. Paying no attention to their sometimes ugly comments, she bulldozed her way through, winning event after event.UntieMe_Cover-small After being awarded the very last and highly coveted spot on the event of the year, one showcasing only the best with a salary to match, she was the talk of the town. And not in a good way. While her professional life was exactly where she wanted, her personal life was something else entirely. No man had the nerve to date one some called a shameless hussy.

Zane Shepard was one pissed off cowboy. A damn woman booted his best friend and partner off the rodeo team and he hated her like nobody’s business. The daunting news? He was also so attracted to her he fantasized every night about taking her rough and tumble style. However sleeping with the enemy wasn’t an option. When he found himself in a very compromising position with the red headed filly, he couldn’t hold back his charm. And then she punched him and the gloves were off. Now he was determined to shortcut her domineering ways and he knew just how to do it too. The thought of tying her down literally a powerful aphrodisiac, he developed a strategy and perhaps a deal with the devil himself. Too bad she had a rather kinky plan of her own and one that might just take them into pure ecstasy – the most sensuous ride of their life – if they could come to terms with their differences.


Brody Canter was more than just a mentor to his friends and family of his impoverished neighborhood in Harlem. He also offered hope. A quarterback with the New York Jets, he’d received top honors for his humanitarian work as well as his prowess on the field. Living a quiet life with little fanfare, everyone who knew him said he was an honorable man. He was also considered one of the most eligible DLSHisHiddenGirl_Cover-smallbachelors on the East Coast and his family had the perfect girl in mind for marriage. From one of the finest African American families in upstate New York, Dahlia’s connections would ensure Brody’s successful future after his football playing days were over. Unfortunately he wasn’t in love.

Elle Taylor was blond and beautiful as well as intelligent, yet she rarely dated, preferring to spend long hours honing her career. Determined to secure a position in the field of television amongst the all boy’s club, the fact she was considered second class didn’t deter her dreams. After a chance meeting with Brody, she was unable to resist their electric chemistry and a torrid affair ensued, one that was vital to keep a secret. An Interracial relationship in the 1970’s was not only considered taboo, their high-profile tryst could prove damaging for both. When someone from his past threatened to reveal his hidden girl, would Brody choose forbidden love or the chance at a glorious future?


How much can you lose to keep the one you love safe? 

For well-respected and high-powered attorney Blake Myers, life in the fast lane in Los Angeles had more than its share of sinful perks, including celebrity clients and a six figure salary. Attending functions meant only for the upper echelon of Hollywood’s inner circles, he worked for and played hard with the rich and famous. Wealthy, good looking and sought after by men and women alike, only one man was able to keep him CertifiedMale_Cover-smallgrounded, the love of his life. Newlyweds, the recent cross county move had been promising for both men, yet neither had been prepared for the seedier side of LA.

Dyson Withers had secured a posh job in the entertainment industry, albeit one serving kink in any and every method desired by those with money and connections. Certified Male was a firm catering to providing indiscretions for a price. Anonymity was a valued commodity and keeping secrets was a requirement in order to live. An accountant by trade, his job afforded him security as well as clout within the industry. By all rights he had his future paved in gold. That is until a single client accused him of blowing his cover. When Dyson was found in a compromising position, Blake was determined to keep his husband out of prison, no matter the cost. When tragedy struck, the ultimate sacrifice was on the table and both Blake was forced to make a life changing decision. Darkness called to Blake, the only place he could find answers. As he was lured into the world of perverse films, becoming lost, he knew there was only one man who could save not only his sanity, but also his very life. Would Razer find him soon enough?



During a series of violent attacks gripping the city of Richmond, Virginia, Aleksandr Vasiliev begins to have nagging nightmares about his old nemeses and previous lover, Durac Chantal. As the gruesome mutilations continue, he realizes the monster is behind the latest murders. The Time of Passing is near and there is no way he can fight his destiny any longer. Haunting visions of his blood son, taken at the hands of a madman, refuse to leave him and he realizes solving the crime will drag him back into the pits of hell. As he turns to his lover and destined mate, Detective Jax Steele, for YELLOW-FIRE-Acceptance-smallhelp they begin their final journey into what might be Aleks’ ultimate demise, a complete submittal to the Fade and the end of his life. Another force is in control of his people and it’s only a matter of time before the final Red Moon approaches, destroying what’s left of humanity.

No longer fearing the world of the night creatures, Jax hungers for more of the dark side of their D/s relationship, having completely submitted his body and his very soul to Aleks. As both men head down a path facing brutal tortures, Aleks is framed and Jax is forced to fight a monster with nothing but his heightened level of humanity. As a little boy is brought forth as a bargaining chip and the final truth about the rise of the vampires is learned, Jax is faced with a single life-altering question. Will he succumb to the ultimate sacrifice and embrace the final acceptance, entering into a life of immortality in order to save the man, his lover and the monster behind the mask? Or have the savage beasts won their fight to rule the world?

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Over at Wickedly Sexy Writers so come join the gang.

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Naughty Nights Press – I’ll be a monthly contributor giving you a little taste each month of all things sexual and passionate.

Queer Magazine Online – I’ll be providing generally bi-monthly blogs on many controversial and some very sensuous topics. Join me as I share my thoughts.  


I will also be a regular contributor on KinkE Magazine beginning in August giving you not only my thoughts on all things kinky but stories hot all the presses as well.

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