Being a Writer is Hard Work… Guest Raymond Frazee

Captivate and Control seems to be a hot one and I am lucky enough to have special guest and fellow Naughty Nights Press authors, Raymond Freeze, back on to give you his thoughts on writing. It’s a tough world out there!

Who knew being a writer was gonna be such hard work?

When I began writing Captivate and Control (available at Amazon, All Romance eBooks, and Smashwords) back in September of 2011, it was never my intention to have it published.  No, really.  The actual intention of the story was to show some that I could, if given the chance, write erotica, and write it well.  And I wasn’t doing it to show off, not at all.  I was sincere in wanting to show a friend that, yes, I can do a story about adults engaging in sexual activities that some might not care to believe exist.

So I started writing.  My friend was along for the ride, and they were not only seeing the first draft as I completed it, they assisted me with editing the first draft.  They had questions about some of the, um, “positions” attained in the story (as in, “How are they doing this?”), and wanted to know about some of the equipment used—which, I have to admit, was a fun bit of “show and tell”.

But this person for whom the story was written . . . they were also the one who put forth the question:  “Are you going to submit this?”  They liked what they saw, and thought it was worthy of others seeing it as well.  I was hesitant, to be honest.  I was still in the middle of a lot of self-doubt at that time, and I didn’t really believe anyone would really find this story interesting.  It was meant, at the least, as a present to my friend–

You can see, I wasn’t thinking along the lines of a writer.

My friend, however . . . well, they sometimes moonlight as My Muse, and when My Muse says, “Publish this!” you listen.  So I did.  I prettied up the manuscript, checked to see how it should be formatted for submission (and all your writers reading this for the first time:  Learn How To FORMAT!  Saying, “I don’t get these new fangled computer thingies!” does not get you off the hook!), and sent it off to NNP.

The rest is, as they say, history.

So, now that I am published, what’s next?

These days I’m always working on things.  Novels, mostly, because I am just one wordy guy, you know?  I like to tell tales, and I want people to read them.  Besides this foray into erotica, I’ve also published horror, and I am working, in the future, towards publishing fantasy and science fiction.  (Oh, yeah:  I’ve also got an idea for a young adult’s novel.)

But . . . of late I’ve been thinking about more erotica.  And there are a couple of stories there.  One would take place at a college, and I’ve already plotted out the story, and a little of the “action”.  It would be something you’d consider “reality-based BDSM”.

As for the other . . . it’s really sort of an idea I had some ten years back, but I’ve realized I could move it to “today”, and it’ll be just as relevant.  Erotica, with a touch—well, a bit—well, a lot of fantasy.  Which means, it’ll be fun.

Hang around, kids.

You haven’t heard the last of me.

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2 Responses to Being a Writer is Hard Work… Guest Raymond Frazee

  1. Congrats on taking the step to publish it. You know that things happen for a reason. I think you wrote a fantastic book and I look forward to reading it.


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