She’s a Domme & She’s a Were-Tiger

Doesn’t that sound like a dangerous combination? Anastasia is a kick ass take no prisoners kind of woman and some would say she’s a bit like the real girl in me. In truth she’s a combination of a lot of women who want to be in control and what I have found is that there are a LOT of men who want nothing more than a sexy woman to be in control of them – at least in bed. They imagine a whip wielding, leather clad wearing hottie who can keep up with the best of men.

Trust me she can… She’s hot and owns two subs – one of which is a beautiful human and she snacks on a sexy male detective from time to time. It’s a good thing she has him by her side since not only is her life in danger but the existence of the entire Pride. There’s a huge mystery in the town of Charleston and some serious cynics who want her – dead. And it all takes place in the bowels of one HOT club where anything goes and everything – including human flesh – is on the menu. Be very, very afraid…


She shook the thoughts away as she neared the end of the corridor & approached the room. She inhaled deeply, garnering a whiff of Devon’s musky cologne and of the man himself. She could tell he was more than just a little bit hungry. There was nothing quite like licking a human. The man was quite special to her and she allowed him much more control than she’d ever contemplated in the first place. They were the Ying and Yang of each other and he seemed to sense that she could become a Switch for the right man. As she opened the door she growled, allowing the sound to float into the room. He stood with his back to her gazing at her latest and growing selection of art pieces. One of her few hobbies was dabbling in painting. “I see you’re admiring my latest work.”

Devon turned around slowly and grinned before sucking in his breath and gazing down the length of her appreciatively. “Very much so. Mmm… Every bit of your work I might add.”

Closing the door she glided toward him. “With a look like that I just might devour you.” There was no doubt she looked hot in her leather mini-dress complete with a full zipper down the front. Skin-tight, the supple dress accentuated her full breasts and long legs perfectly. She tugged the zipper down an inch for emphasis and gave him a sultry look. God the man was stunning. There was something about his constant two-day stubble and lean body that thrilled her and then again his curly shoulder length hair was luxurious and meant for her to wrap her fingers around. Instantly her nipples hardened as her desire raced off the charts.

“No, I think I’m going to do the devouring tonight.”

“Tsk tsk. You know the rules.” There were only a few and ones that all her employees were required to follow strictly or be fired on the spot. They must wear a mask at all times, stay free of diseases and follow to the letter the requested and paid for fantasy. Fortunately Anastasia was able to hand select the best people and while almost all were human and knew nothing about the owner, they were well trained.

“And what if I choose to break them?” Devon asked as he grinned and sipped his drink.

Anastasia inched forward and swung the cattail back and forth. “You know what bad boys get. All that they deserve.”

“Oh dear God I hope so.” Swirling the dark liquid Devon drained the glass and set the dense crystal down on the small table before advancing toward her.

Anastasia pursed her lips and stalked around him in a circle. “Have you been a bad boy?”

“I’m always bad when I’m around you.”

“Good. I’m very glad to hear it. Take off your clothes.” It wasn’t a request but a command and Anastasia knew Devon craved her authoritativeness.

“Yes, Mistress.” Nodding, he tugged off his jacket and drew his shirt over his head, throwing the unwanted material to the floor.

Anastasia watched in sheer appreciation of him as he removed his cowboy boots and jeans, delighting in the fact he’d gone commando. “Just as sexy as I remembered. Tell me, why did you stop coming for your regular appointments?”

“You know why.”

In truth she only suspected but given the fact their relationship was more about sex and domination than anything else she didn’t pry. “Well, we can make up for lost time and I think you might like what I am going to give you tonight.” Beckoning him to her with a single finger, Anastasia gave him a hard stare but couldn’t keep her eyes off his thick cock. He would taste very good in her mouth after he licked her and pleased her.

“What do you want tonight, Mistress?”

“What I always want: all of you including your hot mouth. Drop to your knees and lick me before I tie and flog that muscular ass of yours.” As she dragged the supple material up her thighs, flashing him her smooth cunt she spread her legs in a brazen offering of her sex. She almost never wore panties to the office. After all, who needed the hindrance? The salacious thought gave her more than one idea about how to use his body.

“Mmm… yes, Mistress.” His voice husky, Devon dropped to his knees and crawled forward until he was crouched between her legs. Gazing up at her, he slowly slid his hands up the inside of her legs as he leaned forward and licked her heated skin.

“Yes. That’s very nice.” Closing her eyes she twirled the whip in her hand before brushing the tails back and forth across his back. The feel of his mouth and tongue was nothing short of extraordinary. Sighing, she jutted her groin forward as she unzipped her dress allowing her breasts to fall free. Anastasia groaned and eased her hand into her dress pinching her nipple, twisting the tender flesh until a whimper escaped her lips.

Devon licked up the inside of her thigh until he hovered near her pussy. Breathing a swath of hot air across her skin he growled.

“Go on, my sexy little pet. Lick me. Taste me. Tongue-fuck me.” For a hint of encouragement she cracked the whip, allowing the tails to just slide against the skin on his back.

“Ooohhh…” Grunting, Devon darted his tongue out, swirling the tip around her clit in lazy motions as he rubbed her legs.

“That’s it, lick me. Very nice.” There was something so amazing about the way he used his tongue on her.


This time she allowed the tails to hit hard enough that red marks instantly appeared on his back. How she loved seeing the crimson welts as a sign of her brand of affection.

Shivering, he grazed his fingers across her pussy lips as he sucked her clit, biting down on the hardening tissue.

“Oooohhh…” Tossing her head back, Anastasia let out a slow hiss, her heart racing. The man had a way with his mouth that even rivaled the man who shared her bed almost every night. Both men were masterful in bed, but she loved the way Devon took his time, learning every one of her needs. .

Devon slipped first one and then another finger inside her wet heat flexing them open as he began driving into her pussy, harder and faster with each stroke. Alternating the use of his fingers and tongue, he thrust into her almost relentlessly licking as she panted and writhed.

As she continued pressing her hips forward, forcing his tongue to slip deeper into her cunt, a series of electric jolts stole her breath. The man had a tongue like no other.

Crack! Pop!

Devon’s body shook as he continued his feast and he buried his face in her pussy. Wrapping one hand around her legs he held her tightly.

“Yes, that’s it.” Her voice barely audible she gave him a series of hard slaps as her heart raced. Nothing could be better than this. The sound of his lapping filtered into the room mixing with the soft strains of jazz, his personal favorite and for a moment she simply brushed her hand through his long curls, holding his head until she was lost to the feeling of rapture. There was no way she could hold back the raging storm. Panting, Anastasia tightened her grip on his hair and tugged his face down so she almost smothered him.

Lapping furiously Devon’s strangled moans could barely be heard.

Whoosh! Slap!

Dear God she wasn’t going to be able to hold back her climax for long.

As if he realized her heightened state of need, Devon bit down on her tender flesh as he plunged his fingers deep inside.

“Oh… Oh… Yes… yes… aaaaahhh!” Exploding, she sucked in her breath as stars floated around her field of vision and as a single climax became a raging storm, she was lost to the breathlessness of ecstasy. “Oh… yes… lick me harder.”

Devon licked and nipped her flesh as he continued finger fucking her. Pressing them together he eased back as he drove his hand almost to the point of fisting her. “You like?”

“Mmm…” This was something new for him; as she stared down with hazy eyes she purred and gave him a simple nod. Every time she was with the wonderful man she thought about how much she adored him and could fall hard — if he was a part of her clan. Sadly, there was no way her family would accept him unless he was turned and she knew the minute he found out what she truly was he’d run screaming to the hills before taking his gun and hunting the lot of them down. That was the way of the humans. “God yes. But I’d prefer your sweet cock in my cunt.” Her body shaking, she fingered his curls before lifting his chin and staring into his gorgeous eyes. They always said the eyes were the true entrance to a man’s soul and she knew they were right.

What do you think good children? Are you hungry for what she can do?

This one is still on pre-sale so here’s the link and it’s LIVE tomorrow…

Kisses   xxx


The video trailer for the trilogy

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  1. Mmm, I have that photo too! Lol Love this!!


  2. Oh baby, that is just sexy….


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