Controversy? Hmmm…

Well it’s another week. For those of you who  know me realize I don’t tend to shy away from anything – including controversy. But there are those times you have to temper yours beliefs and your anger with a little political management and trust me, I suck at it. I also have little patience or tolerance for ignorance or bigotry in any forms. I have been having rather frank discussions with other writers because of the continued backlash against authors who write in the most controversial genres. From a group of little boys (trust me they are) to some rather jaded conservatives who truly believe they can shove their viewpoints down everyone’s throats, I believe the United States is in a bad flux point. Yes, the almost explosive combination can lead to growth. Or so we all like to dream anyway. I happen to write and loving penning stories that are two of the most highly picked at and controversial in the bunch – same sex and interracial. Hey, I even mix the two and as I’ve said, it’s akin to burning me at the stake. Rusty nails included.

So what’s with all the hype and bad blood about authors who write same sex and interracial? Some say it’s an election year. Some say it’s because of the dislike regarding same sex marriages. Some say it’s the fact President Obama is black. I say it’s that we are just frightened of change and we have a very conservative base in our country. I truly and honest to GOD never realized just how many issues there continues to be with interracial aspects and especially a black man and a white woman. I had a friend tell me that there has been no sex scene between a black man and a white woman on a major movie production (B or C rated movies yes) and I had to scratch my head. He’s right. Dear God why? You really need me to answer that question?

Well, here I am an erotic author and having to look for a job in a rather conservative work force and we all utilize what we can to further our careers and in order to find the perfect job. I had on several social sites like Linked In that I’m an author. Well, I realized the hard way – dear GOD I write erotic – horror of horrors and if anyone would look at my blogs etc they would see I write what? You got it. So I ceremoniously wiped out (tears in my eyes) every mention of me the author. Isn’t that sad? And I don’t give in to this bull. But… I have to work. I am not making a living guys on the books I’m putting out, no matter what you think.

I try not to write anything political on my blog. I have counseled new writers to the industry to be careful in doing so. But I have to tell you, I awoke this morning damn discouraged. I have two pieces coming out in a few days and both are? Uh-huh. Well, you get the picture. Now do they sell for me? Yes. Do they make me happy writing? Yes. Do I think some of the people reading and thereby critiquing the works truly are only reading them because they’re the HOT genre? Sadly, yes. But oh well. I will keep writing. I simply wanted to give you something to think about as you decide which fast food chain you’re going to purchase from today or what idiot on the street you might listen to. To me love is love no matter what color, shape, religious preference, sexual orientation or anything else. If only we could all truly feel that way. Could you imagine the Monday mornings for a lot of us?

Here are just the two synopsis for both books being released. I do hope you will love and savor – they were fun to write and I love my characters. I’m also very proud of them.


There’s nothing like having to sit through a series of educational corporate seminars and stay awake but in explicit detail the company men were given no choice. For Bryan Black it meant taking him away from selling, the one thing he knew he could do well and he resented the intrusion. But when he set his eyes on the trainer, he knew some kind of arrow slammed into his system. Julez Mendez was savvy, sexy and one smart guy and as he stood in front of the class of twenty men he became a tough task-master not allowing any one of the crew to slack off. He also refused to socialize.

More than just a bit curious Bryan decided to crack Julez’s hard shell only to find the kind of man he could fall in love with and he allowed a wild night of passion to spark between them. Unfortunately the instructor held a secret close to his heart and one that threatened the very concept of sharing anything but a round of hot sex. On the morning after Bryan was incensed and bent on making his teacher pay but a ghostly whisper reminded him  – what if looks could be deceiving? Perhaps a snowy night could soothe two men who craved much more than they understood how to give.


(Fourth in the Tales From Lucifer’s Lair Series)

Taggard O’Neil (Rough Rider by nickname) was on a mission – find his brother and bring him back home before he ended up in a body bag. Logan was talented artist and had fallen into the wrong crowd. After all, informing on the mob didn’t keep you alive to tell the tale. At least that’s what he’d been led to believe. Having found a single slip of paper with a location somewhere in the heart of Richmond Virginia, The Flamingo Rustler seemed to be his destination location. Arriving on his Harley and ready for a hard time, he was surprised to find an establishment welcoming him with open arms. With the help of the burley bikers who frequented the bar, he happened on a tattoo shop, the very center of Logan’s disappearance.

Rusty Brimmer was the local badass and owner of Body Art, the hippest tat shop in town. A harsh taskmaster to his employees, he kept strictly to himself – until Taggard walked into his shop. There was something about the man Rusty didn’t trust but then again couldn’t resist. Somehow in the mix, a rouse had been created and one both men were determined to figure out. Turning the tables, both Taggard and Rusty had a wild idea of their own to get to the truth and a sinful party ensued at The Rustler. Strip poker, a few shady games of pool and a group tattooing event and the rest as they say would stay buried in the boughs of the bar.

I hope you have a lovely week and remember to love and honor all those around you.

Kisses   xxx



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Cassandre Dayne is the pseudo for the best selling author of romantic suspense and thrillers
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9 Responses to Controversy? Hmmm…

  1. Great post and you just know with a main character called Julez Explicit Detail just shot to the top of my most wanted list 😉


  2. There will always be haters out there. You are truly a talented and amazing author and your readers know it. People just need to relax and take a chill pill.


  3. Bleuame says:

    I’m a little shocked…that you have been getting flack for what you right and that this attitude is still out there (I’m a Canadian so removed from the politicking). You’re an extremely talented writer and again, the way in which you have handled the subjects in which you write about is so incredibly classy. Continue to write what makes you happy and continue to be such an example for other writers :o)


    • behalle says:

      Yes I have and I know part of it is I put myself out there but it’s still one of those things I just fight so hard against. UGH. THank you so much for commenting!


  4. Sorry to hear you down and having to remove “writer” from your bio. Heartbreak. I second what Bleuame says. And maybe you should move down under? Our Prime Minister has just announced he’d probably back a same sex marriage bill all the way and there are plenty of NZ films with interracial relationships. I guess we’re so small though…and so far away… we aint no threat. x


  5. Sessha Batto says:

    Tell me about it – I write explicit transgressive male/male – thankfully I don’t mind being vilified, I’ve decided that just means I’m doing it right! I have to write what calls to me, if people don’t like it they don’t have to read it. Thankfully the UK has a lot more open minds (which honestly surprised me) sales may be flat in the US, but they’re just fine elsewhere.


  6. Melissa says:

    I am sorry that people are small minded. It shouldn’t count in measuring your ability for your job. I know that for many people it does, but that’s because they are wrong. *hugs*


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