“I Like to Watch”

Hmm – doesn’t that sound like the perfect beginning to a horror movie? Then again, being a voyeur watching either scandalous behavior or a nasty argument is simply something we all do. We love watching a situation play itself out – the more vicious or distasteful the better. Hmmm… Don’t you dare try and deny it. I think for all of us we would enjoy watching many kinds of kinky, intimate or disgusting aspects of humanity – of course if NO ONE else knew what we coveted. And we all covet something. They say be careful what you ask for…

In working with Christian Jensen, my co-author now on two evocative and His Readingterrifying pieces, something that will challenge your very notion of psychological horror, I’m loving our collaborations. There are so many reasons why including the fact both he and I are dark as well as wicked and that we hold nothing back. You really don’t want to ask either one of us a question lest you get the brutal truth.

And then there’s the writing. We feed off of each other in a way I hadn’t anticipated. We’re salivating every day to find out what the other wrote. Why is that? Because other than a few details about the story, there is no outline, no direction. We write. I write a portion – either a chapter or a section, then he has to follow – taking whatever curve ball I might throw in his direction. Now you might say that’s crazy but for us – it’s pure magic. The second we’re doing is all about mind control – both in simple humanity as well as a touch of the paranormal. In the mix is… Well, you’ll have to wait and find out. Here’s a very simple taste for you… To um wet your appetite for all things kink and slaughter…


Alexa Strong was tired of driving, over the asshole truckers, as well as the traffic jam that had kept her just outside the city limits for well over an hour. Standing in a long line in order to check into the hotel wasn’t helping her piss poor mood. Visions of tall drinks, a deep massage and cabana boys standing poolside for her playtime was playing like a broken DVD, the continuous loop full of promise. Okay, so she hadn’t been able to wait to get to the conference, but between the heat and humidity and the ca taste before the partyrowds, she knew she was going to snap at someone, any unsuspecting punk the first chance she had. Who the hell put a writer’s conference in the middle of the Bible belt smack in the hottest part of July for Christ’s sake?

As she stood in line, checking and rechecking her watch, she tried to remember the basic schedule. She was on a tight one with the number of panels the coordinator had put her on. At least tonight she was free to play. Mmm… The thought was delicious. Alexa grew impatient as the line dragged, hot and tired people bemoaning their lot in life. A commotion sounded from the main door, drawing her attention from sheer boredom. She shook her head as the rather infamous Thomas Moore sashayed into the building, full entourage in tow. She hated all men who were pompous and arrogant, and from what she’d heard about the Best Selling author, he was all that and much more.

Thomas had an air about him that preceded the larger than life man. Alexa was actually surprised how tall he was. His book covers were graced with the typical middle aged man wearing cashmere, sitting by a roaring fire kind of look. Boring. There was something enigmatic about him that both bothered her as well as remained a curiosity. She studied the brooding man, making mental note almost as if sizing up a character for a new book. She couldn’t help but notice how he scanned the room, his eyes roaming. He was looking for something, or someone. Prey. The thought slipped into the back of her mind. Well, of course. He was a horror writer after all.

His facial features were the same, calculating and cold, the smile complete disingenuous. And not a sole who were flocked around him like baby birds waiting for crumbs seemed to notice. Thomas was definitely comfortable in his skin, a commanding man who was used to getting his way. “Whew…” She couldn’t help but think of one very popular television series on Fox TV.  Did monsters actually smile? She knew she had to watch her bad girl ways.

Okay, so maybe she should leave the dime store analogies and psychoanalyzing to the big boys. This guy was highly respected and here to give his time to teach all the newbie authors about becoming a huge success. Yeah, she was going to listen intently too. Grinning, she inched forward as the line crawled along, studying the way he took command of the room. She resisted laughing as he moved closer. This couldn’t reallyI see him be the Dr. Death himself.

While she hadn’t read any of his books, she knew the content. They were rather brutal accounts of humans living on the edge. Edge? From what she’d heard the train wreck of writing was hack at best. Jealous. Your green monster is showing. Rolling her eyes, she looked away. Yes, she was jealous of anyone successful. And he had it in spades.

She was just about to pitch a fit when Thomas moved to the front of the line, as only a celebrity could do. “Fucking asshole.” The words were blurted from her mouth easily. Too easily. And damn if he hadn’t heard her, along with the entire rest of the line. They all turned to stare at her. She watched as a mixture of surprise and amusement crossed his face.

Thomas took a step forward, his eyes black as coal. There was no twinkle, no sign of what he might say or do, given her faux pas.

Alexa was caught off guard, but not by the fact her impetuous mouth was on display, but by the way he was studying her. For a few seconds she would swear this guy was looking straight into her soul, dragging out certain portions to dissect. Had he walked closer to her? His eyes never blinked, his face never carried an expression, but she knew he was displeased and yet intrigued. And she’d never felt so utterly stripped of her layers of bullshit so quickly by any man in her life.

A chill settled into her system as the sounds around her seemed to be sucked away. She was drawn into his larger than life aura as the entire crowd vanished and the moment was filled with his presence, his incredible presence studying every flick of her hand, every sigh. A single bead of sweat slipped down the back of her neck and she could swear he knew exactly how nervous she was. Alexa recoiled at least mentally and finally dragged her mind away from his tentacles. This was nothing but a man, one with a perverse imagination. GOD! Something she so strived to achieve. Perhaps this was her lucky trip, one that would take her writing to the next level.

Thomas issued a single nod before slowly scanning the length of her body and turned toward the counter.

What do you think?

Purr babies…xxx


About Cassandre Dayne

Cassandre Dayne is the pseudo for the best selling author of romantic suspense and thrillers
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3 Responses to “I Like to Watch”

  1. Bob says:

    It sounds like you two have a hit on your hands. I love the way the two of you connect getting onto each others minds. Very interesting.
    Take care Behallle.



  2. Honey says:

    I didn’t want it to end


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