Honor and Obey…Her Symbol

What is your symbol of love, something that depicts exactly what the love you share means to both of you? Of course for most the symbol is a band of gold – as the songs call it. Nowadays the wedding ring is made of diamonds and other precious jewels for both the man and the woman. While I do love the thought, I’ve never been much of a wedding ring kind of girl. Until fairly recently I honestly didn’t know why. For me, and this is just me, the concept of the wedding ring doesn’t mean but so much. Perhaps I don’t appreciate jewelry or I just don’t see wearing As your masterperhaps thousands of dollars on my finger. Yes, both of these are true but the real truth is my symbol of love and devotion means something else entirely. I do believe in and long to share the symbol of being devoted to someone. I love the thought of having others understand I’m taken and loved, that I’m cherished by a man who will protect me as I serve him. Hmm… Doesn’t sound like the normal vows does it?

For anyone who doesn’t understand a D/s lifestyle they might not understand the significance of the collar. Being collared is such an honor, something that is for many considered stronger than marriage, the bond being deep and soulful, truly the deepest feeling I know. For a submissive to be collared by someone means they are cherished in a way the Dom/Domme has the highest regard for them. The tethered line between them had just moved to another plain. For many couples nowadays, they forgo the traditional marriage for a collaring ceremony. I’ve not been invited yet to such a hallowed event but long to experience the joy the couple shares. John Patrick and I have talked about this and no, he’s not ready to collar me yet, but we both understand and embrace how incredible the moment would be.

I do have what he calls a training collar and I love not only the piece but the meaning, but the exquisite strip of leather doesn’t hold the same kind of meaning as being collared for life. Imagine being in what has been a very traditional relationship up to this point then you both hunger for something else. You begin moving into a D/s lifestyle after some time and the love and devotion is strong, but you’re not quite ready for the intensity of what collaring would mean. The collar is similar to the ring, but there are other methods or symbols. What else can you do to show the complete level of commitment you have to your Dom? I mentioned a few weeks ago that John Patrick drew a tattoo for me after a discussion that we had. I’ve always longed for one and didn’t really have a desire to be inked for a particular reason. All bets were off when I met John Patrick and we began enjoying the shared joy.

When I mentioned I longed for a tat he drew one for me after learning about the woman, and the incredible art is perfect. It’s also a very devoted symbol of honor given from a submissive to a Dom to wear a tattoo. I loved and squealed over the incredible design (he’s a true artist) but initially we weren’t ready to proceed.

Of course being inked is very permanent and the thought, the decision, the idea, the reason behind and the placement of a tattoo has to be considered so for any of you contemplating please heed the understanding. Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been thinking about this more and more. You have to do research on the business who provides a tattoo as well as doing another heady round of soul searching why you want to do this. So… Let’s just say I’m very much enjoying the learning process about tattoo shops and the placement and what the symbol will mean being placed on my body. John Patrick, as you can well imagine, had to think about all of this as well. He told me today that no one was going to mark my body who he didn’t check out thoroughly and trust me, he has been.

His design will have to be refined (so he tells me – I LOVE what he drew), but I totally understand this is his art on my body for a very specific reason. So… The question came up in my mind – would you be inked as symbol of love/devotion/commitment for your significant other? Would you show off in art form the way you feel? For me, this isn’t a knee jerk reaction. This is something that I want to wear proudly in order to honor him – for many reasons, but this is very personal. Think about this before you just go out and make a decision that pretty A Slave longs to feelmuch will be with you for a very long time at minimum. So you may ask – am I going to go through with it? Well, you’ll have to ask me later. I have a little story based on a previous vanilla couple and the powerful way a simple tattoo affects both. I hope you enjoy.

Honor and obey. Honor and obey. The thought left her with a myriad of thoughts, so much emotion. But she’d never wanted anything more in her life.


“Ooohhh…” Dear God the spanking hurt like hell tonight. Dawn Ramone shivered, her body jerking involuntarily. She was trying to obey, doing everything she could to remain still, but the whipping was much harsher than she’d anticipated. “I’ll be good. I promise.” She was shocked how the words escaped her mouth so quickly. He wasn’t angry any longer, merely frustrated with her. Even the way he looked at her was different, his eyes full of sadness.

“You will learn, but I don’t think that lying to me about getting a speeding ticket is going to help. Do you?” Derek asked quietly as he rubbed her naked ass.

There was nothing worse than her husband’s tone of voice, the one that said in no uncertain terms how disappointed he was in her. Okay, so she was in herself. Getting the ticket had been just about the dumbest thing she’d done in a long time. Then she’d argued with the cop. That ugly little fact she refused to tell Derek. Her spanking was severe enough. What Derek didn’t know wasn’t going to hurt.

“Did you hear what I asked you?”

Whap! Crack! Pop!

Her entire system was on fire, electricity coursing through every cell in her body. Lurching, she shifted and shoved her arms out, a silent scream pushing past her lips. “Yes.” The ragged pant was laced with agony. She almost laughed as she bit down on her lower lip. For a few seconds she tried to remember exactly why they’d entered into a domestic discipline relationship in the freaking first place. Wasn’t a regular plain old-fashioned vanilla lifestyle good enough?

“Yes?” His voice dipped, the tone husky.

“Yes, sir.” Dear GOD she had such trouble offering the simple sign of respect. Then again, she’d never had to even as a child.


Pop! Crack!

The way his hand his her backside, the intensity of the raw emotions flashing through her was completely unexpected. A tear slipped from her eye, trickling past her eyelashes and onto the floor. She watched in silence as the tear hit the floor as the conversation, in which they’d both made the conscious decision to enter into something they both had no freaking clue about, entered her mind. This will be a new beginning, a reawakening of our marriage. Hmm…

“I’m very disappointed,” Derek said quietly.

Crack! Slap!

The truth was, Dawn was upset with herself. She sucked in her breath as the spanking continued and all she could concentrate on was the memory of being spanked as a child, the humiliation.

Derek rubbed her ass, his hand moving in slow and even circles. “I know this is tough on you. Christ, this is tough on both of us.”

The angst in his voice was stilling. “Yes.” Of course every single aspect about what they were sharing had shifted into some wow factor. Moving away from the traditional way they’d dated and shared information, learning about each other in ways neither had any thought of initially had been…

Whap! Crack!

“Shit!” Moaning, she squirmed.

“No cursing.” Derek’s voice was quiet as he caressed her ass, his hand rubbing toward the small of her back.

No cursing. No lying. Never forget to tell him where she was. These were the three most important rules. And she’d broken all of them in one huge hit. She always felt a quiet peace when he touched her back, his fingers rubbing her skin. Tingling, she closed her eyes. “I’m so sorry, sir.”

“I know you are. And I want you to know how much I love you.”

I want you to know how much I love you. Dawn smiled as she thought about his words. Sighing, she flicked her pen across her keyboard and tried to remember the very first moment they’d moved into a very strict situation. She giggled at the word. What she was sharing with Derek few would understand. Every day was filled with joy and the new beginning was amazing. However, the spankings she still couldn’t get used to. She thought about their anniversary, one that was very important to both of them. What in the world could she do to show him how much she adored him?

“And what are you thinking about?”

The words were lilted, the inflection clear. Dawn looked up at her best friend and grinned. Tory Atwater was just about the most opinionated woman she’d ever met.Misbehavin' The two of them together in a room was dangerous. “Figuring out a present for Derek.” Dawn adored her best friend, the way she took life by the balls. Dory was nothing more than balls to the walls and Dawn loved the woman’s verve.

“A present?” Dawn laughed as she hit send on the email and leaned over her desk. Tory only knew but so much about how she and Derek lived. At least she wasn’t judgmental.

“The illustrious Derek I’ve never met?”

“You’re a slave driver.” Dawn had to grin. She moved her finger back and forth in a semi circle as she thought about the last comment she’d made to Derek. The entire moniker about pleasing him, giving him a symbol of their love stymied her. She rubbed the finger where her wedding ring had been and sighed. The toughest decision of her life had been to remove her ring. The both had reasons and to be able to actually talk in a civil manner had been a damn feat. They had a long way to go in their marriage.

“Perhaps,” Tory said as she folded her arms, her look full of mischief. “What I do know is that this supposed separation you and the dear Derek are supposed to be having isn’t working.”

Tory was shocked. She hadn’t said a word during the last months about the difficult – no horrific times she and Derek had been going through. No one needed to know their dark business. “Isn’t there something wrong with every relationship?”

“Yeah, but I know you too well.” Tory shook her head and looked over her shoulder at the open door before locking eyes with Dawn. “You’re having an affair.”

“What?” Feigning shock was not something Dawn could do well.

“You’re a terrible liar. What’s going on?”

There were few words to be able to allow Tory to understand such tremendous difficulties she’d had to face. “Life. Just life.”

“I ask again. Are you seeing another man?”

The very thought hadn’t dawned on her before. She was seeing another man, one through the eyes of a person she hadn’t in so many years. A flash from the past, a delicious vision raced into her mind. There was little more as sweet as the thought of a new relationship, the ecstasy of something fresh and yet so very… Terrifying. This was the most difficult decision she’d made in her life and one that could backfire. Honor and obey. The words were forever in the front of her mind. “Yes. I am”

Tory remained quiet. “Really?”


“Huh,” she said and blinked several times. “I have to tell you I’m shocked.”

Dawn gave her a smile. “I’m half way teasing.”

“I’m afraid to ask what hallway means. I know you.”

The way Tory said the words made her laugh. “I am seeing another man, one I didn’t know or had no way of getting. I found a guy that reminds me of the fun times in my past.”

“Wild nights under the stars?” Tory chided.

“The very ones. This guy is crazy in his teasing, hot in bed, ready to take on the world and I think I knew this all along.” A full minute ticked by.

“And what do you know now?” Tory’s voice held a wave of seduction.

Dawn inhaled and wiggled in her seat. “Did I ever tell you I’m a well spanked woman?”


For some reason she anticipated coughing and gagging, a heavy dose of She Belongs To Himadmonishment. When Tory simply grinned and shook her head she sighed. “What? Talk to me.”

“It’s true. I can’t really explain why.” Dawn looked away, a tear creeping into one eye. Wiping it away furiously, she sniffed. “This is good for both of us.”

“I knew this shit all along. You guys are mixing up your relationship. Good for you and about damn time.”

She couldn’t help but burst into laughter seeing her friend’s face. “So you knew all along?”

“Duh. You’re the bravest woman I know.”

Relief rushed through her system and Dawn was relieved. “I just love him so much. Derek is amazing and wonderful.”

“Go on.”

“Sexy and so adorable.”

“All men are for a little while. And now?” Tory egged on.

“And now?”

“And now.”

Dawn looked away until a moment of raw understanding reminded her how much she loved the man in her life. “And now… Now I’m his submissive.” My God she clenched her eyes so tightly shut she could hear echoes in her mind. The entire world was going to make fun of her. The way Tory’s fingers touched hers was startling.

“Everything about what you’re sharing is beautiful.”

“Jesus. I thought you’d think I’m weird.”

“You are weird and your point?” Tory’s eyes flashed.

Dawn hissed. “Thank you. I wanted to tell you before.”

“No problem. Let’s toast to wild and wicked.”

There was something about the way her bestie said the words that made her laugh. “So about my gift to him. I really want to do something to honor him.”

“Honor.” Tory closed her eyes for a second then moved closer to Dawn’s desk. “I have the perfect idea.’

“Perfect? He has everything.”

“Everything doesn’t include what I have in my mind.” Laughing, Tory lowered her voice. “You’re going to love me girl.”

“Okay. What’s the perfect gift?” Dawn was afraid to ask.

Tory moved in her seat and purred. “A tattoo of course. The ultimate representation of devotion.”

What do you think? Would you get a tattoo to show your sign of adoration?

Kisses and spanks


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Cassandre Dayne is the pseudo for the best selling author of romantic suspense and thrillers
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2 Responses to Honor and Obey…Her Symbol

  1. pleasinghimwillingly says:

    Yes I would and I did. I pondered on the idea for months. What would be the best gift the best way of showing I am his and for the world to see I am his and his only? I got a tattoo and surprised him for his birthday and he was so shocked and arrowed and loved what I had done and what it represented that he made love to me like we didn’t know if tomorrow would ever come. I was weak before and he showed me how strong and what an amazing person I am that only he could do. My soulmate my lover my master and the one that hold and owns my heart mind body and soul.


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