The Fire of Fantasy & Darkness – from Mysticon

Well, seems my two girls collide. Bethany will be hosting her Robin Falls Blog Talk radio show, the the road this Friday night – 8-10 pm EST. Mysticon is being held in Roanoke, Virginia and I am not only interviewing several writers, artists, gamers and independent filmmakers in the fantasy, paranormal and science fiction genre, but I am going to be on several panels as well.

Scheduled are Pamela Kinney, published horror, science fiction and fantasy author; Chris Sink, graffiti artist; Alexandra Christian, an erotic paranormal romance author; Brandon Blackmoor, well known gamer and gaming developer; Paul Dellinger, author and former writer for the Roanoke Times Southwest Bureau; and Stephen Zimmer, an Indie filmmaker.

I’ll be on panels including Podcasting basics, Theatre of the Mind, Audio Productions, Urban Fantasy – Horror with Cleavage and Romance vs Erotica – how much is too much?

I’ll be fun being there and giving away prizes including shirts etc. I plan on taking a lot of wonderful pictures as well so that I can post them. The radio show has been a wonderful avenue to bringing writers to the forefront. We all work together to try and promote each other so this is just another way.

I hope you’ll join me and have a bit of fun. Remember that you can call in. Here is the link with the call in number!

Kisses  xxx


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Cassandre Dayne is the pseudo for the best selling author of romantic suspense and thrillers
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