Could you handle becoming a slave?

BLMorticia and I are continuing our quest to have you enjoy a taste of the darker side of eroticism. Tonight I have a slice of a story about being a slave…can you and would you? Ask yourself the question…have you ever wanted to succumb to a master?

Continuing our naughty theme about BDSM, I’m delving deeper into the genre. There are many who enjoy not only the concept of pain and pleasure during playtime, but they want to become a slave to their masters and live the life 24/7. Generally these types of relationships aren’t entered into casually. If you decide to become a slave, you are giving up your choices to the man or woman that owns you and yes, you are owned. No longer do you have free will to make choices – except for the ones your master allows. He or she may tell you how to dress, where you can sleep, what you will eat and if you can talk. Is it an extreme lifestyle? Yes, but for those involved it’s freeing to their soul.

If you decide to become a slave, you are generally collared. This is a high very reverent state and you literally wear a collar around your neck, usually with a lock signifying your ownership. The master takes pride in his slave and respects and loves your wants and needs, but he or she knows better for you. It is the highest form of punishment to have your collar taken away, even for a period of time. The following is a tasty treat, not from any one of my books – yet…about a slave that is being punished because she disobeyed. It’s a bit harsh so if you feel that slavery in this manner is degrading to women, as I am writing from the viewpoint of the fact she is a slave, then please, don’t continue reading. This is not about hurting or abusing anyone. The lifestyle is a consensual choice with a signed contract and the submissive is ALWAYS in charge and trust is the number one factor.


“Please master, I promise I won’t do that again.” Shivering, slave girl stood in the corner, tied to the steel apparatus, awaiting her punishment. She knew what was going to happen and yet, the tears cascaded down her cheeks. Swallowing hard, she heard the whoosh of the flogger and prayed her master would use it on her.

“I have tried to be patient with you. You’re very willful and strong headed. I’m tired of reminding you of what you must do.” His tone soft but firm, the master moved behind her, patting her on her naked bottom. “Tonight you sleep in your cage.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Your privileges for television are revoked for the rest of the week.”

“Thank you, sir,” slave girl breathed, grateful that he was punishing her. It had been a difficult week trying to hide the lies. She wanted to be good, but the lifestyle was harder for her than she had originally thought. Slave girl though about her previous life, which was a shameless act. Giving up her former squalor to live with her master was wonderful and freeing and she worshipped him.


The leather tails slashed across her ass in hard, rapid succession sending anguish racing through her body. “You will learn one way or the other,” master hissed, cracking the whip across her back and ass cheeks.

Crack! Whoosh!

Slave girl jerked against her restraints, the leather bindings biting into the tender flesh of her wrists. “Aaaahhhh!” Instantly she bit back the scream. She wasn’t allowed to make noise when being disciplined.

Master growled. “Willful. When will you learn?”


“Enough!” He pressed the back of his hand across the heat of her neck. “I love you so very much and want the best for you and you know that. When you lie and steal and forget to do your chores, it hurts me desperately.”

Slave girl hated disappointing him and her master had warned her that she would have set backs. Lowering her head, she was ready to accept her punishment.

“I’m very angry with you and I realize that you must learn.”

Crack! Pop!

Master whipped her hard as she bit back strangled moans. Somewhere in the shower of pain that ripped through her body, something else happened. Ecstasy raced through her until she was blinded with hunger for please him and serve him, her master and the one man that had saved her from herself. All the years she had spent fighting who she really was until she was lost in a sea of self-mutilation, going from man to man in an endless series of pain. Slave girl was a broken soul until she met her master and now she knew love and honesty and felt safe in his strong arms.

And she had disobeyed him.

“Please master, help me learn.”

He inhaled deeply and slid his finger down her spin to the crack of her ass. “Perhaps I will allow you to pleasure me.”

“Please, sir!” As he inched his finger past her ass cheeks, to her dark hole, she stiffened. Slave girl hated to be touched there, fucked there and master knew it. Shutting down her raging fear and emotions, she willed her body into a place of peace, succumbing to his touch, his needs.

“That’s it. You’re learning. Relax and open to me.” Inserting a single finger inside her most forbidden place, he purred. “You’re always so tight. We’re going to need to take care of that. Tonight’s training will be about getting your sweet little ass ready for me.”

Slave girl shook, clenching her mouth shut as he pressed a finger inside her ass, ignoring her whimpers. Inserting a second and then a third, he pushed past the tight ring of muscles. “Oooohhhh….” Her voice barely audible, she heard his disgruntled hiss. Concentrating on not crying out, she clenched her eyes shut as he flexed his fingers open and closed as he drove into her in an almost manic manner.

“That’s it. You’re doing very well.” In and out the master thrust until he jerked his hand free and sighed. “Yes, it’s time to get you prepared. I’m going to your that sweet ass of yours this weekend.”

Hearing a noise, she longed to turn around and look, but knew better. She swallowed hard and fought every whimper, every tell tale sign of her heart.

“This will hurt, but soon your body will accept it. You’re going to wear this one until tomorrow night except for going to the bathroom and then tomorrow night we’ll replace this one with a larger one and again until you’re ready to take my cock. Do you understand?”

Every part of her longed to scream out NO, but instead, she bit her tongue.


“What I ask you a question, you answer!” Master barked.

“Yes, sir!”

“Good girl.” He pressed the anal plug past her entrance, gently pushing it inside.

Slave girl felt her muscles clench around the invasion and as the pain forced a series of ragged shivers dancing down her spine, she knew what he was doing was right.

“That’s it. Almost inside.” Master patted her on the ass and kissed her neck. “Good girl.” He began unshackling her arms from the tight leather cuffs that held her to the “x” cross. “Now, your behavior is very bad indeed my slave girl.”

Slave girl thought her punishment was over. Sleeping in the cage she hated more than anything. What could be worse? As he slipped her ankles free, master turned her around and kissed her forehead.

“I love you very much and this pains me tremendously.”

Her eyes opened wide. “But…”

He held her against his chest, rocking her gently. “It’ll be all right. You’ll learn soon enough my beautiful slave girl.”

As he pushed her back and took a small key from his pocket, a single tear fell from his eye.

Slave girl knew exactly what was happening. Her heart raced as he unlocked the sterling silver piece that had only been around her neck for one month. He was taking away her collar. “No…”

As master removed the thick leather from around her neck, he sighed and shook his head. “I hope I never have to do this again.”

Watching him walk away, slave girl was able to wait until he left the room before she burst into tears. Nothing in her life had ever felt so wretched.

Just a little taste of what might happen if you disobey your master. I hope you enjoyed.

Kisses   xxx


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15 Responses to Could you handle becoming a slave?

  1. chris says:

    Amazing Simply Amazing. Is this in one your books yet i would love to read more.


  2. piper says:

    that was good
    your’re a good writer!


  3. piper says:

    i think i would handle being a slave


    • behalle says:

      thank you very much for your comments. I desire the same and it’s interesting when you finally admit it to yourself and very freeing as well. Thank you for the comments about the book too I hope when it comes out you so enjoy!


  4. piper says:

    i most likely will


  5. ProudMonarchist101 says:

    of course i could, id like to be a slave (to a beautiful woman obviously) I can handle it


  6. Heather says:

    This brought tears to my eyes.


  7. shawn says:

    I could become a slave


  8. magikdolls says:

    Thank you thank you thank you


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