Isn’t that a saucy question? In honor of the upcoming anthology I created that includes so many talented Rebel Ink Press writers – I thought I’d give you a taste of one of my two cougar pieces… try and imagine what you’d like to unwrap under the Christmas tree – toys take on an entirely new meaning. Coming on October 3rd.


Stunned, Cristal dropped the naughty outfit and whimpered through the kiss. Every part of her body on fire, she could no longer breathe as she tried to collect her thoughts and focus, yet the savage beast caged for so many years forced its way to the surface. Bursting free, she wrapped her arms around his neck, drawing him closer. As they explored the dark recesses of the other’s mouth, feelings of ecstasy exploded throughout her body.

Thorne grunted and pushed her hard against the wall, the thud reverberating through the room, mixing with the excited gasps. Pressing his hands down her arms, he gathered the silk between his fingers and lifted her dress slowly as he ground his hips back and forth across hers.


Cristal Collier was hungry for a man, but her cheating ex husband had left her for a blond twenty-something vixen and her self-esteem was shot. Her friends were tired of putting up with her hiding in the dark confines of her home and were determined to ignite a fire. During a sinful Christmas party, a naughty rouse was put to the test and her best friend Wendy knew exactly how to jump start Cristal’s love life, or at least garner her a wicked tryst. She knew her brother was Cristal’s secret fantasy and one she refused to explore. During the sinful white elephant gift exchange, the cards were stacked.

 Thorne Mitchell was sixteen years her junior and had a serious crush on the stunning copper haired beauty. After a shared kiss years before, she had pushed him out of her life and he had fled the state. Now, he was bound and determined not only to seduce her, but also win her heart. After engaging in a shameless round of sex including a moment in front of their friends, she refused to see him again. Planning a scintillating game of his own, he pulled out every stop, but Cristal couldn’t take the heat. As an early snowfall blanketed the twinkling lights of Baltimore, he finally gave up, going home to soothe his soul. He knew Santa Claus wasn’t coming to his house that year. Would he ever be able to unwrap the precious gift again?


Purr little mistletoe babies – I hope you enjoyed…

Kisses   xxx


About Cassandre Dayne

Cassandre Dayne is the pseudo for the best selling author of romantic suspense and thrillers
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27 Responses to ARE YOU READY TO BE UNWRAPPED? Six Sentence Sunday

  1. LOve the six! hot 🙂


  2. Perfectly written- let the animal be un-caged-


  3. Cara Bristol says:

    Steamy six. Enjoyed it.

    Thanks again for hosting me on your blog earlier this week!


  4. Smokin’. Love the pick-me-up this morning 🙂
    Awesome 6.


  5. Very hot. wish I could write this good


  6. Ray Sostre says:

    Ooo baby! Delicious Six!


  7. I’m waiting for the wild beast to be unleashed. Great six.


  8. Jean says:

    Very hot and tempting. Love those younger men and their ideas! Great six, Cassie.


  9. Very steamy! Love it. Can’t wait for the anthology to come out so I can read the rest!


  10. Eleri Stone says:

    Whoa, that is hot.


  11. Siobhan Muir says:

    *Fans self* Oh my, I want to unwrap that sort of gift under my tree! 🙂 Great six!


  12. Hot Hot Hot….did I say this was Hot? Whew….


  13. Victoria Adams says:

    A hot 6.


  14. Sharita Lira says:

    Hot Wicked Sis! 😀


  15. A very saucy six! And I don’t think I’ll ever look at Santa the same way again. lol


  16. Ana Hart says:

    Very hot, Cass! Excellent description!


  17. Vivien Dean says:

    Very hot! Thanks for sharing. 🙂


  18. Carly Fall says:

    Oh, yum. Great six! And how do I get the guy in the hay under my Christmas tree this year???


  19. Lani Rhea says:

    Hot! Hot! Hot! Great six! Loved it!


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