When HE Hungers to Be Dominated…

Well, we finally have a wonderful release date on the second in my HAWT vampire trilogy – The Fire Series. This is a series set in my town of Richmond Virginia that has an ancient vampire curse, a sexy Russian male vampire, a sexy rugged human detective, serial killers and of course HOT sex including BDSM. You see my sexy detective craves the stunning vampire and can’t figure out why. Not only does he play a prominent role in the very curse plaguing the Master race of vampires but he needs the powerful aphrodisiac afforded him by the kinky sexual acts they share…

So… in Honor of Blue Fire – Domination releasing on May 7th – Red Fire – Surrender is half price at All Romance E Books until the release. Just in case you didn’t pick up your copy, now you can and savor the flavors of two men and enjoy what some reviewers call a brutal piece. Here’s the blurb and a full first chapter for you to entice your…pallet. Tell me – how much do you hunger?



Jax Steele was a haunted man. A Detective by trade, damning visions of a wretched event had taken not only his soul but also the family he loved dearly. Living a shadowed life, he accepted every wretched case given with a vengeance, determined to right the wrongs of his horrible past. When young men began showing up slaughtered like animals, the nightmares began all over again pulling him into his own private hell. All clues led to an elusive erotic artist of Russian decent who enjoyed the dark arts of BDSM and Jax believed he’d found his killer, yet intense hungers buried deep within were awakened and he wanted nothing more than to become Aleks’ student.

Aleksandr Vasiliev carried dark secrets of his own. A monster to some, the vampire had forsaken his past and the family regime in search of a new life away from murdering humans. Unfortunately his previous subjects turned up gutted and he was the only suspect. As Jax and Aleks forged a bond to try and find the murderer, each suspected something that neither could control. As the power of domination and control swirled around their relationship, Jax was forced to face not only his ugly past but also hungers that burned deep in his soul. Betrayed, Aleks was determined to save Jax, his true mate but powerful vampires from his past threatened not only his lover but the entire human race. In a race against time, few would survive.


     An anguished scream was jerked to an instant termination with one move as the strangled echo ebbed through the narrow space. In a single flash the fresh-faced boy was changed forever, never to know or understand the true meaning of love or life, his last moments on earth filled with horror. The scintillating thought was a bit too profound on that bleak summer morning. “Ah… what I wouldn’t give for some additional playtime dear boy. You have all the makings of a true submissive.” Growling, the lithe body was dropped and hit the floor with a tremendous thud.

There was no way to adequately describe the sheer intensity of taking someone’s life into your hands. Caressing, and kneading, loving and then carving out the heart, reaching deep inside the gaping hole, the victim still so very much alive and so utterly terrified. The incredible joy of watching as the pulse of life throbs wildly and the luscious human tries to understand the ramifications of your deadly actions was a thing of beauty. Perhaps the most delicious moment of all was when their haunted eyes followed every move, dancing across your face in a heated war of life and death, their mind filled with the images of raging terror. And then just as the hint of life ebbs from the dimming eyes, you reach in, scoop out the bloody tissue with your hands, gathering the pulsing muscle, warm and tender and so delectable. Tasty. And there is nothing better than savoring the ripe, heated and dark red blood as it gushes across your hand, dripping onto the hard… cold… floor. The aroma pungent yet sweet captivates your very being and stills the chilled blood racing through your system. “Mmmm…” As the killer squatted, relishing in the memory of so many, the boy, perhaps almost a man lay twitching. Dying.

The killer was happy, no beyond happy. The intense feeling was a rapture of lust. Chuckling, the sound bounced off the walls in the tiny apartment as the pulsing reverberations of the street filtered around them. It was not dawn yet but soon enough which would mean too many prying and curious eyes and there was still work to be done. Revenge was sweet.

The knife, a remnant from the past, was still embedded more for viewing pleasure than anything else but the effect had been instantaneous. Jazzed beyond belief, the killer laughed, reached down and slathered long fingers into the pool of blood, guiding the crimson soaked tips into a hungry mouth, savoring the rich copper flavor of the golden haired boy. Too much had happened to ever be denied again the pleasures that life could offer. “You have no idea just how delicious you taste, boy. If I weren’t in a hurry I’d ravish every part of your body.” The snack was indeed overpowering in its rich heritage and succulent flavor. The whispers of people coming and going and beginning their wretched days forced a look out the window. How many more would be enjoyed? The thought and the number was staggering indeed and then again fulfilling.

The killer stood up and walked to the stove where the branding iron lay hot, skimming across the golden flicker of the ignited flame. Crude in design and meant as a tease only, the symbol was perfect. Unfortunately there was little time left before to complete the task. As the last throes of life jolted through the dead boy, his body jumped involuntarily, thrashing his long legs up and down on the hardwood floor. This kill had been too easy. It was not nearly as much fun if the ugly creatures didn’t behave like terrified prey fighting every move as the knowledge of just how fragile their life was settled into the very core of their being.

With the instrument ready, the killer smiled and advanced toward the body allowing one last look at the handy work. Yes, there was something about this particular brand of slaughter that fuelled the imagination and made the hunger burn deep inside. “Tick tock, brother. Soon it will be your time.” Crisp laughter filtered toward the slice of tangerine sky. At the last minute he jerked out the knife. Perhaps it would come into good use later.

Jax Steele stared at the back deck and sighed. Intent on getting an early start, he’d managed to sleep past the alarm and now it was already after ten. “Bloody hell.” He glared down at the load of lumber and shook his head. Leave it to Home Depot to get it wrong again. Kicking through the pieces he realized that he would have to send the majority of the load back. Another setback in a series of them broiled his blood. Hell, he had been planning the two days off now for weeks just to be able to get the project completed and now this. He had to do something with the house before it fell apart before his eyes.

Growling, he poured out the remainder of the bitter coffee over the very dead azaleas and glided inside to grab the phone. Barely inside, the rattled chirps coming from his cell phone meant one thing – the precinct. “Yeah?”

“Hey buddy, sorry to bother you on your day off but this one can’t wait. It’s fresh if ya know what I mean.”

“I thought you were taking some time off as well, Mike,” Jax hissed.

Mike chuckled, the tone dark and brooding before he hacked into the phone. “You know how it goes. Look, seriously man, this one’s gruesome and the Sergeant is all over trying to keep it quiet but the place has already turned into a madhouse and the first team just got here about twenty minutes ago.”

“How gruesome?”

“Let’s just say that the girl that found him is heavily sedated.”

“Oh shit man. Where?” Jax glanced out his back window and wondered if he was ever truly going to finish the backyard. Damn, if it wasn’t springtime in Virginia. It never failed that the worst crimes seemed to creep as the heat sizzled the city streets. Somehow the murders lately had seemed more out of the ordinary and particularly repulsive. Jax was bone weary.

“Down on East Grace. Sergeant’s adamant we take it. I’m almost there now,” Mike said, sighing heavily.

“College kid or from a drug deal?” Shit they had just closed a case in the same location only days before. Granted, this time it had been a domestic dispute that turned violent but the bloody shooting spree had kept the neighbors in terror for days until they located the victim’s son. What a damn tragedy it had been for the entire family. Jax knew that while several of the row houses had been refurbished, the area was still heavily trafficking in drugs and prostitution.

“From the ID looks like a college kid. We’re trying to locate his parents now. Hell, the poor boy was only twenty-one.”

“Do I want to know how he died?”

Mike hesitated, his breath slicing a long hiss into the phone. “No buddy, you really don’t. If it’s anything like what they said, we have a freak on our hands.”

Jax knew Mike’s tone of voice and instantly the hairs on the back of his neck stood on edge. Mike Tomlin was seasoned enough that very little bothered him. Coming from the seedier streets of New York barely four years before, Mike had truly seen the worst of man. To hear the slight rattle meant they indeed had a monster to deal with. “Give me the address, guy and I’ll be there in fifteen. Is it contained?”

“3020 and yeah, mostly, but someone tipped off the press. My guess is the kid had friends given the fact the entire street is lined with them. From what I heard the black and whites are having a difficult time keeping them out. You know how college kids can be. Ah shit! It’s a fuckin’ mad house here. Goddamn it! Why the hell couldn’t they contain this fuckin’ shit better? Goddamn idiots. Get down here buddy, I need ya bad.”

Mike’s Yankee accent always kicked in when he was pissed and at that moment, the rage reverberated through the phone lines like a bull in a china shop. “Great. Just great. Grabbing my keys now, guy.” Jax ended the call and held the phone to his forehead. There were times he hated being a detective and as the murders became more horrific, he seemed to be having difficulty keeping his distance. Perhaps he was just getting too old to deal with the vicious nature of his career. How many sleepless nights had he experienced lately? He sighed as the ugly thoughts about his life crept in past the horror of his career. Well, perhaps the bitter divorce and nasty custody battle had something to do with his haggard demeanor. There was nothing quite like hearing from a judge that he wasn’t a fit parent for a teenager. Rubbing his eyes, he pushed back the nasty thoughts. Get moving guy and stop reminiscing. It’s not going to change anything.

Jax bounded upstairs to change into more suitable attire than shorts and a tee shirt and grabbed his badge and gun, strapping the holster to his waist. The keys eluded him until his eyes locked onto a heaping bulge under the stack of a week’s worth of mail. Cursing, he finally headed out to the jeep and stood staring at the almost crystal blue sky just laced with a few puffy white clouds. “What a beautiful day for a murder.” His laugh strangled, he said a silent prayer that this one would not be as bad as his instincts told him it would be.

The drive took him less than fifteen minutes from his house. Living in the city and close to the interstates allowed him access to everything that Richmond had to offer and when the dogwoods bloomed their subtle shades of blushing pink and serene white, the downtown area became filled with activity. From festivals to music events, one could find a wide selection of food, drink and parties by just strolling down the side streets. Jax rolled down his windows and took in the teeming sounds and wafting scents of the older neighborhood. Somehow he could still take comfort from the simple pleasures even after Paula had moved to Ohio and taken his only child with her. Visitation rights had been truncated and why? Because of her lies and a damning case that haunted him to this day. Protection was the word she continued to use. Grunting, Jax pushed the ugly thoughts aside.

It certainly wasn’t difficult to locate the murder scene. “Damn it!” Mike was not over exaggerating as he usually did. How the hell did this turn in complete melee? Jax finally found a parking spot nearly two blocks away. “Shit, what a damn nightmare.” Grumbling, he climbed out of the jeep and walked toward the crowd. The closer he got the more animated the crowd appeared to be and Mike had been right, college kids lined the street. What a send off to go back to their safe little homes in surrounding states.

As Jax glanced toward the other end of the street he could see two network trucks but he suspected they were all there. Someone had absolutely talked. There was no better news than a horrific murder. He could see Mike standing outside interviewing a group of young men. From the activity in the neighboring houses, information about the murder had scorched the surrounding area.

“No, I understand. Here’s my card and if any of you think of anything you might have missed. Give me a call.” Mike nodded as he stole a glance in Jax’s direction.

Jax waited until the wide-eyed kids walked away. He couldn’t help but notice how haggard Mike appeared. His face was positively ashen, which was never a good sign. Nothing bothered the old bruiser. “They know anything?”

“Nope. No one heard or saw a thing that I can find.” Mike moved closer to Jax. “I tell you what, from the fuckin’ scene man, I have no idea why that kid wouldn’t have screamed bloody murder all through… all through the… gutting.”

“Gutting?” Jax eyed the doorway, which had been taped off and yet the front porch was brimming with activity. “Medical Examiner here?”

“Just arrived. Come on, but I’m serious, this one will, well, it’s gonna burn your ass.” Mike eyed him like he was a rookie cop and led the way towards the front porch.

As they entered the house, Jax had the vile stench of flesh and blood hit his senses like a jolt of electricity. “Shit!” The place was sweltering as if closed off for some time and he suspected that given the age of the building there was no air conditioning.

“Yeah. Better take this.” Mike held out a cloth and nodded to the other officers.

Jax held the cloth over his mouth as they neared the back of the house close to what appeared to be the kitchen and could just make out legs covered in what he knew instinctively was blood. Copious volumes of blood were splashed in the doorway and on every surface he could see. The closer they got to the scene, the worse the putrid smell became. The medical examiner looked up and shook her head and he didn’t like the look on her normally reserved face. He and Dr. Charlotte Banning had worked together on too many damning cases over the last two years she had been on the job, but little bothered her. Her look was that of the walking wounded.

“Detective Steele. Glad you could make our little party.” Dr. Banning stood and pulled off her gloves. “This one likes souvenirs.”

“What did he take?” Jax eyed the haunted face of the two officers standing close. The stink of fresh vomit radiated around the room.

“Take a look for yourself.” Charlotte moved back allowing him access.

For a long moment Jax wasn’t entirely certain of what he was seeing. Yet as he stared at the horrific picture of gaping flesh and congealed blood his heart fluttered in a near panic state. “What… the… hell?” The open cavern that had once been the young boy’s chest was now barely recognizable. Mutilated bone fragments and slathers of flesh were pushed aside revealing a darkened hole where his heart used to be. Jax swallowed hard, lowered the cloth from his mouth and took a step back. The smell thrashed through his system reminding him that there were vile creatures in the world.

“You all right, buddy?” Mike asked, flanking his side and nodding toward the body. “Poor dumb shit. What the hell could have done that?”

Jax somehow managed to lower his shaking form down onto his knees and while he waivered back and forth, he was able to keep the nausea at bay. The golden strands of the kid’s shoulder length hair fell across his horror filled face. Whatever the boy had seen mere seconds before he’d been slaughtered remained in his stricken glassy eyes.  “Damn it!” He had to look away. It had always been the eyes that he could barely take. The victims always had the same look as if somehow they simply couldn’t believe that there was truly anyone capable of such violence. And this killer, this butcher was a living, breathing nightmare.

As he looked more closely he couldn’t believe the level of violence that encapsulated his entire body. Granted, there was so much blood that he couldn’t make out the extent of his injuries but the killer had taken his time with the slaughter. “Can I examine?”

“Just put these on.” Charlotte handed him a pair of latex gloves. “You and I have to stop meeting like this Detective or people are going to talk.”

Sighing, Jax glanced up into her eyes and nodded. They all joked to aid the wretched acts but this time there was little that could be said.

“Doc, what the hell could have done the chiseling to his ribs and stuff? I mean, holy shit that doesn’t look like it was done with any machine,” Mike asked quietly.

“Could be a hack saw in truth but I won’t know until I get him down to the lab,” Charlotte breathed, shaking her head back and forth.

“I ain’t never seen a hack saw that could do something like that,” Mike chortled.

“The guy would have to be pretty damn strong.” Jax slipped his fingers across the flap of skin, pushing it aside and touching the edge of one of the ribs. He glanced to his left and could see broken bits and pieces of bones in chunks indicating the killer ripped out the ribs. “There is something weird about this.”

“That’s the understatement of the year, Detective.” Charlotte sighed. “Hey, can you guys keep the press out of here?” She barked toward the back door eyeing the blond creeping closer.

“I’ll get her.” Mike hissed and moved around them.

While the kid was naked, a bloody towel covered his torso. “Was he found covered?”

“No. I did it because the first two officers couldn’t stop retching. Don’t worry your officers were able to take pictures before the evidence was disturbed.” Charlotte crossed her arms. “I can honestly say in my long years doing this Jax, I’ve never seen anything like this and I dare say I don’t want to again.”

Jax shook his head and lowered the towel. In his career of almost eighteen years, he’d seen people beaten to death, near beheadings and even certain forms of bondage torture, but the sight below him was almost too much for his system to bear and took a particular brand of sick to inflict. “Oh fuck… I…” He could feel the first threat of vomit rattle from the depths of his belly and it took everything he had to calm the raging storm.

“I know.” Charlotte put her hand on his shoulder.

Jax closed his eyes. “For the love of God don’t allow this to get out or we’ll have more nut cases that we can handle.”

“You know what freaks me out the most about this?” Charlotte whispered.

“I’m afraid to ask you.”

“I think it was bitten off.”

Jax slid his eyes apprehensively toward the body, lowering the towel all the way down his bruised legs. He reached out, his hands shaking to the point he clenched them closed and willed his nerves to calm down. Gingerly he touched the edge of the boy’s penis and fought the whimper that nearly erupted from his throat. The jagged edge did indeed look like a strong set of jaws had bitten off the bruised muscle. “Pre- or postmortem?” Jax shivered and closed his eyes. Who the fuck and why would they do something like this?

“Given the state of the blood surrounding the muscle and the condition, I would say the poor kid was very much alive.” Charlotte sighed and she moved onto her knees as she pointed toward the edge. “And this I need to check but I think the kid was, um… hard when it happened and that, um, helped the killer be able to… to force it a bit easier into his rectum.”

Jax nodded as Mike walked back into the room, his gaze settling across the bloody mess.

“Ho-ly fuckin’ Jesus Christ! What the fuck is going on here?”

“Like I said, no one knows this. I have a terrible feeling there is much more going on with this murder than we will begin to understand.” Jax stood, his legs shaky and rubbed his eyes. “I don’t understand why the kid didn’t scream bloody murder.”

“Simple, his larynx was crushed and from the looks of it, by a blunt force.” Charlotte stood.

“No hand prints?” Jax asked.


Jax looked at Mike. “The kid was probably surprised and incapacitated first.”

Charlotte nodded. “Okay boys, I need to get back to work.”

“Detective Steele?” A fresh-faced officer kept his wide eyes pinned onto Jax’s face but it was easy to tell he had glimpsed enough.


“The boy’s parents are on the phone and they’re demanding that they talk to the officer in charge.”

“That would be you, buddy.” Mike nodded.

This was the part of his damning job that he hated the most. “I’ll be right there.” Jax glanced back at the boy one last time trying to figure out what the hell to say to his parents.

Jax sat on his dilapidated back deck swilling a cold beer and contemplating life and at the moment, his own. He was a beaten man in every way and this case just might do him in. “Poor bastard.” The beautiful early May evening still held a slight chill and somehow the tingles that raced down his body reminded him that he was very much alive. It would be a very long time before he would get the vivid and brutalized pictures of the handsome boy out of his mind. Dear God what the kid must have gone through. The torture was unlike anything he had ever seen. His mind raced around the evidence, what little there was. A selected team, himself included, had remained in the house long after Charlotte had taken the body away but found nothing that would indicate either motive or that someone had entered without being invited.

From what they could tell, the boy had gotten back from a club as evidenced by the entrance tattoo. The garish stamp remained on his hand from the night before and Mike had jumped on that lead. In truth, Jax was grateful. He was emotionally drained from the scene. By all appearances Greg Barnes was an upstanding senior getting ready to graduate from Virginia Commonwealth University with a degree is mass communications. Too bad he wouldn’t make his graduation.

As Jax sipped his beer he tried to figure out why someone would want to slaughter a seemingly nice kid from a well-respected family from Indiana. The Dean had been very helpful telling him that he made better than average grades and had never been in trouble with the school. Greg had no criminal record and from what his friends had said, he didn’t use drugs or get involved with the crazy party scene. Perhaps Greg had simply been in the wrong place at the wrong time. Perhaps. Or maybe he thwarted the killer somehow.

He knew little about Dark Towers except that they attracted a rather Gothic crowd of partygoers; however, the sultry club did cater to some particular proclivities and ones that were not for the faint of heart. Somehow the dark club seemed out of place for Greg. He gazed at the almost full moon as it rose in all its dazzling glory over the mists of tangerine and crimson horizon and realized he needed a real vacation.

“I thought I’d find you back here.” Her soft lilt fluttered across the end of the deck.

Jax smiled. “Hey stranger. Rough day?”

“Evidently not as rough as some.” She inched forward, keeping her eyes locked onto his.

His one delight as of late, Amanda Parker was not only a very good friend and had seen him through the last stages of his court battle but they enjoyed each other’s bodies on the somewhat rare occasion that they could be together. She worked too many night shifts as a nurse at MCV and knew her own level of horror from the emergency cases. They commiserated over their separate horror stories far too often. He shrugged. “Yeah, you’re right. I thought you had to work.”

Amanda walked up the steps slowly, her face saddened and sat beside him. Taking his hand, she feathered her thumb across his palm in slow and lazy motions.

“I heard the anguish in your voice and managed to switch swifts with another girl. I couldn’t leave you alone all night long tonight. I just couldn’t. You sounded so… haunted. It scared me this time, Jax. No matter how strong you are, this time… I don’t know.” Amanda gazed at the moon and shook her head.

“It’s nice somebody worries about me.” Jax took her hand and brought it to his mouth, pressing her fingers across his lips. Her perfume, a beautiful exotic mixture of citrus and jasmine filled his nostrils finally forcing the damning stench away. Swallowing hard, he inched back and eased her chin toward him. He stared into her beautiful eyes, highlighted by the soft glow from the kitchen light and the shimmers from the dancing moon.

“You know I worry… after…”

“I know, but I’m okay. I just wish I could get a handle on this thing.”

“From what you told me I don’t think anyone could be able to get a handle on it. There are monsters in the world that is for certain.”

“Yeah and I know you’ve seen your share, Mandy.”

“I have, but fortunately most of my patients are alive and not mutilated.”

While he had been unable to tell her much, she knew him well enough to know when a case bothered him and this one could possible torture what was left of his soul. Hell, he had even been called to her hospital more than once and worked on cases together.

“I know.” Light wind whipped through her golden locks framing her lovely face and he couldn’t resist leaning in to brush his lips across hers.

“Mmmm…” Amanda sighed and fell into the kiss, wrapping her arm around his waist and guiding him closer to her body.

Jax slid his hand back to cup her lithe neck, kneading her moist skin as he pressed his tongue past her lips, drinking in her sweet essence. She fit into his arms so well and the moment the heat of their bodies slicked together, he was hungry. The tangy hit of sour cherries filled his mouth stirring his cock. His slid his hand down her back, caressing her with gentle touches as the kiss became more manic. He yanked her as close as their bodies would allow and tipped her head back, forcing his tongue further inside, tasting and exploring her mouth as she moaned and shivered with every touch.

He inched the edge of her thin skirt further up her thighs, tracing circle after circle over her creamy skin sensing her growing hunger. Breaking the kiss, he darted his tongue out to taste her sultry skin. With each passing second his cock grew harder, pressing into his jeans painfully, begging for release.

“Jax… oh… Jax…” Her whispers now breathless, Amanda palmed his chest and pushed back gently.

“What’s wrong, baby?” Gingerly he slipped his fingers into her silky tresses, pulling her head back and exposing her neck. Using just the tip of his tongue, he licked from the edge of her chin down to the pulse of her life, slowly lathering her glistening skin with wet pulses.

“I… hold on Jax… I…” She pushed back again and sighed, her voice ragged.

Unsure, Jax stopped. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing’s wrong… it’s just…” Her eyes darted back and forth across his. “Hey, let me get you another beer and I could use one myself.” She smiled, her look sliced with a wicked bent.

“Okay.” Hmmm… her game tonight perhaps? He loved with [P1] she was a teasing little vixen.

Amanda stood and walked toward the back door, stopping briefly as she opened it and turned slowly to stare at him, her smile now mischievous.

Jax adjusted his crotch and shook his head. In the three short months they’d been lovers, they’d only been together four times, but each time had been more enjoyable. He sipped the last dregs of his now lukewarm beer and tossed it in the trashcan meant for his work on the deck. Well, at least it was getting a work out anyway. He took one more look at the night sky and smiled as he stood. Greg Barnes could wait for a little while longer.

He stood watching her sensuous form from the back door. There were times he was terrified that he would crush her petite body. Standing barely over five foot two, her rough and tumble demeanor somehow didn’t fit her ultra feminine beauty, soft and sweet. Yet the combination worked for her. Intelligent and very in tune to his needs, their relationship was easy and yet the passion was there. He advanced toward her as she grabbed the bottle opener and pulled the top on two Coronas. Somehow he’d been surprised that she enjoyed beer almost as much as he did. He would have imagined her for a wine drinker but instead she craved an ice-cold beer straight out of the bottle. It was just one in a series of things about the girl that gave him a needed smile.

Amanda turned and slid back against the counter holding out one beer while she took a long pull on hers.

He could see her eyes twinkling even in the dim lighting and in this moment he wanted nothing more than to be inside her hot pussy. They both played the titillating cat and mouse game for a few moments, allowing ravishing looks and subtle gestures of raw desire. “You turn me on, lady.”

“You turn me on as well. So, um, what’re we going to do about it?”

Jax chuckled. Moving toward her with the stealth of a cat in raging heat, he grinned and blazed a long and sensuous trail down the length of her voluptuous body. Dressed in a fuchsia tank top and the barest slip of a skirt, he could see the hard tips of her nipples pressing through the tight material forcing his cock to throb against his shorts. He took another long swig of his beer, all the while keeping his eyes locked onto hers.

With lazy abandon, Amanda slid her tongue around the opening of the beer as her eyes danced back and forth across his. She brushed her hand down the length of the bottle, gripping it tightly as she darted her tongue out, feathering long licks down the neck to the just where the glass began to bubble out into its thick base.

Jax watched her sensuous moves as she continued her little play, becoming the vixen that she loved to tease him with. He chuckled and slanted his eyes as she continued licking and drawing the bottle in and out of her mouth in long luxurious movements allowing just the barest hints of whimpers to flow around her nefarious actions.

Taking the bottle out with a forced pop, Amanda wiggled against the counter. “Mmmm… so… damn… tasty.” With a toss of her head she laughed, the golden timbre easing across the heat of his skin sizzling the prickles that danced in frenetic motions.

The hunger within him grew to the point he could no longer play the game. And damn the consequences, he had to have her right then. His motions a touch crazed, he jerked the bottle out of her hand and set both down on the far counter with a thud. “I want you, baby. I have to have you.”

She giggled and pushed back at him, scooting around him quickly and darting for the hallway.

Jax caught her within two steps and jerked her quivering body to his.

Squealing loudly, she laughed and pushed harder. “Oh you think you can get what you want all the time, huh?”

“Yes I do.” In one easy motion, he jerked her slinky top up and over her shoulders and pitched the unwanted material to the tile floor. Her firm naked breasts caught his attention and he marveled at their round beauty for a moment, relishing the way her nipples were hard reminding him of perfect rosy diamonds. Remembering how they fit perfectly in his large hand, he licked his lips and toyed with her until he had to have a taste of her sweet flesh. With nothing but the need to devour her on his mind, he lowered his head and captured her nipple, suckling until she moaned.

“Oh… Jax” Amanda tossed her head, sending her back into a deep arch as her hands clawed his arms.

He licked her nipple, tasting the sweet essence of her tender flesh as he cradled her in his arms, drawing her closer to his throbbing cock. Her soft whimpers fueled his growing hunger and he drew her bud between his teeth, biting down with enough pressure she squirmed and moaned, kicking her legs out.

“God, Jax, what you do to me!” With one hand she snaked her fingers down his chest and slid her tips just underneath the waistband of his shorts. Easily finding the end of his shaft, she teased feathering him with short swipes as she purred.

Jax broke his hold and groaned. “Careful how you’re teasing me woman.”

Encouraged, she slid her hand in further, grasping his cock and pulsing up and down as she forced her arched body up to stare into his eyes. “Oh yeah? Whatcha gonna do about it?”

Growling, he placed his hands around her buttocks and jerked her body to his dick, pressing his throbbing shaft into her belly, shifting his hips back and forth. “Hmmm… You’ve teased me too long girl.” He kissed her savagely, forcing his tongue past her lips for a shameless moment ravaging her mouth as his hands kneaded her ass with rough touches.

Her fingers entwined in his shaggy midnight locks, drawing them closer and forcing her sandals off to cascade to the floor. Amanda whimpered and ground her hips into his throbbing erection as her fingers danced down the heat of his neck.

As hungry as he had ever been, Jax dragged her body toward the outer wall, kicking his shoes off in the process. He pushed her against the counter roughly and allowed her feet to touch the floor. Fumbling, he found the button and zipper and his actions become that of a wild beast as he jerked her skirt down past her hips.


He pushed the skirt to the floor and lifted her lithe body, kicking the material to the side. “What? Don’t you want me?”

“God, yes!” Her hands jerked at his drawstring and freed his pulsing cock.

Grunting, he gripped the tiny slip of elastic that held her lacy purple thong and wrangled the saucy material down and off, the slight sound of the gauzy material ripping at his imploring touch sent shivers racing down his spine. He stared down at her glorious naked body and licked his lips, ready to consume every drop of her luscious cream.

One hand wrapped around his cock while the other cupped his balls, squeezing until he moaned.

“Oh God, Jax… fuck me.”

Jax closed his eyes, relishing in the way her hands gripped and caressed, her nails scraping down the length of his shaft. Panting, his blood sizzled, searing every nerve ending as he heard the thumping of her heart beating in her chest and he could barely contain his manic actions. “Ummm… baby, you keep doing that and I just might impale you right here.”

Amanda giggled and began pulsing his cock up and down, sliding her hand from tip to base as her other hand traced circles around his swollen balls, first one and then the other, taking her time to enjoy the feel of him. Standing on her tiptoes, she pressed kisses into the heat of his neck, darting her tongue to taste his flesh.

Unable to hold back his desperate need any longer, he picked her up and sat her down on the counter, pushing her back against the tile wall and pressing her legs apart. Cupping her buttocks, he inched her forward until her ass was directly at the edge.

“First baby, I taste your hot little pussy.” Grinning, he lowered his head and darted several short licks across the edge of her rosy clit.

“Ohohohoh….” Amanda laughed and wrapped her fingers around his shaggy locks, drawing his face in closer. “Sweet Jesus.”

He glided his tongue up and down her sizzling heat tasting the sweet ambrosia of her cream as she moaned, writhing with every lick. “You taste so damn good like fresh honey.”

Amanda tilted her head and closed her eyes. “God baby, lick me.”

Her wish was his command and his pleasure. Burying his face into her slick pussy, Jax licked and laved, suckling her clit between his teeth, biting down until she whimpered. Using his fingers, he danced in and out of her pussy as her muscles clenched around him, shivering at his invasion. He drove into her as deep as her body would allow as he continued his near assault on her pussy, licking her with frenetic motions, up and down from top to bottom. Her taste was nothing like he had ever experienced before, succulent and sweet.

Amanda moaned and opened her legs further apart, allowing him complete access. Panting, she struggled as she opened and closed her eyes. “Jax… I’m… oh shit, I can’t hold… it!” Raking her nails across his neck, her body jerked and pitched as her legs shook and closed around his head.

Jax thrust his tongue and finger inside in long driving motions, in and out as she milked and shimmied.

“Cum baby, cum for me.” His motions almost frantic, he jerked her forward as the first wave of her climax rushed through her system thrashing her body up from the cold slice of the counter.

“Aaaahhhhhh… oooohhhhh…” Her head tossing from side to side, she grabbed and clawed struggling as he continued thrusting in and out. “Oh Jax… I… oh… shit!” Another wave stole her ragged whisper until the scream became a silent calling, an urgent begging.

He lapped at her flowing juice, opening her slick folds to suckle every last drop. He held her quivering body until she stopped pulsing, nipping the tender flesh of her clit. Slowly, he raised his head and stared into her glassy eyes, rich with lust and ripe with continued need, matching his own almost brutal need to impale her. He shuddered realizing at that moment he was more beast than man.

Amanda’s eyes fluttered open and closed and finally open to stare into his as she continued panting, yet she reached for him. “Jax, fuck me.”

Jax sighed and raised his head, staring down at her, his vision clouded by the almost insanity of his crazed lust. Tipping his head, he lifted her hips and placed the tip of his blood-engorged cock just to her entrance. “I don’t think I can be gentle here, baby. I’m too fucking desperate to have you, to be inside.”

Amanda grabbed his arms as her eyes became smoky pools. “Don’t be.”

As the electric current sizzled and crackled around them in jolting bolts of sheer energy, he realized that there was no way he could stop. He had to have her, had to possess her. With one long stroke, he plunged the entire length of his cock inside her molten pussy thrusting her back against the hard cool tile. Slam after slam he drove into her core, driving in to her as her pussy muscles clenched and milked his swelling shaft, throbbing and pulsing with every move. Every touch brought them both closer to a magical level of nirvana.

Panting, she wrapped her hands around his neck straining to meet every thrust with her own. Their anguished cries of savage hunger permeated the room sending sparkles of lilting sounds cascaded in pulsing beats, matching the sultry strains of guitar from the jazz music filtering from the living room. They moved together, body against body, heart beating as one until the sheer rapture of ecstasy took them both catapulting into the sea of wicked desire.

His emotions racing with his crazed pulse, he drove into her harder and deeper until they both screamed, their voices strangled. Their orgasms ripped through their bodies in a constant stream of ragged waves, crashing over them until they both were stunned from the incredible level of rapture that finally drove them into exhaustion.

In the breathless aftermath they held each other, caressing gently as she nuzzled into the heat of his neck.

“Mmm…” Sated and content, Jax pressed a series of kisses against her shimmering cheek.

“I love you.” Her soft whisper floated across them like a peaceful breeze.

Jax opened his eyes wide and swallowed hard.

I hope you enjoyed and here’s the buy link and a little sexy video about the series to get you all hot and bothered.

Kisses   xxx



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4 Responses to When HE Hungers to Be Dominated…

  1. Ok, wow…I need to read both of these books….


  2. meingee says:

    I just finished Red fire and cannot wait to see what happens in Blue Fire.


  3. meingee says:

    I just finished reading Red Fire and cannot wait to see what happens in Blue Fire.


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