Hungry For Me? Flash Fiction Friday

It’s that time again – a little flashing for you. What is it? It’s several sexy authors penning 100 words exactly to tell a delicious tale about a sexy picture. Here’s my rendition this week and it’s based on an upcoming emotional journey of one’s woman’s decision to become a sub – On Becoming His. Take a look…

Hungry for Me?

Jezebel stared at her reflection in the mirror and sighed. The late nights dreaming and the anticipation were incredible, yet she remained apprehensive. This wasn’t the cautious and hungry girl from two months before. This woman was stronger somehow and much more alive than ever. Placing her hands over her eyes, she inhaled deeply, thinking about Luke.

From his quiet demeanor and calculated level of patience, he was molding her without harsh words. Jessie heard the phone and was dragged out of her moment of reverie. After all her Sir was calling. “Hello.”

“Hungry for me?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Be ready.”

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19 Responses to Hungry For Me? Flash Fiction Friday

  1. fantasttically sexy! I love the way you craft and mold words, underlyng messages and meanings hidden within the text. Gives me the shivers in such a good way.


  2. Oh wow, this is wonderful…goes so well with the picture…


  3. Muffy Wilson says:

    Wonderful, as usuals, Cassandra. I don’t understand the whole world of BDSM, but you make me want to, Mistress:) xo


  4. ER Pierce says:

    As always — well written and layered. Sexy and evocative. Excellent flash, Cass


  5. S. J. Maylee says:

    he was molding her without harsh words, love it, she’s a lucky girl
    I’m ready for more!!


  6. Kendel Davi says:

    Very good and temptingly sexy! “Be ready!” Wonderful, just wonderful!


  7. That was suspenseful and sexy. Thank you. Beautiful flash!


  8. Gemma Parkes says:

    Ah, l love a man of few words! Hot post!


  9. Verity Ant says:

    Your writing is always excellent. This gives me one more reason to love Fridays. (And your guy reminds me of Derek, my Dom. Yummm.)


  10. Venus says:

    Love the flow of this. Fantastic FFF!


  11. Sancre Darling says:

    ohhhh sub in training. This would be interesting. Can she see what he has in store for her?


  12. Well, Mr. Luke is a lucky man to have such a willing subject as a Jezebel. I can only imagine the patience required to get her to see herself through his eyes. To see beneath the strong, beautiful woman public persona and to see the needy, hungry submissive underneath the fascade. Excellent post Ms Cass, excellent indeed.


  13. Davee Jones says:

    You’ve well defined the intensity and depth of their relationship with your description of her feelings. Great FFF


  14. Sherry Palmer/Michelle Chatton says:

    Interesting take on the picture. But does anyone ever truly see beneath the facade or worse what if the facade is the “true” person. To be a true submissive there must be no ego, all must be let go and only the trust and love can be there. For that her Dom must give her the courage to be her true self but more importantly HE must be his true self. I loved this, it made me think about those that think they are hiding behind a mask when in reality they are showing their true self all the time, but just don’t want to admit it. Did what a perfect Flash should, it made me think and be curious about the “whole” true story…wonder if you will expand on it?


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