The Art of a Hard Spanking…the Switch

It’s that time of the week again where I talk about spanking. The word alone seems to bring about an intense series of emotions within people. I ask couples if they practice this in their relationship either as a sensual treat or for discipline and the majority blush. Why? Most of us were spanked as a child. We understand the concept. If we did something REALLY wrong, our little asses were spanked. Usually dad was the disciplinarian but sometimes mom packed a mean hand slap. Didn’t she? The Birch swtich pictureOh Lordy. Then things changed in society… But THAT’S another story.

I honestly do think more couples are exploring the art of spanking in the bedroom and beyond. Let’s face it, it’s sexy and exciting and you can make it as soft and sensual or as hard and swift as needed. Personally I think there needs to be one Head of Household in the family. Two in charge just doesn’t cut it. I also think every adult in every walk of life needs a little discipline now and then, punishment when they’ve done something wrong. We have prisons full of people who performed illegal activities. Why can’t we have more down to earth punishment for basic lies, cheating, stealing (we all steal something. A pen. A box of chocolates. You know you’ve done it)?  Why? The world would be a happier place if bottoms were bruised. Just my opinion. So we’ve gone on a little journey these past few weeks with regards to spanking and implements used.

I heard an interesting comment from an author the other day, who also lives in a domestic discipline relationship. He said the term spanking was often used incorrectly in that it’s only meant when the person receives a hand spanking. Well, I honestly disagree. Maybe it is a catchall phrase but I don’t think we all want to starting using several like belting, caning, switching, flogging. Well, wait a minute… Hmm… That does make me think. We also use those terms and often. We are a society that loves our labels, don’t we?

For the sake of my blog series – we’ll just call what is happening a hard spanking. Now let’s get on to the meat of the piece. I’ve given you a taste of everything from a hand spanking to a belt and today I wanted to bring you a switch. Now, we just talked about the use of a cane, but the cane is produced and designed by man for the single purpose of discipline. The switch is natural. The implement is made from the bushes that grow in your yard where dad used to go out and cut one with a pocketknife. Do you remember those days? Typically wood from a birch or willow tree is used but almost any flexible wood can be used. Normally all the leaves and/or small twigs are removed, leaving the rod smooth. The best use is right after it’s cut from the vine. This is a very effective means of giving the quick sting and for the one wielding the implement, it’s all about the snap of the wrist.

Now take this a step forward into the modern world and you and your spouse practice domestic discipline. I think for every situation in which a switch is used, the emotional trauma of either being led outside to the area where he cuts the perfect switch, perhaps testing it before bringing the perfect piece inside, or worse having you hunt and cut your own is truly emotional. Let’s look at a short story Pillow under tummyto give you the idea.

“Brenda, come here,” Steve said as he sat down at the kitchen table.

Brenda eased into the seat, her heart racing. She knew what was coming. The single text he’d sent her around lunchtime at work had told her in no uncertain terms she was getting a severe punishment. There wasn’t a doubt she deserved every harsh slap or even the belt. Why in God’s name had she charged up the credit card then lied to him? Why? The term stupid came to mind. “I’m sorry. I don’t know what else to say.”

Steve shook his head. “I know you’ve been under a lot of stress lately but your behavior is unacceptable. I’m going to have to punish you this evening. Then you’re going to stand in the corner for a full thirty minutes before going straight to bed. I’m also revoking your computer privileges for a full week. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir.” Brenda’s lower lip quivered. He was pissed.

He took her hand, rubbing his fingers back and forth across her palm. “I love you very much and I want to help you become a better woman. You’re the love of my life. You have to know that and when you do these kinds of things… Well, I’m just disappointed.”

The words hurt much more than any punishment. “I understand.”

“Good. Today we’re going to use something different. We’re both going outside and selecting the perfect switch.”

Her eyes grew side. A switch? Oh God. He’d never used one before. Brenda swallowed hard. “Yes sir.” She trailed behind him as he led her to the back of their property, leading her straight past a group of neighbors who were still enjoying the late afternoon summer sun. Why did everyone have to be outside? Why did they have to see what Steve was doing?

When he arrived in front of the birch tree he turned to study her. “Birch will be very effective.”

“Yes, sir.” What the hell else could she say? Maybe she should beg for forgiveness. No, Steve had his mind made up.

Steven cut a few branches, holding each one up into the light for several seconds. Brenda knew they were exaggerated on purposed.


She jumped as he cracked one in the air.

“Not quite flexible enough,” Steve muttered as he tossed the twig and cut another.

Crack! Whoosh!

“Better, but not quite the one.” He gave her a concentrated look

Brenda was so nervous she was shaking and had no doubt the neighbors were looking on. When he cut a longer version, one that seemed damn flexible to her, she had a feeling this was the one.

Crack! Whoosh!

“Perfect.” Steve marched her back inside and when he closed the door he turned to face her. “Remove all your clothes.”

She opened her mouth then simply obeyed him. Of course she deserved this. When When only a spanking wil doshe was completely naked she glanced out the bay window and covered her breasts and pussy. There was no way her neighbors could see but she was just about as embarrassed as she could be.

“Hold your hands over your head.” Steve tapped her ass with the end of the switch. “Just stand there facing the outside while I prepare the switch.

Brenda did as she was told and after a few seconds, beads of perspiration trickled down her face. Although she could hear him preparing the switch, cutting and scraping, she was about ready to scream for him to hurry up when he approached.

“This is going go hurt and you’re going to be marked, but I think this will help you understand that what you did can never happen again. Understood?”

“Yes, sir.” Brenda clenched her eyes shut, the anticipation killing her. For a few seconds nothing happened.



Well, what do you think? It’s more about the preparation and the anticipation than the actual act – although having my body crisscrossed with welts would certainly keep me from lying and charging up a credit card again. Wouldn’t it you?

Let me know you switching experience and the most creative one will get their choice of any of my back books. I hope you enjoyed.

Kisses and spanks…



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6 Responses to The Art of a Hard Spanking…the Switch

  1. Thank you for the free books! I loved the first book! Lessons Learned is definitely On my summer reading list. As for a switching story, the only time I get the switch is for pleasure. My punishments are a bit different.
    bournmelissa at hotmail dot com


  2. It is definitely a case of the journey being more important than the destination. In my opinion it is the decision to submit, the act of acceptance, which is the erotic key. Which raises an interesting question as to ‘punishment’. When there is a very large component of consensuality (to use the BDSM expression) can it truly be described as punishment? I’m certainly not suggesting the use of coercive force, but it may help explain why so many voluntarily seek what they describe as ‘punishment’. (The author maintains a website dedicated to ‘corporal encounters’).


    • behalle says:

      I completely agree with you. So many don’t understand – not that I’m any expert. I am constantly learning but the journey both as a writer and as a woman has been amazing. Thank you very much for stopping by and for your wonderful comments


      • Hallo, behalle; A woman in Australia once said to me “It’s easy for a man. If he wants his bottom smacked all he needs is money and the Personals pages of any decent newspaper.” A quick scan confirmed her lament. A ‘bloke’ (Australian slang) almost had over-choice, when you consider that many massage parlours also offer discipline as an unspecified service. Not a single advertisement from a male, offering similar services for women.

        This might be newspaper policy (“We do not condone ‘abuse’ [my emphasis] of women.” Or it might be fear of retribution from jealous husbands or boyfriends. He won’t do it but by God nobody else is going to either!

        More likely it’s the fact that advertising such services in Australia attracts two phone-calls – one from the Taxation Department, another from the (Morals) Police. Just about anything ‘goes’ in Australia – unless you want to charge money for it.

        Whatever the reason it is still a subtle but cruel form of discrimination.

        Which leaves the encounter-bound woman in a terrible predicament. With male prudishness on the rapid incline in Australia she is faced with a truly daunting dilemma; abandon caution or face the prospect of a very protracted ‘feasibility’ study. It’s been admitted to me by one woman that she stalked me (in the nicest possible manner, I later realised) for six years before that timid life-changing knock on my front door.

        And you know, I believe the real payoff for her was being in the company of an understanding male, to regain the father-figure that had long ago abdicated his role. Just knowing it could happen was enough. Like Galileo Galilei being shown the instruments of torture the human brain did the rest.

        I still cook for her today. When I know that the utility company invoices are appearing in the mail boxes I go shopping. Perhaps it’s the stirring within me of that archetypal role of provider that makes a bread-wiped dinner plate seem far more fulfilling than even an aesthetically-marked bottom. Love does indeed change everything. Everything.


      • behalle says:

        Well Americans love to talk about spanking – but oh so hush hush. I get a lot of hits when I write about it. Funny – we area society that craves discipline. I love what you’ve done. Thank you for sharing


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