A Holiday Spanking

Yeah, I know – sounds cliché right? I just can’t help myself. I realized I’m pretty much like everybody else during the holidays – busy busy busy. What does that say about me? I have too much on my plate perhaps? We all do. There is no way around it. From work to shopping for that perfect gift and holiday parties – by the end of the week we’re pooped. And cranky. Think about this past week. Did you snap at someone this week just because and you can’t even remember why? Did you cut corners and snark about it or even said snide things to your life partner? My guess is you did. Our nerves are on edge the find that perfect gift, finish wrapping before midnight on white-shirtChristmas Eve and perfecting the next Food Network Star style cookie. Well I hate to tell you but my bet is that isn’t going to happen. The saddest part of this is we’re forgetting about the true enjoyment of Christmas, which is love and friendship. Sharing good times is what the holidays are all about. On top of all of this nuttiness I’m trying to write and some days I find it impossible. My mind is all over the place and that’s not good for an author. So I growl more.

Now that I have your attention, close your eyes and think about what might help ease all that tension rattling around in your body and mind. I know, most of us are going to say a stiff drink. Right? That will help for a little bit. Sure. A lovely glass of cabernet and a roaring fire, maybe a good book and for me a snazzy session with a tickling vibrator would help – for about two hours. Then the tension and the snippy part of my personality would come back. I just know me. Yeah, I’m bossy and pushy and have to have my way. You can laugh or roll your eyes but I generally do get my way. There are days however that I truly wish I could let go, release all the tension that builds throughout the year and seems to culminate during the holidays. I want to sing and play and have fun but I’m like everyone else, caught up in the bullshit. So… what’s the perfect method to help with this problem?

Why a series of hard maintenance spankings of course. I’ve talked about maintenance spankings before but I realized this time of year I could use one every other day or so. I have a lot of night meetings on top of the rest of the chores and I honestly can’t find nice words half of the day. I say I hate people because I’m reacting to their nastiness. I can only imagine what it would be like to have a simple text or email that tells me in no uncertain terms that when I come home I need to remove my clothes, grab the preferred implement and place it on the kitchen table and stand in the corner in anticipation of receiving one hard spanking. Whew, I am tingling just thinking cuffed and waitingabout the concept. I can envision him coming home, hearing the door close and his briefcase being placed on the floor. At that point I think I would be panting.

I know he’d wait, drive me purposely insane with my thoughts. Women tend to over think everything, worrying and wondering about what’s going to happen. The anticipation is always so much worse. Or is it? I can also just see the way he’ll take off his tie and roll up his sleeves before he takes a sip of the drink I made for him – just the way he likes. I know he’ll grab the mail, look through all the bills to make certain I haven’t purchased anything we haven’t talked about. Perhaps he’ll check the weather and pull down the blinds. Perhaps he won’t. Maybe he wants our neighbors to see that I’m a well-disciplined woman, one who needs to be spanked on a very regular basis.

I know I’d be trembling in the corner, my nose pressed against the wall as I wait for my punishment. But the oddest part about this is I have no doubt I’d feel so loved and the control he has over me will do nothing but help me be a better woman. I can hear his sighs mixed with my tiny whimpers and feel the way a slight chill slips over my naked skin. Then I hear him coming…

He presses his hands down from my neck and along my spine, ending with patting my ass. Then he’ll kiss first one then the other shoulder as he tells me I can be a good girl – WHEN I choose to be but that lately I’ve been out of focus. The words he whispers will be ones of love and honor, trust and need. He’ll remind me that his responsibility as Head of Household is to make certain I stay focused in all aspects of my life. As he takes my hand, turning me around he’ll tell me how much he loves me and that he is so happy to have me in his life. Then he’ll lead me to the chair, the one strategically placed in the middle of the room. The look on his face will be one of reverence and passion, love and domination. As he places me gingerly over his knee he’ll rub the small of my back, pat my ass – then the discipline will begin.

Crack! Slap! Pop!

Of course I’ll be wiggling and squirming, the heat and pain building. But as he continuesafter the spank there will be something else – a release of tension and all the ugly thoughts that have been racing in my head.

Slap! Crack! Crack!

Another hard round and the tears will flow. He’ll stop and tell me again how much he loves me. Then he’ll continue. When he finally says I’ve had enough and that I’ve been a good girl I know I’ll shudder inside. Then he’ll gather me in his arms and press kisses across my tears. Can you imagine what might happen next? Tension, nastiness at the holidays needs to be dealt with swiftly. My thoughts? The perfect method. How about a holiday spanking? Tell me your thoughts.

Kisses and spanks


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1 Response to A Holiday Spanking

  1. Thamyris says:

    My thoughts are overwhelmed with absorbing your thoughts, but I feel certain I would enjoy this experience from the dominant end. My fingers twitch even as I consider it.


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