Submitting to a Spanking…Being Over His Knees

I was asked by a reader to describe what being over John Patrick’s knee was like and how the spanking felt, in body and soul. Sensations and emotions are an intense combination when receiving or giving a spanking. When I thought about what my reader was asking, I honestly sat back and remembered the first time he actually pulled me over his knee and I realized, the night this happened was completely unexpected as well as cathartic in nature. This was an unexpected moment, not the planning rounds of disciplineSubmitting reflection I’d received before. When you know a hard whipping is coming, your brain processes in a completely different manner. Let’s face it. Apprehension is a powerful punishment in of itself. Just thinking about what IS going to happen later keeps a girl on her toes.

There’s been plenty of times JP said in a text, email, over the phone or in person that I was to expect a harsh punishment for an infraction or a spanking because my attitude was off. I literally tingled for the rest of the day wondering, waiting and longing for the event to be over. For me, the concept of disappointing him was so much worse than the actual punishment. To see the look in his eyes just seconds before he had me lean over a table, the bed, etc. was truly heart stopping. I’ve also asked him for a spanking because I was so tense. The release was amazing for both of us.

This was different – especially the first time. Let me say that he’d never pulled me over his knees before. We talked about it later and he told me he thought using an implement instead of his hand would make a firmer impression so to speak. In thinking back, I honestly believe he was concerned about just how personal the hand spanking was going to be. He’s a complex man and separates his dark from his vanilla side. I had no idea how or if there would be a difference. Before he pulled me over his lap, my belief was that the use of a belt or paddle would be much more effective. Boy, was I wrong on so many levels. This particular night will remain in my mind a changing our relationship.

We were playing around. We’d made dinner together, had an amazing conversation while sitting outside drinking a bottle of wine. I know I was in a mood that did nothing but tease him. There’d been no real talk about sharing any aspect of our BDSM desires that night and to the best of my knowledge, I wasn’t on the naughty list. The times we spent talking about anything and everything had become so very important to us and on a starry and very humid night, my brain had settled into the vanilla girl, the one who had equal control. I can look back now and see what I was doing, taking some control over our time together, even if in a playful manner.

I’ve written about maintenance spankings before and their importance in the role of some D/s and DD couples. The method is used for various reasons, but one in particular is to keep the chain of command in tact. Often women slip back into their previous or their Submitting no pantiesprofessional life as being the aggressor, the one in charge. For a woman such as myself, this is very easy to do. You engage in a lively conversation and mix alcohol and my true personality begins to creep out from around the edges.

And honestly? I certainly don’t know innately when I revert to the top dog. I also didn’t and never try to usurp his authority. Being the one in charge, the leader, commanding any room I walk into is my true nature. When you mix a little alcohol into my system – look out is all I’m saying. This night was like the perfect storm. Keep in mind, JP wasn’t angry with me. In fact, he was happy, relaxed and very turned on and the night ended with some of the best sex I’d had in my life – BUT… I’d crossed over the line. I’d taken the reins in our conversations as well as my actions.

The music was loud and I was dancing around, being a seductive wench, stroking his legs and brushing my fingers across his groin. He was almost in a trance, watching quietly while I performed like a porn star. What happened next I can play over in my mind and this is one I’ll never forget.

JP wrapped his hand around my forearm, pulling me toward him. He turned down the music (which was playing on the computer next to him) before gripping my other wrist. He held my hands by my side and very slowly tilted his head to look up into my eyes. He’s a big man remember, six foot five, and while I’m very tall, he can have full control over me physically very easily. I was going nowhere. At first I thought he was teasing, toying with me before taking me to bed. Oh no.

He remained unblinking for at least a minute and I can tell you the minute seemed like five, ten. There is no mistaking ‘that’ look. His big brown eyes can reflect disappointment, sadness, anger, love, and direct command at the same time. Even in the dim lighting of the computer screen, I could tell exactly what he was thinking.

I’d crossed the line. BIG time.

At that very moment my legs began to shake. This was totally new. Yes, did I have intense physical reactions after a spanking had occurred? Yes, of course, but not shaking like a leaf. The trembling crawled up to my torso then my arms. Then I realized my lower lip was quivering. John Patrick rubbed my hands and said nothing. Within two more seconds I was over his knee. He jerked my dress up and wrangled my panties off.

By this point a whimper rushed from my throat and tears were in my eyes. Tears? Now?


I was shocked how much the use of his hand hurt. Or maybe it was the surprise of being taken over his knees without direction or a comforting phrase. He always told me the spanking would be good for both of us. This time, nothing.

Slap! Crack!

He never issued a single word, but the sound of his large hand slapping my naked ass echoed in my ears. I wiggled and he placed his other hand on the small of my back as a gentle but firm reminder. In the next few minutes, I moaned with each slap and while the your belt siruse of his hand wasn’t nearly as painful as his belt, I was crying, blubbering for a little while given I’d been put in my place. The raw emotions soaring throughout my mind was a mixture of my own personal disappointment as well as longing to submit in a way he needed. No, in the very one he required. I can remember thinking about all the bad things I’d done in the recent past, all the methods of pushing his buttons I’d been doing and wandering outside my boundaries.

The punishment continued for at least five more minutes and by that point, I hear his labored breathing. I was drained but relieved and this time tingling for an entirely different reason. I’d succumbed and felt so protected and loved. John Patrick always knows exactly what I need without me saying anything. He can read me so well. This time, he needed to remind me that he was in charge.

After the spanking was over, he cradled me in his lap, rubbing my back. Then? Well, let’s just say I submitted again to his desires in as heated of a manner as the spanking. I was left breathless, completely relaxed and full of peace. Bliss. This is the only word I can use to describe. The single night changed us both and when we discussed the experience later, we could only smile. As I write this blog, I’m tingling. What does that tell you?

Kisses and spanks…


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2 Responses to Submitting to a Spanking…Being Over His Knees

  1. laurellasky says:

    Wow! That was a great description! You remember the feelings and emotions so well. I have to say reading it was very arousing. Hugs


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