Introducing…Dakotah Black

Ready for a taste? Can you handle it?

Who is she? Well, some might say the wicked Harley girl, but in truth, she’s another part of Bethany and Cassandre. Wild and wicked, she’s that girl that is the inspiration for all the luscious Tales From Lucifer’s Lair. Her creation? Pinked – a series about campy murder and mystery in a community association called Leopard’s Pointe – nestled in the heart of Chesterfield County, Virginia. A Harley rider herself, you’ll get to see her current Harley of choice, but you never know what she’ll show up in.

Writing in truth about all the things she (or her true alter ego) has experienced in managing Community Associations, Dakotah decided there had to be a snazzy bar nestled in the heart of the suburbs and one that was sure to cause trouble. Eyeing a plot of land just off Route 10 in Chester, The Flamingo Rustler was born. Owned and operated by Mick St. Simons, one very sexy 6’5″ golden haired transplant from Australia, the bar is the back drop for many of the community stories. Can you imagine what might happen after a particularly difficult Board meeting? She plans on introducing you to the talented staff in both series.

Lucifer’s Lair – the man cave in the back of the restaurant inspired by Mick’s Harley riding grandfather, he has made the snazzy joint a favored watering spot for the community leaders.

Dakotah enjoys mixing business with pleasure and writes about what she knows. Thank God she has inspired  and allowed me to write the truly sexy and naughty moments that happen in the dark confines of Lucifer’s Lair – telling the wild and wooly stories that happen there.  Join both very naughty girls as they introduce you to a lifestyle, a bar, a group of fabulous people and a few sexy concoctions along the way. Dakotah doesn’t write quite as naughty as I do, but then again, we do share certain “jeans”. Enjoy the tasty excerpt from the upcoming Ride the Wild Pony – this is bit about Mick – the handsome guy that I can tell you fuels my fantasies. Way to go Dakotah! Thanks for stopping by.


Mick stood staring down at Nicky and sighed. Why had she said those things to him? A fake? Shit, he had been called many things in his life but a fake wasn’t one of them. Growling, he palmed the plate glass window and longed to race after her. The conversation had been far too clipped, almost accusatory. Why? What wasn’t she telling him? Why hadn’t he just called her back after her two failed attempts? “Cause you are a bloody idiot.”

When he could no longer see her, he skulked around his desk and flopped in the leather chair. Fingering the paperwork, he needed to get a few things done including approving the designs that Candy had come up with for Riding the Wild Pony, but he was far too distracted to concentrate. He certainly hadn’t expected that Nicky would throw her arms around his neck and profess undying love, but the cold reception was very much unlike her. No matter how brass and bitchy she liked to portray herself on the outside, her cream puff middle was soft and gooey and waiting to be tasted like succulent juicy strawberries.

Shivering, his cock throbbed as he could barely get his mind out of the gutter. “You got it bad for the little lady. Whew.” Chuckling, he managed to make it through the stack of bills and the scandalous ideas for next weeks show before she crossed his mind again. Nicky. Nicky.

Mick signed the last check and leaned back into his hair, closing his eyes. What could he do next to draw her attention? A ride in the country in the Ferrari? No, she hated the flashy machine as she called it. Dinner and a movie? Hell no, that was far too pedestrian. Then what? Grinning, he realized exactly what she would like, a ride on his Harley. The thought was too perfect. A rough and rugged ride into the country would be something she would enjoy. Perhaps they would find a stream somewhere and drink a bottle of wine, have some cheese.

Mick’s eyes flew open. He was only but so romantic. Why the bloody hell could he see doing things like that with her? Because she has your dick wrapped around her little finger, numnut. Absently, he brushed his fingers down the length of his cock and back up, relishing in the way the tingles roared through his body. Nuzzling into the chair, he spread his legs and rubbed his hands up and down his covered shaft, the anguish from the tight confines of his pants driving him almost insane.

Giving a quick glance around the room, he settled in and unzipped his jeans, freeing his throbbing erection. “Mmmm…you certainly had a hot wet mouth on you little filly.” He could almost feel her lips suckling the tip, drawing him inside her mouth an inch at a time. Licking his lips, he closed his eyes and could see the shimmer of Nicky’s face as she tipped her head, gazing into his eyes. God, he could feel her hands wrapped around his cock, stroking and pulsing before squeezing his balls. The wondrous feeling of pleasure and near anguish had been thrilling and he wanted more. He hadn’t had a woman take him all the way down in years.

“Sweet Jesus.” Mick held his dick and began sliding his fingers up and down, imagining her mouth, her tongue, her teeth grazing down the length of him. He could hear her little purrs, her strangled growls as she began fucking her mouth with wild abandon. God, the memories and the scintillating visions were sweet. He had longed to cum into her mouth, but the wafting scent of that honey laced pot of hers had been too much to take.

The moment he had impaled her, Mick knew he had found sweet rapture. As he began to pump his cock with his hand, harder and faster, he moaned, remembering the way her cunt felt wrapped around his dick as he plunged into her like a wild animal. God, he had been on fire and wanted nothing more than to drive into the mouth of her womb. “Yes…oh yes…” Biting back the strangled cry, he raised his hips from the chair pumping into his hand, imagining thrusting into her over and over again. “So good, luv, so damn good.” Thrashing his head back and forth, his pulse quickened, the climax hovering just around the corner.

Mick, I want you, I need you. Fuck me. Fuck me hard.

“Yes, baby,” he murmured, yanking his cock until he was left breathless.

Harder. God, take me. Fuck me.

“Yes!” His body shaking, he could no longer feel his legs as the electric jolts slashed through his eyes, sending a series of shimmer dancing across his eyes. Unable to breathe, he moaned and wiggled as the climax rose from his swollen balls, racing up his shaft until there was no way he could hold back the eruption. “Fuck! Nicky!” Groaning, he panted as the white-hot streams of cum squirted from the slit, trickling down his hand like a delicious sinful blanket. He pumped until his cock stopped throbbing, craving Nicky’s mouth, her tempting snatch. Chuckling, he rubbed his eyes and could envision the satisfaction on her face as she drank every last drop of his sweet cream. “Ah, luv.”

The sinful little act almost sated him and when he opened his eyes, the blond headed creature standing in his doorway wore a wicked grin, his eyes flashing mischief. Careful – no one under 18…purr…if you dare!

“Fuck! Jesus!”

What did you think? Do you like Dakotah’s inspirations??

Kisses   xxx




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