You  know how much I love kinky things including BDSM and menage but what if it wasn’t just about one hot night and instead you were ready to live out your fantasy forever? I personally love the thought of a polyamory situation and will be bringing you lots of ideas with a Ray Sostre – from After Dark Online – over at Naughty Nights Press later this month where we discuss the lifestyle in more detail. I penned a sexy story for Christmas that involves her need not only to taste BDSM but to have two men in her life. But in truth she hates the one from the start…or does she? You know about that fine line in love and hate – right? Oh and this is very “x” rated.



Sabrina licked her lips, savoring the look of the men as her pussy quivered from need. While she should be shocked, she wasn’t. Granted, she’d long since suspected Nick enjoyed the company of men, this dazzling little piece of news was positively inspirational. Everything made sense. A smile curled on her lips. Damn it if she didn’t want to reach out to the two hunks that stood leering down at her, but as she rattled the cuffs, she knew she was under their control indefinitely. She’d been commanded not to speak, but she longed to ask questions, to know more. Instead, she was meant to be a voyeur.

“Seems like our little slave is intrigued,” Cord said as he eyed her casually, slowly lowering his tight jeans.

Sabrina followed the trail as the pants fell to the floor and she adjusted her gaze to his meaty cock. Opening her mouth in a small “o” she blinked furiously as the heat rose from her pussy to the swell of her breasts. It was very true what they said about tall men with large feet. Suppressing a giggle, her naughty girl side almost got the better of her. Somehow Nick continued to surprise her more and more. He wasn’t at all the man she thought he was. The realization was a powerful aphrodisiac.

Nick’s eyes twinkled as he removed his clothing. “I think I like the way she’s ravaging us with her eyes.

“It’s time for a little bit of play before I ravage your body.” Cord moved into the bathroom.

Nick walked to the side of the bed and took a single finger, tracing a line down the side of her cheek and across to her mouth. Pushing it past her lips he smiled. “Suck it like you did my cock.”

Sabrina swirled her tongue around the long digit, tasting her sweet cream. Every part of her was on fire as she licked furiously, hungry for more.

He removed it quickly, the tiny popping sound fluttering into the air. “You can be a good girl when you want to be.” Chuckling, he grazed his finger over her chin and down to her breasts where he kneaded each roughly. “Tell me, do you like a touch of pain?”

She opened and closed her mouth, unable to say anything.

He squeezed her breasts. “I asked you a question.”

“Ooohhhh! I…I…yes.” Her words barely a whisper, fear trickled through her body sending a quiver down her spine. She wasn’t sure what they were planning but pain? She wanted to scream out. Yes. NO! Hell, she wasn’t sure. The spanking had been a stunning beginning and though her ass was sore the burn made her hot and wet.

“Good.” Taking her nipples between his finger and thumb, Nick pinched them until she squealed.

“Aaaahhhh….oh, oh, oh…” The flash of pain sent an instant trickle deep in her pussy. Dear God, she could cum at any minute. Thrashing her head back and forth, she panted and squirmed.

“Quiet.” Nick eyed Cord as he came back into the room.

Cord moved slowly to the other side of the bed and crawled on top. “You must understand that with being a good little slave comes pain and discipline but also a level of ecstasy you’ve never experienced. You’ll learn to trust us as your masters. Do you think you can do that?” He held out the selected toys and sighed. Pulling out a set of nipple clamps, he opened and closed the clamshell, the tight metal squeaking.

Sabrina’s eyes opened wide. She simply nodded. Nipple clamps? Every part of her wanted to scream, but she knew she had to obey. How she had longed to experiment with something so delicious, but she’d been terrified as well. Now seeing the steel glisten in the candlelight, she wanted nothing more to experience the feeling of brutal pain.

“Good girl.” Cord patted her arm. He pushed Nick’s hands away and pulled one nipple between his fingers as he opened the clamp and placed it over the tender flesh. “This will hurt.”

The second he let the vice grip go, she jerked her head back and screamed, kicking her legs out. “No!” Bloody hell, the pain was excruciating and something she hadn’t expected. Take them off. Take them off! But she bit back the words. Sabrina wanted to experience all of it. Still, as the pain tore through her system, she could feel her pussy tingling. The dichotomy confused her. Pain. Pleasure. Pain. Pleasure.

“I said shush or I’ll leave these on indefinitely.” Cord repeated the action with the other nipple.

Sabrina gasped, tears flooding her eyes. Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!

“So beautiful.” Nick rubbed his hand down her stomach to the soft swath of hair that was just about her pussy. He rubbed back and forth until her breathing calmed, finally siding his fingers down to swirl her clit in circle after circle.

Sabrina closed her eyes and bit back another scream, feeling every nerve ending standing on edge. Wired, she was terrified she couldn’t tolerate the agony for long. Breathe girl.

“Feel good?” Cord asked, grabbing the chain between the clamps, tugging on it gently.

“God!” Squealing, her eyes flew open. The intensity of the near torture startled her, leaving her breathless. Never had anything felt so…so…amazing. She clenched her cunt together, feeling a deep quiver.

“I can see she’ll need to be spanked daily,” Nick said as he darted his fingers inside her moist heat.

“Yes, I see you’re right.” Cord selected a medium size ass plug. “Look at me.”

She bit her lip as she watched him rub his fingers up and down the rubber. Then she started to open her mouth to protest. Her vibrator was one thing and she’d used her fingers before, but the pain always stopped her.

Cord yanked the chain. “Obey.”

Sabrina bit back the anguished cry. Oh God, oh God, oh God!

“Lift her legs.” Cord commanded as he pulled out a tube of lubricant.

Nick obeyed instantly and he crawled in between her legs, pushing them back toward her chest. Now open wide, he couldn’t resist and dipped his head, licking her from the base of her vagina up to her clit, pulling the sensitive tissue in between his teeth and biting down.

“Fu…” Stopping short, she jerked up from the bed and instantly felt a climax sizzle within her.

Cord jerked the chain until she became quiet. He smiled and resumed lubing the toy. “My turn.”

Nick licked her several more times before eased to the side of her, holding her legs up as Cord moved into position. Lowering his head, he brushed his lips across hers.

Merry Ho Ho early and hope you enjoyed

Kisses   xxx


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