Flavors…Tempting Tastes

I’ve written a lot about flavors over the two years I’ve been writing.
What am I talking about? Well it’s flavors of people, not just colors as in skin but cultures and flavors of where they are in the world. What I love about being able to bring you pieces that do have flavors is that you get to really delve into their worlds. The Internet is a fabulous place in which to bring you different tastes. You can really put your teeth into adding something very special from simply putting a little bit about the countryside – you know beaches to bars, houses to restaurants and this can include food and drink. You can add cultures from religion to holidays and family life to passion. We are all beautiful people with simply different taste pallates.

I thought I’d give you thoughts about creating the right flavors in a sizzling piece. It’s all about setting the tone and the scene. You know the term you can’t judge a book by its cover? That’s where hopefully you’re wrong. While E-books have people downloading to kindles and nooks and onto our home computers, do you honestly not think that people do purchase for the cover alone? Some select for what catches their eye first and then the blurb or those two hundred words meant to grab your attention as a reader. Taming Paradise tells you one thing clearly – you’re going to get a snazzy little taste of the islands. When I pen a piece, I do take into consideration aspects of all sense from taste to sounds and how I want them included.

How do flavors come into play? For one thing I write about all colors and cultures of men and women. I have several interracial pieces and as a woman appreciate every color of eyes, hair and skin. There is nothing as beautiful to me as a sun kissed God with golden hair or a chocolate-coated hunk with long legs and midnight eyes. As much as my characters matter and getting them right, every aspect of the scene is just as important. You have to find the right setting or the story will not be believable. Do you think that any reader is going to believe a passionate scene in frigid raging waters? Not this girl nor would I suggest you try it for real. But if our lovers found a hidden cover behind a waterfall in the Caribbean Sea, that you wouldn’t mind reading about and enjoying, would you? You can see our lovers making love in the gentle waves.

As a reader, aren’t you drawn into a book where you can almost smell the stale smoke filled dimly lit room and hear the sultry jazz singer as she reminds you of days gone by with her sultry rendition of Unforgettable? Wouldn’t you be more drawn to the singer is she’s wearing a sexy crimson dress, hugging every curve God gave her, her long blond hair flowing down to the small of her back versus if she were standing in overalls and pigtails? That might be a little bit of a stretch but I plan out every character from what they wear to how they sound and what they drink. I make sure my dangerous men drive something that would fit him like a big 4 x 4 truck or a Harley and my ladies have to fit what they’re doing including the careers they’ve chosen to the friends they keep around them.

The same goes for selecting a location in my books. As I said above, the Internet is a wonderful tool allowing us to virtually visit so many places but I think there are some limitations. I don’t know the heart of Germany very well so like I won’t place my characters there unless I plan on doing a lot of research. Don’t get me wrong I do copious amounts of research for some books. I’ll give you and example of how far I went in trying to perfect a piece – I know, hard to do but we try as authors. Taming Paradise is a book that not only did I learn a little bit more about Hedonistic societies but I had a personal teacher from New Zealand that taught me beautiful passages of the Maori language. While rarely spoken any longer it is highly revered and I personally think gorgeous. Let’s take a little taste:

Morena – good morning

Kei te pehea koe  – how are you

Kei te pai – I am fine

Ataahua – beautiful

Karihika – sexy

Kikino – naughty

Takamori – caress

The words roll off your mouth in such a sensuous way that I think of carved men with sun kissed skin and sultry eyes. I honored my friend and was able to use many phrases in Taming Paradise. The passages fit the book because of her past and what the future might be and to find out more you’ll have to ready my naughty piece. For me I love finding secluded locations on Caribbean island like waterfalls and back roads leading to authentic cultural restaurants. I love tasting the food not prepared for tourists and enjoying a glass of water as the water laps at my feet. Islands mean romance and passion and when you combine the beauty of the terrain and the culture of the people, the set up for a book couldn’t be any better.

The next time you read your favorite author, really take a look at the passages that you probably take for granted. You’ll be surprised how they weave into their piece so subtly sometimes that they draw you into that scene with doing little more than describing what she’s wearing or the taste of the food just prepared and hot it smells. The best authors do it with passion and flair.

Sadly it’s the end of the summer but that doesn’t mean you can’t continue to dream about far away locations including beaches and bars, cabana boys and island music. It’s all within the pages of a book.

Kisses   xxx


About Cassandre Dayne

Cassandre Dayne is the pseudo for the best selling author of romantic suspense and thrillers
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5 Responses to Flavors…Tempting Tastes

  1. I love doing the research for the books almost as much as writing them. Something about learning history has always drawn me in.


  2. I agree with Michel, researching for my books is fun! I love finding those little added touches or flavors to bring more authenticity to my story. I want the reader to be immersed in the setting and believe in my characters!

    I loved the Maori language you shared! Even reading it was delicious. Would love to hear it off someone’s tongue. 😉


  3. Research for books is wonderful, you get to learn about cultures and people. You get inspired by locations and they can get you thinking so many naughty new stories.


  4. Cassandre, I like how you describe in loving detail the care you put into setting a scene. Not just the locale, but also down to the character’s car or the clothes he/she wears. As always, I admire your skill and it’s clear that you take the craft of writing quite seriously. Now, what is the female equivalent of a cabana boy?


  5. Kali Maddox says:

    What an inspiring post, Cassandre! As a professional in the writing community, as well as an avid reader, I respect the attentiveness authors pay to their tales. Too often, I find authors who spend copious amounts of time creating their setting but leaving the character descriptions in the shadows, or the opposite. In my mind, one cannot survive without the other. The ability as a reader to connect the sights, sounds, smells, tastes and internal and external sensations while reading is gem unlike any other. It allows us the chance to *live* the story as we go along as closely as possible. The shivers of excitement, the goosebumps from emotion, the pounding of our hearts during intense situations…It all adds to our ability to immerse ourselves in what we’re reading. And *that* is what keeps us begging for more!


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