The Darkest Heroes

There are many dark heroes among us. Those who just seem to fall into the crevices of having difficulty deciding between right and wrong. They are the kind of men who suffer from the need to correct perhaps a horrible deed in a method society can’t seem to understand. I write quite a bit about the power of a dark hero. I think we crave hearing so many stories about men who truly fight the inner beast. Women too of course, but I enjoy writing about the man.

I heard an awful story today about my neighbor. His brother in law, who was a prison guard then a Bailiff, committed suicide because he thought he’d been the one to do bad things. I think about heroes every day who have to face evil deeds, the ones who A little m:m tonguetry and right the wrongs, yet have no skills how. Writing about law enforcement is something I love to do. I try and bring reality to my pieces. They seem to resonate with my readers. 

I was putting together a new collection and initially the concept wasn’t quite what the first book turned out to be. I wanted highly kinky in a BDSM club – oh and trust me you’ll read that but the piece turned into something even… kinkier. And very crime driven. So enjoy a taste of a favorite new piece of mine and this one will have several with Sin City – the club – and a few characters remaining.


Sin City. The mere two words made him salivate. Taynen Salinger was pleased and his nod to the nearly naked bartender was the only manner of acknowledgment that would ever show his approval to any of the staff. Known as a tough taskmaster as well as an extreme sadist, he certainly didn’t show any emotion when it came to business. Nor did he with any of his selected lovers. Pain was his method of control. Extreme pain. The revered location had been around long enough he’d garnered very special clients, those with influence. He exhaled slowly as he studied the mixed crowd. The male only club was filled with beautiful and not so attractive men and they all wanted the same thing. Perversion.

The club had been his brainchild a few years before and by word of mouth only his business had grown to a level of important in Las Vegas. Men begged for an invitation to the club, willing to do anything for an honor of admittance. He very much enjoyed being in control, the decision or whether to allow a membership resting solely in his hands. Tonight there was an eclectic crowd and even a few men garnered his attention. He took few as lovers, even fewer still for anything other than an intense male lovemoment of ravaging pain. He was hungry tonight, perhaps more so than normal. Certain clients had very special needs and Taynen was becoming well known for being able to service almost all of them – no matter the price.

“Will there be anything else, Sir?” the young man asked, his voice filling with trepidation.

“Not at this time, but perhaps later. You will be available if I need,” Taynen stated without looking at him.

“Yes, sir. Of course sir. I’m here for your needs.”

Yes, the boy would be no matter what he asked. Taynen wasn’t discriminate in his tastes. He enjoyed all flavors of men. Tonight he would partake in some of the darkness his club had to offer. It had been far too long since he’d taken a playmate, a creature to torture and fuck.

Scanning the main salon for any nuisance players, he wrapped his hand around the snifter of cognac before turning his gaze toward the young man behind the bar. Taynen could smell fear; something the boy would have to lose soon enough or be devoured in the dark acts the club provided. Anonymity might be the main objective, but heightened and very dark aspects of BDSM were the single yet insidious need his wealthy clients desired. And he made certain they had everything they hungered for.

The sound of screams filtering throughout the private gated rooms was nothing new. Yet tonight he growled his appreciation, his cock twitching. The intensity of the pain being inflicted was absolutely top notch and sought after by politicians, actors and men of wealth on a regular basis. They all wanted what only he could supply. There was nothing quite like hearing the spectacular anguish a man would allow, conflicted emotions a sensational dichotomy. He licked the rim of his glass and studied the members in the room.

By invitation only, the few who were allowed membership in his esteemed club paid well for their personal proclivities. The notion was something he held in his memory bank. Many of his revered clients allowed him certain privileges. Taynen used his connections wisely. He had certain aspirations that would come to fruition when he was ready. Chuckling, he nodded as he thought about his humble beginnings and just how far he’d come. For a few minutes he remained quiet, his thoughts and memories becoming ragging. On man sitting amongst a group of true sadists, ones who killed indiscriminately, garnered his attention. And the one man made him furious.

Taynen had learned a long time ago never to get involved with clients nor to give a SinCityDeception_Cover-smallshit about people in general. He also learned never to open up his heart. He’d done both in a beleaguered moment, causing him heartache and months where the business had almost gone south. What a fucking asshole he’d been. Still, the sight of the sexy man, one who could man, woman and beast on the side of the road, seemed planned. Why in the fuck was Drew with the band of freaks. He glanced at the single man sitting at the end of the bar and grimaced. He could never seem to get away from him. Taynen regretted the day he became a bought and paid for boy.

Sauntering toward the exquisitely dressed man, he plastered a smile on his face. “Omar. Lovely to see you this evening.”

“And you as well, my friend. Please sit and share a drink with me.”

Taynen knew if Omar was in his club he was merely checking up on him. He sat down casually, his eyes never leaving the Saudi’s. The man was dangerous and cunning. “To what do I owe this pleasure?”

Omar smiled. “You Americans are all alike. Cut to the chase. I like your crisp business attitude.”

“Business is all we have between us and soon we will be able to part ways.”

“Of that there is no need. I think we can remain good business partners. I long to become a part of your world here.”

“Why?” Taynen asked. “You own half the rest of the world. How many casinos did you purchase recently? The MGM Grand, the Mandalay Bay Resort? What’s next, city government?”

“Well done. But you and I both know the government is already corrupt. Don’t we?”

Coming September 17th…

I hope you enjoyed and kisses…


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