Submitting to a Spanking…Taken in Hand

If you read the last few blogs about what is the upcoming barbecue in Jade and Steve’s life, you know this woman is slowly heading over the edge of losing control of her emotions. We all experience that concept every once in awhile. We’re burned out and over the stresses of life. We think a particular event is going to give us a boost in spirit, yet we’ve bitten off more tan we can chew. Parties for couples are supposed to be fun. Right? When you invite others to you house you’re hoping for nothing but a fabulous time, sharing good food with your friends. What if you’re arguing with your wife pretty much over everything? What if Craig Yes Siryou’re being nudged with every turn, your wife pushing your limits in front of everyone, because she believes she can get away with her bad behavior?

Don’t get me wrong. I honestly don’t think women typically set out to inflict a subterfuge situation with regards to behavior at a party. I think emotions and stress play a huge factor in simply letting go. If you add alcohol to the mix, well… Her attitude is generally going to follow the same path – nasty begets nastier. For Dom’s or HOH’s or whatever label you want to place on a Dominant/submissive relationship, the Dominant in this sense does have to have control. He has to hold back his anger, not exposing the fact he and his wife share in a domestic discipline lifestyle and he has to try and figure out a way to control her without alienating his guests. How in the world can he do that? How can he make certain there is no misunderstanding about what he expects?

I’ve talked to so many men who in their position face the rather brazen actions their wives show in front of people and the very first time this happens they are stymied as to what to do. They have no clue whether they should allow the behavior to decide to handle in private. It’s one thing to slink away from a party in which you are a guest and handle the situation. It’s entirely another when you’re hosting the party as a couple. Hmmm… Daunting. Some couples in DD relationships only handle discipline in private. Others will allow certain aspects of punishment to be handled in the relative privacy of a vehicle or even the woods. I’ve read so many stories about couples visiting whichever respective parents and they literally go out in the woods so that he can spank her in relative privacy. There are many ways to perfect the art of spanking if you feel the need. When emotions become involved however, many unexpected things can happen…

Steve sat in the truck after coming back from the corner market. He had enough ice to fill at least four large coolers. He left the garage door open so he could take the ice directly around to the poolside of the house and for some reason he couldn’t get out of the truck. He’d listened to a string of country music on the way to and from the store in hopes he would calm down. There was no doubt Jade was grating on his last nerve. He was going to have to deal with her lack of respect as well as her lying and the over indulgence in drinking this weekend.

A quick glance at his watch told him he needed to get his ass into gear. The guests would be arriving in just a few minutes. He climbed out of the truck, hoisted the bags and headed to the backyard. He was pleasantly surprised Jade had taken the time to add lights and candles on the tables. Good. She was in a better mood. Stopping just at the gate he counted to ten, shoved the last of his anger back in its ugly box and smiled. The weather was perfect, the humidity low and by God she had selected Jimmy Buffett on the iPod. Life was good.

“Welcome home, honey.”

Hearing her sultry voice made him smile. Seeing the slip of a red dress barely covering her ass made him drool. “You look good enough to eat.”

“Later, my sexy man. Would you like a cold beer or something more…festive.” Giving him a heated look she swirled her finger around the rim of her margarita glass, dipping the tip inside the liquid, before languishing the digit in her mouth.

“Holy shit. You’d stop traffic just about anywhere baby.” Steve whistled as he struggled to get the now very heavy ice to the two coolers. After breaking open the bags and dumping several, he grunted so she could hear him and strode toward her. Wrapping his arm around her waist he yanked her forward, capturing her mouth.

Jade moaned as she arched her back then pushed her hand against his arm, breaking the kiss. “My Sir.”

“Don’t you forget it either.” He could see the first guests pulling into the driveway.

“Time for a party.”

“Jade. Hold on for just a minute.” He kept his voice even, a touch stern.

Her smile faded as she studied his face. “I’m sorry. I really have been acting badly. I’m just tired.” She winced as she swayed her nips, as if the material scraping against her well-spanked ass was a good reminder.

“Not good enough.” While there might be some discomfort, she was certainly pushing Craig Panty Tiedthe dram button. He firmly wrapped his hand around her arm. “After the guests leave you and I are going to have a serious talk. Then the discipline is going to change. Do you understand?” The look on her face was enough to have him drag her over his knee right here. The willful, haughty gaze was the one he hated the most. She was going to be completely defiant today. “I asked you a question.”

After a full minute’s hesitation, only when they both heard people coming in through the pool gate did she answer. “Yes, sir.”


Steve walked toward the coolers, ready to grab only his second beer. He could feel Jade’s heated look from across the pool. She’d given him four ‘fine’s’ two sullen huffs and at least a half dozen nasty looks. Thank God no one at the party had noticed her ridiculous behavior. This is a party. Let it go until later. “Hey Mark, you want another one?” He winked at Mark as he opened the cooler.

“Sure buddy. Nice party,” Mark said as he walked toward him, shoving a handful of potato chips into his mouth.

Grabbing two cold brews, Steve twisted the top on both and a combination of laughter and loud voice from across the pool drew his attention. He kept his eyes pinned on Jade, who seemed to be the center of attention. “Here you go. Glad you and Betsy could make it today.”

“Wouldn’t miss one of your parties my man.” Mark grabbed the beer, took a gulp and turned toward the location of where Steve was staring. “Jade’s in rare form today.”

“How so?” Great. Now the guests had noticed. Steve could tell she was living on the edge, and at this point not one he appreciated.

“Seems like she’s agitated at something. I don’t know. Just haven’t seen her this vocal.”

Steve nodded. “Just enjoying after a long couple of weeks.” He patted Mark on the arm. “Enjoy and don’t forget you’re going to help me cook the burgers later.”

“Wouldn’t miss it for the world, my man.”

He studied her animated hands and overtly hostile stance. The woman was pushing every button. As Steve walked around the pool toward her, he could tell the conversation Jade was involved in was getting to the agitated state. What in the hell could they be talking about? Jade was standing with three women, two of which he knew to be her best friends. The moment he flanked Jade’s side she bristled. “Almost time to get the food ready, honey.”

“In a minute.” Jade didn’t bother looking in his direction. “I get what you’re saying, Monique,  but you’re wrong. That’s not what happened and you know it.”

“Right. You’re just covering for the asshole,” Monique chided.

“Covering? Like hell I am,” Jade retorted.

Steve pressed his hand on the small of her back. “Remember this is a party.
“Yeah, you are.” Monique glared.

“Bullshit! You’re in cahoots with the asshole!” Jade took a step closer to the woman.

Wrapping his hand around her arm Steve pulled her backwards, whispering into her ear. “Cut it now. This is a party.” Jade seemed to respond, her hackles lowering almost instantly. He kissed the top of her forehead and patted her ass. “Good girl.”

“You have no idea what’s happening here,” Jade said through clenched teeth. “Why don’t you just go back to the boys and play a game or something.”

Whoa. He clucked his jaw and remained unblinking until she looked away. What in world was she trying to do here?

“Anyway, the woman is being a bitch,” Jade finished.

“And you aren’t?” Thank God she’d turned away from the group, but there was no doubt the woman heard her ugly words.

She snapped her head up. “No, I’m not. No…I’m not. She’s goading me because of a contract.” Her tone had softened.

“Uh-huh. Well here’s the thing. I don’t care. This is a party. Remember?” Plastering a Spanking on a benchsmile on his face he nodded toward the women.

“Some party. You’re just sticking around with the boys.”

Whew. This was rapidly getting out of hand. “I need you to listen to me for a minute.” He tipped his head up and smiled at the ladies. Yep. They’d heard every nasty comment. “We’re going to be stoking up the barbeque soon, ladies. Don’t forget to refresh your drinks.”

“Thanks, Steve,” one of the ladies said.

He slowly lowered his head and looked directly into Jade’s eyes. “Come with me.”

Jade huffed but followed him, barely waiting until they were out of earshot of the group. “Why did you do that? I was just having a discussion, one I needed to finish with the bitch.”

“Discussion. Hmmm… Bitch. The terse words sounded much more like accusations to me.”

“Like I said, you don’t know her.”

Pulling her away and out of ear range he turned and placed both hands on her forearms. “Why you’re testing everyone here I’m not certain, but you need to stop. This is a festive event, not an inquisition.”

“I’m not doing anything. I’m talking,” Jade insisted.

“Then enjoy and talk. Act like a lady.”

“What? Are you freaking kidding me?” Jade huffed.

The pep talk not to stride into the house and grab his belt off the back of the closet door remained strong. “You’re going to get one more warning. Stop this now. Our guests don’t need this shit.” Steve knew they were the center of attention, several groups trying to figure out what was going on.

“You’re so quick to judge all the time.” Wriggling from his gasp and folded her arms and looked away.

Now wasn’t the time to discipline her in any way. But later… He counted to ten. “Help me get the rest of the food out to the deck. Mark and Rusty are going to do the rest. Can you do that at least?”

“At least? You have to be kidding me.”

He’d had enough. Gripping her arm tightly he pushed her back under the deck stairs. “You will not continue this behavior. Do you understand me? Party or no party. Take a breath and don’t continue your behavior.”

“Huh. Okay.”


She didn’t look at him for a few seconds. “Yes, sir.”

“Better.” Steve scanned the party. No one seemed to be paying attention that they were nowhere to be seen. “Now it’s time that we finish getting everything ready for the actual barbeque. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir. I do.”

As she walked way he detected more than a hint of arrogance. He laughed softly and walked back toward the party. She needed a hard spanking. As Mark sauntered over, a spatula in hand, he smiled. “Good timing.”

“You know me. Always up for a round of burgers,” Mark said as he laughed.

Barely two minutes later and he heard a splash. Steve turned around and the sight of the woman Jade had been arguing with surfacing from the pool, a look of indignation on her face was the last straw. He tipped his head and the way Jade was glowering told him the story. His wife had pushed the girl into the pool. He didn’t even bother to look at Mark. “Take over the grilling, will ya? I have something I need to do.” He took even strides as he rounded the pool, heading directly for Jade. Her back was to him, her stance that of a warrior.

Vintage b w“Feeling a bit cooler, Monique?” Jade laughed, tipped her glass of wine and took a gulp.

“Jade, come with me please.”

Jade stiffened as she turned to look at him. “I’ll be there in a minute.”

“No, now,” Steve commanded. The hesitation as well as the look of defiance was surprising. She’d crossed the last line. “All right. Have it your way.” Taking her by the arm, he grabbed the wine out of her hand and as he pulled her toward the back of chairs sitting in the corner he set the wine down on a table.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Jade demanded.

“Giving you exactly what you need.” He dragged one of the chairs out onto the middle of the pool deck, sat down and pulled her over his lap. “If you want to act like a child you’re going to be treated like one.”

“Yes.” Jerking up her dress he pulled down her panties and realized you could have heard a pin drop. “Thirty hand spanks here and later, you’re going to get the cane.”


Well, what do you think is in the mind of those looking on? Hmm… I know this might be a bit extreme, but don’t you think her behavior is ridiculous? I’ll finish this when I complete the HOT short story in a week or so. I simply can’t allow this to finish this way, now can I?

Kisses and spanks…



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