Beware the Night…

I think everyone knows how much I adore creatures of the night. I was the kid who sat smack in front of the television watching Dark Shadows – yep dating myself. I was so young and had no idea what the reality of the show meant, but GOD I loved watching. Right then and there I had a vision of vampires. They were sexy creatures, but certainly did their share of killing – brutally I might add.

My vampire books are all about the dark curse they’re forced to endure and the hunger burdening them every day. I also mix a very sensual concept, but rest assured, the bottom line is they will hunt and slaughter as needed. I put together a sexy little collection about all things dark and dangerous. The third in the collection focuses on various beasts and our love of them. I thought I’d give you a taste. They are very short stories set in a collection, just to wet your appetite. I’m all about doing that. Enjoy and let me know what you think.


Dani Walker tugged the thin coat closer to her body, retying the belt. The wind was brisk, whistling in between the ugly brownstones. She had no idea why she’d decided to come into the city. The dilapidated area of Baltimore was riddled with crime, murders red moonoccurring at least once every two weeks. She slipped her hand into her coat pocket, fingering the oversized postcard. The fact she’d received the invitation in the mail, sender unknown, was exciting, perhaps too much of a draw. Her hackles should be raised, her instincts on edge. Instead, she wanted an adventure. Hell, her life was nothing but days spent in a perfunctory job, drudgery filling every free minute. Varying the normal bullshit was irresistible.

As the breeze filtered through her thin coat, she kept her fast pace, determined not to chicken out. Her normally reserved, ultra conservative exterior had been challenged – and she was up to the task. She bit back a smile as she continued her path; the sound of her heels clipping against the sidewalk sending chills trickling down her spine. Her nerves were definitely on edge. He wanted her this way. ‘He.’ An unknown fantasy man, who was now impeding her work, giving her lurid thoughts of succumbing to the darkness.

Beat me. Fuck me. Use me.

You’re my whore….

The words trickled into the back of her mind and she wanted nothing more. She was haunted by his desires as well as her own. Inhaling every rancid scent filtering into the street scene, she slipped her hand inside her dress, pinching and twisting her nipple. The pain was exquisite. “Mmm…” The moan drew attention from a group of men huddled in the shadows. Two advanced, intoxicated grins plastered on their faces.

“Back off, boys. There’s no way you can handle me.” I’m already taken.

They kept their smiles as she walked by, whistling their vapid desires.

Just ahead the traffic light turned red. A series of honks and bellows permeated the humid air. She stopped just shy of the corner, darting a look up and down both sides of the street. A single neon flashing light drew her attention, the fuchsia and electric blue bulbs the single brightness along a strip of seedy storefronts. The majority of shops were dark, several windows broken out. This wasn’t a part of the city anyone should come alone.

But she was here, drawn by a few words engraved on an invitation appearing under her door during a thunderstorm. An incessant clicking noise had forced her into the foyer. The trees bending to the wind now seemed a beckoning. As the lights had flickered once, twice, then off, she’d noticed the red envelope. The memory of the night remained, burning in the back of her mind. She’d been lured to the door by the scarlet color alone. Her fingers had fumbled, dropping the note more than once. When she’d opened the flap, her entire mind had gone into overdrive.

bloody fangCome face your greatest fears, your darkest desires, for a single night….

A moment taking you straight to Hell.

If you dare

Every night since, her dreams had been filled with thoughts of submitting body and soul to a dark stranger. She could envision him, a man so powerful he took exactly what he wanted, fucking every hole, his command never to be questioned or receive his wrath. Shivering, her pussy clenched. For a few seconds she closed her eyes and could see the scene. A carved canopy bed, red silk sheets, a roaring fire and her naked body tied, waiting for his arrival. She swayed back and forth from foot to foot as she rubbed her nipple between her fingers.

In her vision he advanced, holding a whip, his eyes penetrating. She wanted to beg, plead with him to slice the leather strands across every inch of her body, but his silence demanded complete obedience. He would do with her as he pleased.

A single laugh pushed past her lips. Lost to the intense series of visions, she slid her hand down the front of her dress, crawling the hem up her thighs. She wore no panties, another command coming to her in the middle of the night. Obey. You must obey. She tilted her head back, studying the moon. The giant orb was glowing, a red hue covering the surface.

An electric danger was present, evil lurking behind every corner. For her, this was a moment, one telling of her true nature. Risking admonishing jeers, perhaps being touched, she opened her legs and caressed her bald crotch. He wanted her smooth. Clean shaven.

Touch yourself. Show the men hungry to ravage your body what a good little slut you are.

Dani grabbed the hem of her dress and tugged. The cool air whipped across her cunt. She sighed as she noticed the street corner suddenly seemed crowded, whores and pimps eager for the show. Their faces were blank, merely caricatures waiting for direction. A hum echoed, the dull sound buzzing in a circumference surrounding them.

Swirling the tip of her finger around her clit, she moved to the droning noise, musical notes dancing in her head. She was so wet, her entire body shaking with desire. From somewhere in the distance the lilt of very masculine laughter floated by. She was captivated by the sinful thoughts remaining in the whispered words.

Come to me now. My thirst is overwhelming.

She was mad, insane for coming. Another laugh bubbled to the surface, trickles of saliva pushing past her mouth. Yes, she was utterly terrified, but she’d been unable to resist. Black wolfGiving each passing figure a haughty glance, she eased her fingers from between her legs and pushed them into her mouth, sucking greedily. He’d been priming her. The visitors disappeared, replaced with intoxicated men who wanted nothing more than to paw and lick.

Disgusted, she turned in a circle, ready to find her way.

Never forget what you belong to…

I hope you’ve enjoyed.

Kisses, spanks and bites on the neck…


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Cassandre Dayne is the pseudo for the best selling author of romantic suspense and thrillers
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2 Responses to Beware the Night…

  1. Laurel Lasky says:

    That was hot and arousing. My first horror movie was Horror of Dracula with Christopher Lee. The script followed Bram Stokers book to the letter. I was scared by loved it, even had visions of a vampire stalking me. The horror movies were a great escape. I also loved the Blob
    What you wrote sounds like a great start to a horror story.
    Hugs, Laurel


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