Do You Believe in Darkness, Evil and Vile Monsters?

What is all three were mere reflections of ourselves, the deep seeded and sometimes insane desires we have? Think about it. Some way we all have a very fine line to walk between good and evil, right versus wrong. Could your switch flip for no apparent reason? I honestly believe we all have a single button that if pushed, can never be yanked back in. I write very dark stories with my co-author, Christian Jensen. When we collaborated for Toxic Leash, the first of our now five books, we really had no idea what to expect. What I can tell you is that the way we work in magical.

I truly think his mind is even more warped than mine. There is little in the way of pushing the envelope we won’t touch. Believe in the Dark Man started with the thought of a reality show gone wrong. Something happened along the way and the entire book turned much more malevolent. We were both able to explore our anger and fears, concepts of what we could do if that switch was indeed flipped. The final product is something you might not predict.

What if men were in charge in the future after a horrific world event? What if women were nothing more than slaves, serving man’s every need? Hmmm… Now you know me well enough to know some chick or five in my books are gonna kick ass. So… Here’s a taste of the upcoming release – one coming to Booktrope Edge Imprint.



“Aaaahhhh! Nnnooo! Please don’t. I’ll be good.”

Male laughter echoed in the hall. “You’re nothing but a useless whore.”

Shivering, Ketia cowered in the corner, folding her arms around her knees. She lowered believe-in-the-dark-man-v4-2her head, longing to block out the insidious screaming, the wretched sounds of metal scraping against the concrete floor. She hummed as she rocked back and forth, goose bumps popping along every inch of her body. Absently, she raked her nails across her arm, digging into the skin. The pain wasn’t enough, not nearly enough to keep the madness from ebbing into the dark recesses of her mind. This girl is being tortured. Raped.

This was an every day occurrence for those who dared defy any order, or the men issuing them with iron fists. The girl would likely never be seen again. God, please help me. Please. She slapped her hands over her ears and prayed, yet she knew there would be no salvation for her or for any other them. This was life now, ugly and brutal.

She closed her eyes, pretending she was back home, in the little house she’d once shared with her sister. That was before the soldiers had swarmed her beloved town, taking what they wanted. Sniffing, she rubbed the back of her hand across her eyes and even though tears slipped past her lashes, rolling down onto her muddied cheeks, she knew there was no one coming to save her. And no one gave a shit any longer about wayward girls who were merely cattle. She’d ceased being Dr. Ketia Logan and had simply become Grace. Why the monsters had picked such a serene name as her slave name she’d never know, but the thought made her laugh.

She and her sister had lived a quiet life in a beautiful town in the suburbs of Richmond Virginia; their house nestled in hundred plus year old trees. Her practice had been thriving and she even had a boyfriend, one she hoped to marry. One stormy day in the middle of February had changed everything. They called the men The First Responders and Powhatan wasn’t immune to the news regarding a growing and very controlling new society. Still, the army consisting entirely of men usually concentrated their efforts on picking up their subjects from the larger cities, while the good citizens of the Americas looked the other way. Until that fateful day. Perhaps they’d picked the dirty urban areas clean.

The wretched idea had been the only thing Ketia had been able to surmise after their town had been stripped of everything of wealth. The men were tortured, slaughtered in the middle of the city and every viable woman taken into custody, caged like animals. The older women hadn’t been so lucky. Ketia bit back a moan as she remembered the way her sister Karin had been dragged from the house, her clothes ripped to shreds and man after man fucking her in every hole, beating Karin until she was unconscious and left in a pool of her own blood. Ketia would never, ever forget her pleas of mercy. And she’d never forget a man in particular. His ruthless beating of Karin had taken her eye in the first round of blows and he’d been the one to bite off Karin’s nipple.

Ketia had been forced to watch the degradation before being stripped and tied to a Edge-Logo-whitemakeshift cross, whipped for uttering a series of curse words. The rest of the afternoon had been nothing but a blur. She’d never seen her sister again. What she’d heard after coming into this place, this prison of horrors was that the children had been taken to another facility to be trained as new members of their growing army. But against what enemy? No one in the Americas truly understood what fighting was being done in the year 2029.

Crack! Bam!

“Please God. No. No!” The girl’s voice was shrill, her cries merely one of several that afternoon.

Ketia suspected the brutal screams were coming from an older blond they called Pansy. Swallowing hard, she heard the sounds of leather striking against naked skin. She knew the reverberation well. She’d been beaten enough times to know the whoosh of a bullwhip.

She lifted her head, glaring at the bars. How long had she been in this terrible place? There was no way of telling. She’d tried to count off the days in the beginning, but after what had to be weeks she’d simply given up. Her days were the same so why bother? There was little making sense of what was happening and she’d forever chastise herself for not paying closer attention to the newsreels, but after the great war of 2017, when so many had died to the effects of disease and famine, the majority of people in the Americas didn’t want to hear about war any longer. Now they were disease free. What a crock of shit. The torturous deaths were far worse than cancer or AIDS.

Perhaps that’s how The First Responders had been able to take over. Coughing, she slapped her hand over her mouth, not wanting to bring any unnecessary attention to herself. Several of the guards were too aggressive, even by the monsters’ standards. She glared at her food and water bowl and snarled, kicking the disgusting gruel away from her. The slight ‘ting’ as the bottom scraped against the floor made her jump and she darted a look at the door, breathing a sigh of relief.

She gouged at the collar around her neck and clenched her fists. One day she’d find a way to get out of this fucking, Goddamn place. Then she’d ceremoniously hunt down the assholes responsible for the bullshit they’d created, the monstrosities they’d committed, and would torture them to death. The fucker with the evil grin would get it first with a hot poker in the eye followed by a slow and very painful castration. Snorting, she could envision the ugly man spread-eagled and chained, his shriveled cock and balls crushed in a metal vice.

Brushing her shaking hand through her stringy hair, Ketia at least felt a little bit better. They might be able to break her body, maybe her spirit, but by damn she’d keep her mind as her fury. One day…

Hearing another clang she scuttled further into the shadows, seeking refuge in the corner. Please no. Please go away. Please. The thudding started first and she knew a pack of soldiers were headed in her direction. There was a line of cells banking the hallway but several of the girls had simply disappeared in the middle of the night. There were so many speculations surrounding their disappearances, but the little information she could gather was from stolen whispers with other prisoners during the hour they were allowed outside.

Wringing her hands, she concentrated on the even plodding the men were making, so regimented and perfected. The nameless men carried blank stares along with their nasty demeanors. They were all muscular to the point if they were back in the early twenty-first century she would suspect they were given steroids. Today’s drugs were much more sophisticated. Some said there were scientists in the Americas creating the perfect race. Some perfection.

Ketia looked toward the tiny window located at the very top of the wall and knew shadows were being created. She was being summoned. She slowly rose the her feet as the rattling from a baton, one of the basic weapons always carried by the soldiers, bumped along the length of a cell not too far from hers. They were baiting her as they enjoyed doing. Today she was just pissed off enough she was going to be defiant. Hell be damned for her actions but she was weary of being the victim, just another pretty face among a scarred bunch of wackos.

Taking a few steps forward, she placed her hands on her bony hips and plastered on the nastiest look she could muster.

The men stopped just outside her door and the front man peered inside. “Back away to the wall.”

Ketia lifted her head and remained where she was.

“Slave, I said back against the wall,” he snarled.


She managed not to jump after he slapped his baton against the bars. A slight smile curledBelieve in the Dark Man in the corner of her mouth and she knew the jerk was incensed at her insolent behavior. Take that, freak. To her surprise he seemed taken aback. When he looked way, conversing with his Neanderthal buddies, she thought they might leave her alone. The soldiers backed away and she held her breath.

Very quickly they returned, one unlocking the door, another jerking the metal open and two rushing inside. In their hands was a fire hose.

“You’re feisty and need to be broken.” His voice was laced with glee, his eyes flashing as he turned the nozzle.

“No!” Water at extreme pressure burst from the opening. The force knocked her to the ground, slamming her body against the block wall.

“You’re a fucking bitch and a whore,” he barked.

“And you’re going to learn your place,” another snapped.

The water was shut off and Ketia scrambled to get to her knees. “No!”

“No?” the man with the hose asked, a quizzical look crossing his face.

“No!” she yelped and slid up the wall.

“Hit her harder this time, the slut.” The command was dark.

She held her hands in front of her face as the blast hit her again. Her ears were ringing from the intensity of agony sweeping though every muscle. Gritting her teeth, she refused to succumb to what they wanted, to see her broken. No matter how hard she tried to claw away from the way the water was splashed in such a way she lost ground, finally falling on her ass. Panting, she snarled and held up her middle finger. “Fuck you!”

The moment the words erupted from her mouth the water pressure stopped, the hose dropped and a hand wrapped around her hair. Within a second she was being dragged across the floor savagely.

“You fucking bitch! You ugly little cunt. I ought to fucking tear you apart right here.” He tossed her against the wall and huffed.


This erotic thriller contains scenes of graphic violence and explicit sex.

In the year 2017, the Great War scoured the United States, leaving various factions pitted against each other. In the aftermath, a new regime was born, men ruling with an iron fist. In the Americas, reality shows are the only source of entertainment. One in particular, Believe in the Dark Man, is highly coveted, selling women to be used as slaves to the wealthy and influential men in power. The Dark Man himself is believed to be the only salvation, but few survive his wrath. Yet there are those who fight, who believe in another life…

Once a highly respected doctor, Ketia Logan is now nothing more than a slave. Kidnapped from her home, her loved ones are slaughtered. Imprisoned for no other reason than she’s a woman, she fights to maintain her dignity, let alone what’s left of her sanity. Forced into a tyrannical society, she endures daily torture. Conditions are brutal and few comforts known, kindness a thing of the past, until she meets a man with haunting blue eyes.

Christopher Greer understands politics all too well, having spent his entire life making a name for himself. When summoned by the Dark Man to serve along his side, he’s thrilled, ready for the future, but he’s required to pass a series of tests. Being a participant on the gutless game show isn’t his forte, but he has no other choice. If he wants to live. He’s drawn to a slave, a beautiful woman with a will to survive. From the darkness comes a man from his past, who threatens not only his grasp at wealth, he’s determined to take everything Christopher desires – including the slave.

As the two men fight for control, a wager is offered, the winner rising to become the ultimate leader. What neither man knows is there’s a secret, a hidden key. Once found, the Americas could be destroyed.

In the eyes of the beholder lies the Kingdom of heaven. But at what price?

What do you think? Mmm….

Kisses and spanks


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