Spanking…Controlled and Refined

Is there such a thing? In various relationships that include the practice, there certainly needs to be. You know I’m an advocate of the concept, especially in marriages etc. The aspect of one having control, allowing for a more harmonious situation, intrigues the hell out of me. Of course I’ve explored this topic in stories that include the corporal environment. Imagine if a business associate simply can’t follow rules. Time after time they’ve bucked the regulations required by their employer. While placing a wayward employee on probation is often used, does this really curtail their generally bad behavior? Take a minute to think about the one colleague that always gets into trouble and seems to InterrogatingControl_medcome out unscathed. Don’t you want to scream at your boss for allowing this person to get away with undermining the entire company?

Of course you do. You might’ve even thought about various methods of showcasing their foibles, pushing your boss to do the right thing. Very often companies look the other way. This does nothing for camaraderie within the organization. I’ve experienced situations in which I would LOVE for the individual to receive direct and clear punishment – and in front of the entire group. I know. This seems a bit harsh, right? But what if…

Let’s talk about if corporal punishment was not only allowed but also encouraged within the ranks of our corporate world. I can honestly envision a better working environment. Men and women who rage against the machine rob from productivity. They often bully their way to the top, demanding respect, while refusing to follow the basic game plan or mission set out by the company. This doesn’t bode well for continued day-to-day activities or the ability to work together well.

So what if there were additional consequences if behavior didn’t improve? Hmmm… In my mind, this is an incredible thought. Try and think about a new set of rules and regulations where various punishments were listed for serious infractions. A hard spanking on this list might be just the ticket to change bad behavior.

Several years ago, I penned a story called Spankdown. I wrote the piece kind of tongue in cheek and readers liked the rather avant garde aspect. So Spank Me was created. The same characters are in the collection. In the series, a college professor has an alternate life. She not only writes blogs on spanking within relationships of every type, she longs to have a Dom in command of her every day life. Veronica is highly intelligent, very sensuous and generally straight laced. She has to be in the world of education. But in her other life she offers spankings to corporations and individuals. Can you imagine?

In Veronica’s world, she doles out discipline in a very refined and controlled manner. The client signs a contract and the Dom she’s hired provides the needed punishment, no matter the infraction. I admit, I had so much fun writing the collection. I have two that are out already, other than Spankdown, with a third in pre-release published by Naughty Nights Press. Let’s take a look at the world of corporal punishment.


“We can do this the hard way if you’d like, Mr. Sabatini. I have no problem with throwing your ass in jail and letting you rot like the piece of shit you are.” There were times Jensen Cavanaugh amazed herself. She could tell the self-proclaimed ‘Italian Stallion’ was sweating in his boots by the single tick in the corner of his mouth. She’d been hunting the assassin for months, vying the odds. She alone had taken him down.

“You can’t talk to me that way, bitch.”

“Lester, I can call you Lester can’t I? Of course I can. We’re getting to be so close, you and I.” Leaning down, she came within two inches of his face, allowing him a whiff of her exotic perfume. A little jiggle more and she could actually show off her cleavage, exaggerated by her very expensive Victoria’s Secret Push Up Bra. “Lester, I can talk to you any way I want and why?” She gave him one quick look before standing to her full six-foot height, placing her hands on her hips.

Submittign the strap“You ain’t gonna goad me,” Lester growled, then licked his lips as he sat forward in his chair. “Besides, you hunger for a man like me. A real man.”

Jensen gave him a look before nodding toward the reflective background. “I suggest you rethink your actions, or in about thirty seconds there’s going to be just about five officers of the law coming through that door. Trust me, when they do, there won’t be any additional questions asked. They’ll simply throw your sorry ass in jail until the sun don’t shine no longer, boy.”

“Boy? Why, I outta…” The sentence remained unfinished. He snarled, then sat back, grumbling under his breath. “Fucking bitch.”

She heard the words. “Seems like you and I need to get our facts straight. You get what I’m saying, Lester?”

“I don’t know anything. I’ve told you that several times. You arrested the wrong guy.”

“I don’t think so. From what I’ve heard, you planned the entire operation, and you were spotted smack in the middle of the crime scene. Your picture in blazing color. I can even see the prized tattoo you wear with pride, the one you almost always cover up. Well, I guess you forgot to hide your artistry on one gorgeous afternoon. The sun was shining. Not a cloud in the sky.”

“What the fuck are you talking about?”

She didn’t need to see the beads of perspiration trickling down the back of his neck. She could smell the stench of too much garlic and cigarettes oozing from his pores. “The camera tells no lie. Your gorgeous ‘tat’ is captured in vivid color, and I can tell the shot is just seconds before you pulled out the gun, slipped the silencer on the end and…” Jensen purposely allowed the words to linger. “Then slowly pulled the trigger. Bang. Bang!” While he didn’t physically jump, she could tell her repertoire garnered his full attention.

He narrowed his eyes then flexed his hands. “You have no idea who you’re dealing with.”

“I think I do. Tell me about Jarvis Gungston. Tell me how you shot him down in cold blood. Explain to me how we found his DNA all over your apartment. Careless, leaving any trace of evidence. You getting soft, big boy?” Yes, that certainly caught him. She decided to push the envelope. Why the hell not? “Tell me how you hunted him down, terrified his family, then proceeded to kill him in broad daylight without so much as an ounce of remorse.”

“You think you scare me, bitch?”

“I know I do, and when I’m finished with you there won’t be anyone who can or will help you. In fact, I might throw you to the dogs you’re working for as being a snitch,” Jensen gave him a huge smile.

“You whore! That fucker deserved to die. I just helped out God.” Lester wrapped his hand around her throat, squeezing.

She wheezed, her air stolen, but kept her grin as the Calvary arrived. Within seconds, Lester was on the ground, his hands behind his back in handcuffs. Coughing, she took a giant stride back and brushed both hands through her hair. As she was regaining her composure, in walked her boss, the new Captain everyone was raving about.

“Agent Cavanaugh, I believe you’ve done enough.”

His voice was stern, but the twang in the tone had the same effect as it had the first day she met the rough-hewn man. Her pussy was quivering. “Captain Denton. I think we have enough to hold him.”

The Captain sauntered all the way into the room, shaking his head as he looked down at the flailing man. “The truth is, I think your interrogation might be challenged in any court of law.”

“Excuse me? I was just doing my job,” Jensen retorted, her voice holding the same edge she used with Lester. She immediately backed down when her new Captain gave her a pointed look. She knew little about Riley Denton’s background, other than he’d been transferred in from Denver and was touted to be a crack shot as well as a master of collecting evidence. A damn cowboy had taken her promotion, the one she’d worked for fifteen years to achieve. In her eyes he was arrogant, opinionated, and perhaps the sexiest man she’d ever met. She’d fantasized about him every night since day one. Turning away, she cringed as heat rose up from her neck to her cheeks. Damn! She loathed any weakness, including lusting after a man she could never have.

Riley advanced toward the officers, peering down. “Take Mr. Sabatini to lock up. I’ll finish the interrogation my way.”

His way? Jensen bit her tongue. Haughty bastard. Didn’t he realize her skills were legendary?

“Yes, sir,” one of the officers said as he hoisted the prisoner to his feet.

Lester struggled and managed to turn in her direction. “Trust me, bitch. You and I ain’t Submitting reflectiondone yet.”

“I look forward to it, Lester. Very much so,” Jensen said with confidence. She maintained her wide smile until he was pulled out of the room. Her grin fading, she exhaled and wiped her hands down the front of her pants. “Sweaty asshole.”

Riley moved in front of her, his expression remaining bland. “You and I need to have a serious talk about your attitude.”

“My attitude?”

“Correction, your surly attitude. Be in my office in five minutes.” Riley raised a single eyebrow then walked out the door.

The sound of his boots echoing on the tile floor made her pussy clench. Why did this particular man get to her? Okay, she hadn’t been with a hunk sexually in over two years, but why now? Perhaps his shaggy blond hair and the fact he refused to take her crap was one reason. Then, the way he wore his way too-tight black jeans when everyone else wore suits was another. Riley Denton was his own man. God! She wanted to hate him.

After checking her watch, she walked out of the interrogation room, passing by several other agents. The sneers on their faces were always the same. Why should she care? She was damn good at her job, the best in the agency. She refused to allow anyone to get under her craw.

Jensen heard laughter, the kind muffled after contrite words spewed about her. She shook her head and walked into her office. Office? What she had was a glorified cube, the same one she’d called her own for over ten years. So much for advancement.

She waited until the last second before walking down the long hallway toward Riley’s corner office. The trek reminded her she should be the one in charge, commanding the agents. Her nerves on edge, she stood outside his door for a full minute before knocking.


Even the sound of his voice, husky and full of a sensuous vibe, turned her on. She cleared her throat and plastered on a smile. There was no way she was going indicate how nervous she was. “You asked to see me?”

“You asked to see me, sir,” Riley said without looking at her. He flipped through a file, turning page after page. “Close the door.”

I hope you’ve enjoyed…

Kisses and spanks…



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