Feasting in a Restaurant

Imagine for me the most delicious feast you’ve ever had. Succulent fruits and luscious meats adorn your table, fresh breads and sweets within arm reach. Every bite is pure indulgence and yet you somehow can’t get enough. The finest red wine is poured, one that adds to the flavor as well as the atmosphere. You’re famished still and no amount of the best ingredients is going to satisfy what you truly crave… I was talking about this very aspect with my writing partner, Christian Jensen,Giving thanks before a meal and we laughed thinking about what we both craved in our…food. Now don’t go down that naughty path. Let’s think about this a bit mainstream.

Have you ever had a fantasy in which you and your partner have a moment of passion in a restaurant and the mere thought alone is enough to make you very hungry but not for food? You know you have. There’s something very seductive about thinking about sharing intimacy where others might be able to see you or at least walk in on you. I’ve written many a story where lovers all of a sudden long to engage in something sinful. So what could that mean for you? Well… There are several ways in which a restaurant can play a powerful scene in your real life.

First of all simply going out – and I’m not talking about to a fast food joint or a crowded family restaurant – I’m talking to a candlelit and rather secluded location where you can relax, get away from the bustling job, the kids, family issues and every day life. Perhaps it’s a special occasion but I find the most sensual moments are when you’re simply going out to enjoy each other. You know – kind of like a date. Do you remember those? That’s part of the problem with couples today. We seem to forget why we fell in love in the first place and the lengths we went to in order to impress or entice.

You go about your every day lives plotting through life and paying the bills. I get why. sexy and wineWe all have to have a roof over our heads. But if you’re lucky enough to have the money to be able to go out every once in awhile – imagine how you might just be able to garner the delicious feelings you had when you were dating initially. The butterflies in the stomach and your heart racing usually happened. Did you ever continually check your watch simply wishing the time would draw closer? How about finding the perfect outfit and shoes and getting all dolled up? That’s not just for women you know.

I know of plenty of men who purchase a sexy new shirt or cologne just for the moment – perhaps they’re thinking of seduction. There’s nothing wrong with that of course. Do you remember gazing into each other’s eyes as you sipped your wine and talked about all the hopes and dreams you had? Perhaps there was a wonderful piano player or jazz musician crooning in the far corner filling the dimly lit location with sultry sounds.

Mmm… am I giving you the idea? Now what if you decided to kick up the heat and make the event a little kinkier? Is there anything wrong ladies with not wearing panties and maybe you give him a little peek of the situation on your way to the restaurant as you slide your hand up and down the length of his thigh. It’s a promise of something spicier later. Then maybe you lean over and kiss his check before darting your tongue out to lick his earlobe. Are you getting hot and bothered yet?

Have you ever been to one of those restaurants where they have the half round seating with a table in front and of course a linen tablecloth draped down over? Imagine nuzzling close together so that either one of you can “play” a little. Perhaps his hand stays on your leg and every once in awhile his fingers dip up to touch and tease. I can only imagine what might happen on the way home.

Now if you’re really adventurous you can try something even kinkier. I sensual bitetend to write situations with my characters in which you may or may not feel comfortable in your real life delving into something like public display – or the possibility of but in hearing from my readers the touch of danger is scintillating. I’ve included many situations in which the man or woman  – same sex or hetero – go into the bathroom and perhaps indulge in a little fantasy of their own creation in the last stall while other patrons are coming and going. For me there’s nothing hotter than trying to keep quiet while being teased and tempted. I know what you’re thinking but that touch of danger is a powerful aphrodisiac.

You don’t have to go to the extremes with trying to create a seductive moment but I think in writing and in real life you have to pull out of your comfort or normal zone every once in a while and remember passion. It’s tougher for some couples to do than you think. It’s up to you to spice up your relationship.

Now for a little bit kinky. In one of our books the heroine is required (I say that loosely) to lie on a table in the middle of a crowded restaurant, spread her legs and be prepared to be eaten by one very bad dude. Chris and I laughed about the concept since the event in the book centers around the very likeness of going to a particular conference in July. He and I are out there as personalities, preferring to ride that very edge of both humanity as well as humility. And so he asked… Would I ever?


I hope you enjoyed.

Kisses   xxx




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